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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Jamir, N.S. and Rai Standing stock, Community store, species composition of natural population of Edaphic Algal of Mayurbhanj campus, Shillong.Tropical Ecology1979
.Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoEthnobotanical study of NagalandMedicinal Plants Econ Bot.36176-1811982
Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoEthnobotanical study of Nagaland II , Medicinal Plants used by NagasJ Econ Taxo Bot311-171982
Jamir, N.S. and RaiPolystichum birii – A new species from NagalandIndia.J Jap Bot58375-3781983
Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoCyathea Holttumiona Jamir, N.S. A new species of Cyathea (Cyatheaceae) from NagalandIndia.J Taxo61207-2091985
Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoPolystichum prolificans. A new record for India.Ind Jour8157-1581985
Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoA contribution towards a Pteridophytic flora of NagalandJ Econ Tax Bot72277-2971985
Jamir, N.S. Some interesting Medicinal Plants used by Nagas.J Res Edn Ind Med9281-871990
Jamir, N.S. and R.R. RaoFifty newer interesting medicinal plants used by the Zeliang of NagalandJ Soc Ethnobot12211-181990
Jamir, N.S. Ethnobotany of the Ao and Angami Nagas of NagalandJETB14593-6041990
Jamir, N.S. Ethnobiology of Naga Tribe in Nagaland: I-Medicinal herbs.J Ethnobot9.J Ethnobot1997
Jamir, N.S. and C.R. Deb & TemjensangbaOrchid diversity of Nagaland – A revised Status.J Orchid Soc India171-25-152003
Jamir, N.S. and P. LalEthno-zoological practices among Naga TribesIndian Journal of Traditional Knowledge41100-1042005
Jamir, N.S., Neizo Puro and N.S. JamirA comparative study of vegetation structure and composition in disturbed and undisturbed forest ecosystem in LumamiBioved1655-732004
Bendangmenla, T. Ajungla & N.S. JamirEfficiency of Ectomycorrhizae on the growth and establishment.NURJ380-832005
Bendangmenla, T. Ajungla & N.S. JamirEffect of Bolotus edulis and suillus bovines on the growth performance of Schima wallichii seedlings on degraded land sitesBionature25281-852006
Jamir, N.S., Limasemba and Nungshikokla JamirEthnomedicinal plants used by Konyak Naga tribe of Mon district in Nagaland.Ethnobotany2048-532008
.Jamir, N.S., Nungshikokla Jamir & S.Alemmeren JamirEthnomedico-plants used by Ao-Naga Tribes in NagalandNURJ.5185-1902008
Jamir, N.S., Jungden & MadhabiTraditional knowledge of medicinal plants used by the Yimchunger-Naga tribes in NagalandPleione220223-2282008
Takatemjen, N.S. Jamir & Madhabai S. Debwild edible fruits of Wokha District of Nagaland, IndiaPleione3159-62.2009
Chitta Ranjan Deb, Madhabi S. Deb, N.S. Jamir & Temjensangba ImchenOrchids in indigenous system of medicine in NagalandPleione32209-2112009
.Jamir, N.S., Tekatemjen and LimasembaTraditional knowledge of Lotha-Naga tribes in Wokha district NagalandIJTK9145-482010
Sumitra Salam & N.S. JamirWild edible plants used by the Tangkhul – Naga tribe of Ukhrul district in ManipurPleione32157-1622010
Sumitra Salam, P.K. Kumar & N.S. JamirWild edible plants used by the Tangkhul – Naga tribe of Ukhrul district in ManipurPleione42284-2872010
Lanusunep & N.S. Jamir Folk-medicinal herbs used by the Sumi-Naga tribes of Zunheboto district, NagalandPleione42265-268.2010
Kilangnaro & N.S. JamirEthno. Medicinal plants used by Phom-Naga tribe of Nagaland.Pleione5177-822011
N.S. Jamir, Lanusunep & manwang KonyakSome less known ethnomedicinal plants used by the Angami-Naga tribes in Kohima district,” Nagaland.(India).Ethnobotany23116-1202011
Sumitra Salam, N.S. Jamir & P.K. SinghEthnomedicinal studies on Tangkhul-Naga tribe in Ukhrul district, ManipurEthnobotany23129-1342011
Lirola Sangtam, N.S. Jamir, C.R. Deb, & N. Sakutemsu Jamir A study on the medicinal plants used by the Sangtam-Naga tribe in Kiphire district, Nagaland, India.Intl Journal Ayur Herb Med22267-2752012
Chitta Ranjan Deb, Madhabi Saha Deb, & N.Saku JamirCallus mediated organogenesis and plant regeneration of Cinnamomum tamala Nees (Lauraceae) from leaf and Zygotic EmbryosIntl J Pharm Bio Sci,41614-6222013
Madhabi Saha Deb, N.S. Jamir & Chitta Ranjan DebStudies on seed Biology of Cinnamomum tamala Nees (Lauraceae): A valuable Multipurpose Tree.Intl J Ayurv Herb Med25817-8272012
Nungshikokla Jamir, S. Alemmeren Jamir, N.S. Jamir and H.N. PandeyConcentration of endemic plant species in some Community forests in Nagaland, Northeast India.Pleione61117-1272012
N.S. Jamir, Lanusunep and Narola PongenMedico-herbal Medicine practiced by the Naga Tribes in the State of Nagaland (India).Indian J Fund Appl Life Sci22328-3332012
Sumitra Salam, N.S. Jamir & P.K. SinghWild leafy vegetables sold in local markets of Ukhrul district of Manipur, India. Pleione62298-3032013
Kilangnaro Imchen & N.S. Jamir Indigenous knowledge of musical instruments used by Phom-Naga tribe in Nagaland.Ethnobotany2483-852012
Kilangnaro Imchen & N.S. JamirEthnobotanical folk practices of tattooing among the Phom-Naga tribes in Nagaland (India).Ethnobotany24138-1412012
Chitta Ranjan Deb, N.S. Jamir & Sungkumlong OzukumAs study on the survey and documentation of underutilized crops of three districts of Nagaland, India.J.Global Biosci.2367-702013
Deb, C.R., Deb, M.S & Jamir, N.SEstablishment of in vitro culture of Cinnamomum tamala Nees from cotyledonary segments.Applied Bio. Res.641-62014


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Research and Development in oriented MedicinesSome interesting Medicinal Plants used by Nagas1990Orient Media Congress, Jammu
Recent Advance in Medicinal, Aromatic and spice crops (Vol.1).Studies on some Medico-herbs from North East India1991Recent Advance in Medicinal, Aromatic and spice crops (Vol.1).
management of minor forest produces for sustainabilityStudies of the Wild Edible Fruits in Nagaland State,India1996Oxford and IBH publishing Co.Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Sustainable Developmental StrategySustainable Agriculture Development Strategy for North-eastern Hill Region of India1996Singh, N.P., O.P. SinghSustainable Developmental Strategy
Medicinal Plants-India’s herbal heritageStudies on some Medico-herbs from Northeast India-II1998KTC, Corporation, Jalaram Complex, Ahmedabad
Biodiversity North east India perpectivesEthnobiology studies among Naga tribes in Nagaland1999North Eastern Biodiversity Research Cell,NEHU, Shillong
Economic Development in Nagaland Prospects and ConstraintsOrnament Orchids plants in Nagaland and its prospects2006Press, Kohima, Nagaland.
Ethnic Tribes and Medicinal PlantsTraditional Knowledge of Medicinal Plants practices amongst the Naga tribes in Nagaland2010Limasenba and Lanusunep Pointer Publishers, Jaipur
Ethno-Biodiversity and its conservation in Nagaland in status and conservation of biodiversity in North East India2010Prospect Publisher, New Delhi
ISBN 978-93-81450-10-pMicrobial Diversity and Functions. Chapter 31 Use of Ectomychorhizae Technology in Reclamation and Reforestation of degraded land.2012Talijungla, BendangmenlaNow India Publishing Agency, New Delhi
Traditional knowledge of Tangkhul Naga tribe of Manipur with reference to their Ethnobotanical approach.2012S. Salam, P.K. Singh


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