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Choudhury S, Das MIn vitro development of egg of Heterakis gallinarumLakhimpur Vetcol45-81992
Choudhury S, Das MStudies on growth rate and pathological changes in chickens experimentally infected with Heterakis gallinarumJ. Vet. Parasitol.7281-851993
Choudhury S. Status of Taeniasis, Cysticercosis and Hydatidosis in AssamCompendium of Summer Ins. of Animal Parasites and Environmental Pollution, ICAR and APAU (Tirupati)109-1111993
Deka DK, Choudhury SIncidence of helminthic infection of dogs in Lakhimpur district of AssamJ. Assam Vet. Counc58-591994
Hazarika RA, Deka DK, Phukan SC, Saikia PKSarcoptic mange in buffalo calves and treatment with Pastoban.J. Vet. Parasitol92143-1451995
Choudhury S, Gogoi AR, Das MOccurrence of Heterakis brevispiculum, Strongyloides avium and Subulura brumpti in fowls in AssamIndian Vet. J72519-5201995
Deka DK, Choudhury S, Chakraborty AParasites of domestic animal and birds in Lakhimpur (Assam)J. Vet. Parasitol9121-251995
Choudhury S, Das MEfficacy of Fenbendazole and Piperazine haxahydrate in chicken experimentally infected with Heterakis gallinarumJ. Vet. Parasitol.112193-1951997
Phukan SC, Das M.Histochemical changes in caecum of experimental Heterakis gallinarum infection in chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) treated with FenbendazoleJ. Vet. Parasitol122122-1251998
Phukan SCStudies on humpsore in cattle in AssamJ. Vet. Parasitol1712003
Phukan SC, Das M, Borkakoty MRHumpsore in cattle in AssamJ. Vet. Parasitol.19119-222005
Phukan SC and Das MClinico-haematological changes in Heterakis gallinarum infection in chickenJ. Vet. Parasitol20159-1612006
Choudhury S, Dutta TSuccessful treatment of natural strongyle in elephant with Fenbendazole. Compendium of National Symposium on Elephant health care and managerial practicesDepartment of Anatomy and Histology, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati-22, Assam2008
Barua CC, Buragohain B, Talukdar A, Dutta Roy J, Gohain Barua A, Phukan SCIn vitro screening of Anthelmintic activity of some plants against Paramphistomum cervi.J. Vet. Pharmacol. & Toxicol101-22011
Phukan SC, Neog RManagement of poultry coccidiosis and its diagnosis with recent techniqueCompendium of Trainining Prog. of Extension Education Ins., AAU held from 31st October-5th November33-392011
Phukan SCHaemonchosis: Its diagnosis & ControlCompendium of State level training prog. for Veterinarians of Assam, on “Control and Eradication of some economically important infectious diseases of livestock and Poultry”,Organized by Deptt. of Microbiology, C.V.Sc, AAU, Khanapara, Ghy-22, held in 21-25/03/201196-1012011
Phukan SC, Sapcota DManagement of poultry coccidiosis with recent techniquesPoult. Tech7486-902012
Phukan SC, Das MComparative efficacy of certain drugs for the treatment of Stephanofilarial dermatitis in cattleJ. Vet Parasitol26160-622012
Phukan SC, Sapcota DPoultry coccidiosis: its diagnosis with recent techniquesPoult. Paunch29527-362012
Phukan SCAnthelmintic resistance: An insightThe North –East Veterinarian23-252012
Phukan SCManagement of Anthelmintic resistance of gastrointestinal nematodosis in ruminant.Souvenir XXIII NCVP, Organized by Deptt. of Parasitology, CVSc, AAU, Khanapara,Ghy-22 held on 12-14th December47-492012
Barua CC, Buragohain B, Dutta Roy J, Phukan A, Gohain Barua A, Phukan SC, Ahmed AIn vitro Anthelmintic activity of some plant extracts against Paramphistomum cervi. Indian Vet. J901175-762013
Buragohain B, Phukan A, Dutta TC, Barua CC, Phukan SCPrevalence of Coccidiosis in kids in and around Guwahati.J. Vet. Parasitol27125-282013
Phukan SC, Saleque A, Bora RS, Nath RAnthelmintic activity of AAU/CI herbal formulation incorporated urea molasses block in goat naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodosisIndian J. Anim. Sci84129-312014
Phukan SC, Das M, Nath RSpontaneous Stephanofilarial dermatitis in Dairy cattle: its economic impact on milk yieldIndian J. Dairy Sci14197-982014
Pathak P, Islam S, Phukan SC, Das GStudies on Tetrameres mohtedai, Bhalerao and Rao, 1944. III: morphology of T.mohtedaiVet. Practitioner1512014
S.C.Phukan and G.DasStudies on Tetrameres Mohtedai, Bhalerao and Rao, 1944.IV: Histoenzymic changes of proventriculus;veterinary Practitioner16152-542015
Pallabi Pathak, Saidul Islam, D.J. Kalita, Sushanta Goswami, Sulekha C. Phukan, Gouranga DasStudies on Tetrameres mohtedai III: Ultrastructure of T. Mohtedai. Indian Vet. J92347-512015
S.C.Phukan. R.Nath, A Saleque, , R.K. Biswas and R.S.BoraHaematological studies of spontaneous gastrointestinal nematodosis in goats treated with AAU/CI herbal formulation incorporated urea molasses blockveterinary practitioner161117-1232015
C. Choudhury Barua, B burgohain, A Talukdar, J Datta Roy, A.phukan, A,Gohain Barua and S.Choudhury Phukan Efficacy of methanol extract of Bryophyllum pinnata (leaves) in xperimental chicken CoccidiosisIndian Journal of Veterinary Medicine352102-1052015
Bhupamani Das, Merina Devi and S. C. Phukan Phytogenic poultry feed additives:Analternative strategy for promoting poultry health and production ; Poultry Paunch321270-742016


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