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Deka, K.C., Chakravarty, A.K., Boro, B.R. and Nath K.C"Studies on the Microflora in Cervicovaginal mucus of the repeat breedercows".VetcolXIX40-461979
Deka, K.C. , Nath K.C. and Rajkumar, C.K. and B.R. Boro Studies on Uterine Microflora of Puperal cows in normal and abnormalIndian Vet. J622651985
J.C. Dutta, R. Roychoudhury and K.C. Deka Calving interval in exotic cattle under Agroclimate in AssamLive Stock Advisor XI1116-171986
Deka, K.C., Nath K.C. and Rajkonwar, C.KPost Partum changes of the uterus and ovaries in relation to uterine microflora in cowsIndian J. Animal Reproduction9139-1411988
Deka, K.C., Nath K.C. and Rajkonwar, C.K"Uterine and ovarian changes in cows with normal and abnormal parturition"vetcolXXV1-141988
K.C. Deka, J.C. Dutta, K.C. Nath and A.C. Borgohain Stilbosstrol disproportionate for expulsion of mummified foetus in cow -a case reportvetcolXXV581988
J.C. Dutta, K.C. Deka and S. Rahman Treatment of Anoestrus Cattle with "Aloes CompoundIndian J. Animal Health 2721988
J.C. Dutta, K.C. Deka, C.K. Rajkonwar & B.N. BorgohainGestation length of exotic cattle under hot humid climateLivestock AdvisorXIV
K. Ahmed, K.C. Deka, K.C. Nath and B.N. Borgohain Successful treatment of bovine foetal macerationVetcolXXV1989
K.C. Deka, J.C. Dutta and B.N. Borgohain Post Partum uterine prolapse in a goat (Capra hircus) Pashudan1989
K.C. Deka, J.C. Dutta and B.N. BorgohainEfficacy of Iodin solution and oxytetracycline in the treatment of repeat breeder cowsVetcolXXVI26-271989
J.C. Dutta, K.C. Deka and P.M. Baruah Sehistosomus reflezsus in a local goat (Capra Hircus) of Assam - A case report Indian Vet. J661801989
T. Gogoi, K.C. Deka, D. Kalita and K.C. Nath Use of Dexamethasone In the Expulsion of Mummified Foetises in swineIndian J. Animal Reproduction 111631990
J.C. Dutta, Deka K.C., B.N. Borgohain and R.N. Sinha Efficacy of Kanamycin in the treatment of repeat breeding in cowsVetcol XXVlI47-481990
K.C. Deka, J.C. Dutta Mummification of foetus in a crosbreed cow". Livestock AdvisorXVIIV331991
J.C. Dutta, P.M. Baruah, K.C. Deka and B.N. Borgohain Studies on the incidence and treatment of retained foetal membrances in exotic cattleLivestock Advisor.XVIIV30-321991
17. G. Saikia, K.K. Baruah and K.C. Deka Utilization of Para Grass (Brachiaris Mutica) as a sole feed in RabbitsIndian J. Animal Nutrition 193-1942003
K.C. Deka, B.N. Borgohain, K.C. Nath, J. Goswami, R.K. Biswas and P.K. Das A comparative appraisal of serum progesterone level during oestrous cycle in normal and repeat breeder crossbred cows with ovulatory problemIndian J. Animal Reproduction83-852007
P.K. Das, K.C. Deka, R.K. Biswas and J. Goswami Ovulatory disturbance and its therapeutic approach in repeat breeding crossbred cattle Indian J. Animal Sciences 45-472007
K.C. Nath and K.C. DekaManagement of ovulatory disturbances in cattle” , lead paper XIII annual convention of ISSAR 7-9th December, 2007 QUTA Bhubaneswar. 2007
P.K. Das, K.C. Deka, R.K. Biswas and J. Goswami, S. DeoriComparative study on oestrus, oestrus cycle, reproductive disorders of repeat breeder cowIVJ2009
J.M. Das, P. Dutta, K.C. Deka, R.K. Biswas, B.C Sarmah and A. DhaliComparative study on serum macro and micro mineral profiles during oestru in repeat breeding cross bred cattle with impaired and normal ovulationLivestock Research for Rural development2152009
B. Bora, K.K Bonia, R.K. Biswas, S. Sarma and K.C Deka Effect of non hormonal treatment on induction of oestrus and serum constituents in post partum true anoestrus cross bred cows of AssamXVIII Annual convention of ISSAR2010
B. Bora, K.K Bonia, R.K. Biswas, S. Sarma and K.C Deka Efficacy of “STENOT” in the treatment of post partum anoestrus cross bred cattle. XVIII Annual convention of Indian Society of Animal Production and Management (2010) 11th -13th Nov. post symposium compendium.2010
Das, P.K., Biswas, R.K., Deka, K.C., Goswami, J. and Das, H.KA study on behavioural signs of oestrus in repeat breeder crossbred cattle with normal and disturbed ovulation. International Conference on Yak Husbandry – Challenges and Strategies, Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh1152009
Das, P.K., Deka, K.C., Biswas, R.K., and Goswami, JComparison of estrus signs in repeat breeding cattle with ovulatory disturbance and normal ovulationInd. J. Anim3161-632010
K.C. Deka, P.M. Barua, K ahmed, M. Dutta Chaoudhury and D. Sarma Schistomus reflexus in a Holstein Frisian Newborn (Bos Taurus) calf: A case Report. DHR International Journal of Medical Sciences622015
Deka, K.C., Barua,P.M., Ahmed, K., Dutta Choudhury, M., Nath, M. and Sarma,D.K.Therapeutic Management of Pre-Partum Vaginal Prolapse In a Jersey Crossbred Cow (Bostaurus). Asian Journal of Science and Technology 0742718-27192016


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