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Dutta, A., Lourembam, S.D., Pradhan, S., Baruah, S.,KIR diversity in three ethnic populations of  Assam state, Northeast India,Tissue Antigens82148–522013
Lourembam, S.D., Sawian,C.E., Baruah SDysregulation of cytokines expression in complicated falciparum malaria with increased TGF-beta and IFN-gamma and decreased IL-2 and IL-12Cytokine642503-5082013
Sawian, C.E., Lourembam, S.D., Banerjee, A., Baruah  SPolymorphisms and expression of TLR4 and 9 with malaria in two ethnic groups of Assam, Northeast India, Innate Immunity192174-1832012
Lourembam, S.D., Baruah S.,Antibody response to allelic variants of 19 kDa fragment of MSP-1: Recognition of a variant and protection associated with ethnicity in Assam, India,Vaccine304767–7732012
Lourembam, S.D., Sawian, C.E.,  Baruah S.Differential  association  of  KIR  gene  loci  to  risk  of  malaria  in     ethnic  groups  of  Assam,  Northeast IndiaInfection Genetics and Evolution1181921–19282011


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