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Barua, P.M.;Dutta, J.C. and Rajkonwar, C.KSerum Sodium and Potassium levels during oestrous cycle in cowsIndian Vet. J65121155-11561988
Barua, P.M.;Dutta, J.C. and Rajkonwar, C.KStudies on Effect of Serum Protein and its fractions on anoestrus heifersIndian J. Anim. Res22265-681988
Dutta, J.C.; Deka, K.C. and Barua, P.MSchistosomusreflexus in a Local Goat(Capra hircus) of Assam – A Case reportIndian Vet. J6621801989
Barua, P.M.;Dutta, J.C. and Rajkonwar, C.KStudies of Anoestrous Cattle – Serum Electrolyte LevelsLivestock Adviser15127-91990
Dutta, J.C.; Barua, P.M.;Deka, K.C. and Borgohain, B.NStudies on incidence and treatment of Retained Foetal membranes in Exotic CattleLivestock Adviser16430-321991
Barua, P.M. and Barua, S.N. AClinical Report on Efficacy of Post-thaw preserved Bull Semen.The Assam Veterinarian5172-731991
Barua, P.M. and Dutta, G.CParturient Beaviour in Pomeranean Bitch – A Clinical ReportThe Assam Veterinarian5164-661991
Barua, P.M. and Borgohain, B.NA Case of Uterine Prolapse in GoatThe Indian J. Anim. Reprod172150-1511996
Barua, P.M.;Deka, B.C.; Sarmah, B.C.; Borgohain, B.N. and Baishya, NIn-vitro maturation of different types of Bovine oocytesThe Indian J. Anim. Reprod1812156-1571997
Barua, P.M.;Deka, B.C.; Sarmah, B.C.; Borgohain, B.N. and Baishya, NA Study on Hyperactive Motility of in-vitro capacitated Bull SpermThe Indian Vet. J753267-2681998
Barua, P.M.;Deka, B.C.; Sarmah, B.C.; Borgohain, B.N. and Baishya, NA Study on in-vitro capacitation of Bovine Sperm.The Indian Vet. J755482-4831998
Barua, P.M.;Deka, B.C.; Borgohain, B.N. and Baishya, NA Study on in-vitro maturation of oocyte in CattleIndian J. Anim. Reprod19146-481998
Goswami, B.K.; Miachie-O, V.; Borgohain B.N. and Barua, P.MGestational length, duration of farrowing, litter sizes at birth and weaning in Hampshire, Indegenous Pigs and their crossesIndian Vet. J76165-661999
Bhattacharyya, H.K.; Goswami, B.K.; Barua, P.M.Chakravarty, P. And Biswas, R.KBehavioural and Physical signs of oestrus in Assam Local GoatIndian J. Anim. Reprod212126-1272000
Barua, P.M.;Goswami, B.K. and Saleque, AReproductive performance in Beetal (B), Assam Local (AL) and B X AL Goats of AssamThe Indian Vet. J773264-2652000
Bhattacharyya, H.K.; Ahmed, F.A.; Barua, P.M. and Nath, K.CEffect of Sajani, a herbal medicine on post-partum anoestrus in crossbred cattle of AssamThe Indian Vet. J78121160-11612001
Barua, P.M.;Nath, K.C. and Saleque, AGrowth and Reproductive performance of Beetal, Assam Local and Beetal X Assam Local goatsIndian J. Small Ruminants82135-1362002
Bhattacharyya, H.K.; Goswami, B.K.; Barua, P.M.;Choudhury, H. And Ahmed, F.AComparative haematology in pregnant and non-pregantCrosssbred Goats of AssamIndian Vet. J. 794404-4052002
Barua, P.M.; Aziz, A.; Saleque, A. and Phukan, A‘Rudimentary Leg’ – A Congenital defect in GoatIndian J. Anim. Health44175-762005
Phukan, A.; Biswas, R.K.; Saleque, A.; Barua, P.M. and Boro, P.KEfficacy of Spectrazole and Grisovin in treatment of Ringworm infection in Beetal GoatsIndian J. Small Ruminants122212-2132006
Gogoi, C., Deka,B.C., Biswas, R.K., Sarmah, B.C., Nath, K.C. and Barua, P.MSemen characteristics and scrotal and testicular dimensions of crossbred bucksInd. Vet. J85454-4552008
Akela, A., Barua, P.M., Das, P.K., Biswas, R.K. and Deka, B.CCold shock resistance Index and Acrosomal changes in Assam local and Beetal buckInd. J. Anim. Sci793283-2852009
Hussain, M., Barua, P.M.,Biswas, R.K., Dutta, D., Paul, V., Chakravarty, P., Deka, B.C. and Sarmah, B.CIn-vitro maturation of Indigenous Cattle OocytesInd. Vet. J8959-622012
Sarma, D.K.; Ahmed, K. and Barua, P.M Sternopagus conjoined twin monster in crossbred jersey cowIndian J. Anim. Reprod34166-672013
Barua, P.M.; Choudhury, M.D.; Nath, P.J.; Goswami, S. and Ahmed, KAbnormal Gartner’s duct: An abattoir study of bovine female genitaliaThe Indian Vety. J9112722014
Bharali, M.; Barua, P.M.; Deka, B.C.; Kalita, D.; Dutta, D.J.; Mili D. and K. Ahmed Effect of GnRH analogue, PMSG andProgesterone on induction of oestrus in postpartum anoestrus Jersey crossbred cows (Bos Taurus). Int J Vet Health Sci Res261-32014
Barua, P.M.; Bhuyan, D. and Choudhury, M.DManagement of expulsion of Macerated foetus in bitch: A case report.The N-E VetrianXIII426-272014
Barua, P.M.; Kalita, D. and Lahkar, DRupture of prepubic tendon due to hydroallantois in goat- A case reportThe Indian Vety911264-652014
Goswami, M.K. and Barua, P.MClinical management of postpartum uterine prolapse in a she goat.IntasPolivet15II440-4412014
Saharia, J.; Morah, M.C.; Roychoudhury, R and Barua, P.MPerformance of different breeds of pigs in an organised farm.Indian J. Anim. Prod303-447-512014
Barua, P.M.; Kalita, D.J.; Sarma, D.K.; Kalita, M.; Das, P. and Lahkar, DPolymelia in a crossbred Jersey cow(BosTaurus): A case report.DHR-Int. J. Med. Sci5396-982014.422
Baruah, S.; Saharia, K.K.; Ray, M.N.; Haque, A.; Barua, P.M. and Bora, LMass media credibility in Livestock farmersJ. Comm. StudiesXXXII60-642014
Barua, P.M.; Kalita, D.; Goswami, S.; Ahmed, K, and Sarma, D.KPygomelia (polymelia) in a fowl: A case report.The N-E VetrianXV125-262015
Sarma, D.K.; Barua, P.M.; Ahmed, K.; Saikia, G.; Kakati, P. and Barua,SSequential toxic metritis, mastitis, babesiosis and theileriosis in a postpartum Jersey (Bos Taurus)cowIntl. J. current Res7617153-171552015
Barua, P.M.; Das, A.; Ahmed, K. andBonia, K.KPostpartum partial uterine prolapse in an Assam local (BosIndicus) cow- A case reportDHR-Int. J. Med. Sci61120-1232015
Sarma, D.K., Ahmed, K., Barua, P.M. and Goswami, STherapeutic efficacy of antibiotics for bovine endometritis and its impact on milk productionIntl. J. Current Res7718633-186342015
Deka, K.C.; Barua, P.M.; Ahmed, K.; Choudhury, M. D. and Sarma, DSchistosomusreflexus in a Holstein Frisian Newborn (Bos Taurus) calf: A case Report.DHR-Int. J. Med. Sci62120-1232015
Saikia, B.; Barua, P. M.; Dutta, D. J.; Deka, B. C.; Choudhury, M. D. Bora, R. S.; Dev, H. and Raj, HGlycerol and ethylene glycol as cryoprotectants for vitrification ofimmature bovine oocytesIndian J. Anim. Sci859968-9712015
Nath, P.J.; Barua, P.M.;Sarma, K.K.; Dutta, B.; Kachari, J.; Bhuyan, M. And Kalita, DBulldog calf in a Crossbred Jersey CowThe North-East VeterinarianXV315-162015
Deka, K.C.; Barua, P.M.; Ahmed, K.; Choudhury, M. D. and Sarma, DSchistosomusreflexus in a Holstein Frisian Newborn (Bos Taurus) calf: A case Report.DHR-Int. J. Med. Sci62120-1232015
Barua, P.M. and Sarma, D.KInfertility problems in dairy crossbred cattle (Bos Taurus): a Survey reportThe North-East VeterinarianXV417-182016
Deka, K.C., Barua, P.M., Ahmed, K., Duttachoudhury, M., Nath, M. and Sarma, D.KTherapeutic management of pre-partum vaginal prolapse in a jersey crossbredcow (bostaurus).Asian Journal of Science and Technology742718-27192016
Saikia, B., Barua, P. M., Dutta, D., Deka, B. C., DuttaChoudhury, M., Dev. H. and Handique, S). Effect of vitrification techniques on post-thaw survivability and in vitro maturation of immature bovine oocytesIndian Journal of Animal Sciences864421-4232016
Saikia, T, Ahmed, K., Barua, P.M., Deka, B.C. and Ahmed, NEffect of certain additives on the quality of boar semen during preservation at 150C and 50CTheriogenology Insight6145-512016
Choudhury, M.D., Barua, P.M. and Deka, K.CSurgical management of Unilateral ventral hernia of gravid uterus in a crossbred cowIntasPolivet17170-712016
Begum, S.S., Hussain, M., Barua, P.M. and Soren, SManagement of dystocia withNape presentationin a jersey crossbred cow (Bos Taurus) by mutation and Forced tractionIndian Vet. J940351-522017


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