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P Paonam and GJ SharmaEvaluation of antioxidant components and in vitro free radical scavenging capacities of Paris polyphylla L.Journal of Free Radicals and Antioxidants140363-3702014
DS Thokchom, L Shantikumar and GJ Sharma Protection of radiation-induced DNA damage in albino rats by Oroxylum indicum (L.) Vent. International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phychemical Research63514-5232014
P Paonam, DS Thokchom and GJ SharmaFree radical scavenging and antioxidant potentials of Panax pseudoginseng Wall.Journal of Free Radicals and Anti-oxidants139289-2942013
Sandhyarani N, Kishor R & Sharma GJ Microrhizome induction in Acorus calamus Linn.- an important medicinal and aromatic plant,Journal of Horticulture, Environment and Biotechnology535410-4142012
Punyarani Ksh & Sharma GJMicropropagation and microrhizome induction in Costus pictus D. Don using in vitro and ex vitro nodal segments as explantsNotulae Biologicae Scientia4272-782012
Devi WS & Sharma GJEnhancement of in vitro seed germination and micropropagation of Dendrocalamus giganteus MunroBiotechnology81-72012
K Sanatombi and GJ Sharma In vitro regeneration of Capsicum chinense Jacq. Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy6166-722012
DS Thokchom & G J Sharma Free radical scavenging activity of some therapeutic plants and protection of radiation-induced DNA damage by Zingiber montanum extract Journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants (USA)181-172012
N Sandhyarani, R Kishor & GJ Sharma Clonal propagation of triploid Acorus calamus Linn. using dual-phase culture systemJournal of Crop Science & Biotechnology (Springer)14385-952011
Kishor RK & Sharma GJ Morphological and molecular characterization of the intergeneric hybrids between the genera Renanthera and VandaActa Horticulturae (Netherlands)855169-1752010
Punyarani Ksh & Sharma GJ Micropropagation of Costus speciosus (Koen.) Sm. using nodal segment cultureNotulae Scientia Biologicae (Romania)2158-622010
Singh OM, Devi NS, Thokchom DS & Sharma GJ Novel 3-alkyl/aryl-2H-chromene-2-thiones: synthesis and evaluation of their anti-oxidant activitiesEuropean Journal of Medicinal Chemistry452250-22572010
Sanatombi K, Sen-Mandi S & Sharma G J Molecular profiling of Capsicum landraces of Manipur Scientia Horticulturae (Netherlands)124405-4082010
Sayanika W & Sharma GJ In vitro Shoot proliferation and enhancement of rooting in Melocanna bambusoides Trin. From nodal explantsJournal of Bamboo and Rattan (The Netherlands)1&243-522009
Sayanika W & Sharma GJ In vitro propagation of Arundinaria callosa Munro- an edible bamboo from nodal explants of mature plants,The Open Plant Science Journal 200935-392009
Kishor RK & Sharma GJ Synthesis of ornamental orchid hybrids using rare and endangered speciesActa Horticulturae (The Netherlands)78877-852008
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJIn vitro plant regeneration in six cultivars of Capsicum spp. using different explantsBiologia Plantarum (Czech Republic) 521141-1452008
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJ In vitro propagation of Capsicum chinense Jacq.Biologia Plantarum (Czech Republic)523517-5202008
Kishor RK & Sharma GJ Multiple shoot induction in Ascocenda ‘Kangla’- a monopodial hybrid orchid,The Orchids (USA) Lindleyana7766-92008
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJCapsaicin content and pungency of different Capsicum spp. cultivars,Notulae Botanica Horticulturae Agrobotanica Cluj (Romania)36288-902008
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJ Micropropagation of Capsicum frutescens L. using axillary shoot explantsScientia Horticulturae (The Netherlands)11396-992007
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJ Micropropagation of Capsicum annuum L.Notulae Botanica Horticulturae Agrobotanica Cluj (Romania)35157-642007
Sharma GJ, Chirangini P & Mishra KP Evaluation of anti-oxidant and cytotoxic properties of tropical gingerZingiber montanum (J. König) A Dietr., Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore591-2189-2022007
Kishor RK, PSSV Khan & Sharma GJHybridization and in vitro culture of an orchid hybrid, Ascocenda ‘Kangla’Scientia Horticulturae (The Netherlands)10866-732006
Sanatombi K & Sharma GJIn vitro regeneration and mass multiplication of Capsicum annuum L.Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (Finland)14100-1042006
Bharati M & Sharma GJ Development of protocols for in vitro propagation of two priority rattan species, Calamus latifolius Roxb. and Calamus tenuis Roxb.Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment42306-3092006
Sharma GJ, Chrangini P, Thokchom DS & Mishra KP Anti-oxidant potential of non-conventional food plants, Parkia timoriana (DC) Merr. and Zingiber montanum Koenig in vitroIndian Journal of Radiation Research3186-1872006
Chirangini P, Sharma GJ & Sinha SK In vitro propagation of medicinal zingiberales. I. Kaempferia galanga Linn. and Kaempferia rotunda Linn.Indian Journal of Biotechnology4404-4082005
Kishor RK & Sharma GJ Branching habits in vandaceous monopodial orchidsThe Orchid Review, Royal Horticultural Society (UK)1131782005
Chirangini P & Sharma GJ In vitro propagation and microrhizome induction of Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.- an anti-oxidant rich medicinal herbJournal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (Finland)31139-1422005
Kishor RK & Sharma GJ Renantanda Kebisana Shija The Orchid Review, Royal Horticultural Society (UK)15:24325-3272005
Bharati M & Sharma GJ Genetic diversity and reproductive biology of the rattan species of Manipur,Journal of Bamboo and Rattan (The Netherlands)44399-4192005
Chirangini P, Sinha SK & Sharma GJSulfur free radical reactivity with curcumin as reference for evaluating anti-oxidant properties of medicinal zingiberales, Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology & Oncology 233235-2442004
Robert Th, Damayanti & Sharma GJCadra cautella Walker (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Phycitinae)- a pest on Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr. in Manipur, Current Science856725-7262003
Robert Th, Damayanti M & Sharma GJ A simple and rapid method for isolation of high quality DNA from Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr. for PCR analysis. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment136-382003
Robert Th, Damayanti M & Sharma GJDetection of genetic diversity in Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr. Using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA analysis, Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment [Finland]13&446-492003
Kishor RK and Sharma GJ In vitro floral induction in a Dendrobium hybrid (D. nobile Lindl. x D. chrysotoxum Lindl.) Journal of the Orchid Society of India161-255-592002
Gangarani Ch, Damayanti M and Sharma GJ In vitro culture of Vanda amesiana Reichb. F.,Journal of the Orchid Society of India161-260-652002
Sunitibala H, Damayanti M and Sharma GJ In vitro propagation and rhizome formation of Curcuma longa L. Cytobios10571-822001
Sharma GJBamboo resources of Manipur, India: biodiversity and sustainable utilization as food and fuel, Environment and Agriculture: Biodiversity, Agriculture and Population in South Asia, Ecological Society, Nepal,2261-2652001
Devi CG, Damayanti M and Sharma GJ Asceptic embryo culture of Vanda coerulea Griff.Journal of Orchid Society of India121-283-871998
Sharma GJSurvey, collection and utilization of bamboo resourcesENVIS Bulletin- Himalayan Ecology and Development57-81997
Susheela Kh, Damayanti M and Sharma GJ Irradiation of Ananas comosus: shelf-life improvement, fruit quality and assessment of genotoxic effects, Biomedical Letters [UK] 56135-1441997
Damayanti M, Susheela Kh and Sharma GJEffect of Xanthium extract and systemic fungicide on the shelf-life enhancement in pineapplesCytobios [UK]86155-1651996
D’Aquino M, Bullion C, Chopra M, Devi D, Devi S, Dunster C, James G, Komuro E, Kondu S, Niki E, Raza F, Robertson F, Sharma J and Willson R Sulfhydryl free radical formation enzymatically, by sonolysis, by radiolysis, and thermally: vitamin A, curcumin, muconic acid, and related conjugated olefins as references Method in Enzymology23334-461994
Devi TS and Sharma GJ Chromosome numbers in some bamboo species of ManipurBIC Bulletin316-211993
Damayanti M, Sharma GJ and Kundu SCEffect of gamma radiation on post-harvest diseases of pineapple (Ananas comosus var Queen) under different storage conditionsHortscience [USA]27807-8081992
Devi MD, Devi HS, Sharma GJ, James G, Tipping I and Willson RLCurcumin: visible destruction of the conjugated unsaturated compound as a reference indicator of sulphur free radical reactivity,International Journal of Radiation Biology [UK]621051992
Damayanti M and Sharma GJDepletion of protein and non-protein sulfhydryl components by radiation and chemicals in Pisum sativum L., Indian Journal of Experimental Biology281092-10931990
Damayanti M, Sharma GJ and Kundu SCEffect of gamma radiation on pineapple fruit-rotting fungus, Ceratocystis paradoxaMicrobios Letters [UK]45145-1501990
Sharma GJ and Kesavan PCPhysico-chemical vis-Ã -vis biochemical mechanism of chemical radioprotection by S-2-(3-aminopropylamino) ethylphosphorothioic acid Hordeum vulgare Microbios Letters [UK]3818-301988
Sharma GJModification of barley seed radiosensitivity by post-treatment with caffeine: influence of radiation dose and dose-rate,Indian Journal of Experimental Biology25595-5981987
Sah NK and Sharma GJRadiostimulation of protein synthesis in barley seedsIndian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics19221-2221982
Sharma GJ, Kesavan PC and Srivastava PNDifferential modification of oxic and anoxic radiation damage by S-2-(3-aminopropylamino) ethylphosphorothioic acid in Hordeum vulgareEnvironmental and Experimental Botany22243-2491982
Kesavan PC, Sharma GJ and Afzal SMJDifferential modification of oxic and anoxic radiation damage in barley seeds I, Simulation of the action of caffeine by certain inorganic radical scavengersRadiation Research [USA]7518-301978
Sharma GJ and Kesavan PCUse of hydrogen sulphide and N-ethylmaleimide on the post-irradiation modification of oxic and anoxic components of damage in Hordeum vulgareRadiation Botany15261-2661975


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Current Topics in Redox Biology2014McGraw Hill Education, New Delhi


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