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Prakash Kalita, Ranjan Kalita and Ranjan DasMorpho-physiological characterization of some wheat genotypes under rainfed condition.Indian J. Plant Physiol144402-4062009
Prakash Kalita, Ranjan Kalita, Ranjan Das and Bi.mal Kamar RabhaGrowth and yield response of wheat genotypes to rainfed condition of Assam.Indian J. Plant Physiol.16110-182011
Lolesh Pegu, Prakash Kalita, Kaushik Das, S. Alam and H. P. Deka Barua and Preeti Bandana KonwarPerformance of some black gram genotypes in relation to physio-chemical, root parameters and yield as influenced by foliar feeding with boron.Legume Res.366505-5102013
)Lolesh Pegu, Prakash Kalita, Kaushik Das, Ranjan Das, S. Alam and R.K. SaudPhysiological analysis of black gram genotypes in relation to boron application. Indian J. Plant Physiol.182125-1302013


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