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Deb C. R., Deb M. S. and Jamir N. S.In vitro regeneration of Cinnamomum tamala Nees from cotyledonary segmentsAppl Bio Res1611-62014
Deb C. R. and Arenmongla T.Development of cost effective in vitro regeneration protocol of Malaxis acuminata D. Don a therapeutically important orchid using pseudobulbs as explants source.J Pl Studies3213-222014
Deb C. R. and Pongener AIn vitro regenerative competence of foliar explants of Cymbidium aloifolium (L.) Sw. and Cymbidium iridioides D. Don: Two horticultural important orchids.Indian J Biotech12402-408
Deb C. R. and Arenmongla T.In vitro regeneration potential of foliar explants of Malaxix acuminata D. Don: A therapeutically important terrestrial orchid.Applied Biological Research15132-392013
Deb C. R., Jamir N. S. and Ozukum S.A study on the survey and documentation of underutilized crops of three districts of Nagaland,India. J Global Biosci2367-702013
Deb C. R. and Pongener A.A study on the use of low cost substrata against agar for non-symbiotic seed culture of Cymbidium iridioides D. Don.Aus J Crop Sci75642-6492013
Deb C. R., Deb M. S. and Jamir N. S.Callus mediated organogenesis and plant regeneration of Cinnamomum tamala nees. (Lauraceae) from leaf and zygotic embryos. Intl J Pharma Bio Sci.41 B614-6222013
Arenmongla T. and Deb C. R.Germination of immature embryos and multiplication of Malaxis acuminata D. Don: An endangered therapeutically important terrestrial orchid, by asymbiotic culture in vitroIndian J Biotech11464-4692012
Deb C. R. and Arenmongla T. An efficient in vitro regeneration system of Strobilanthes flaccidifolious Nees. from nodal explant: A natural dye yielding plant.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology5011810-8162012
Deb M. S.; Jamir N. S. and Deb C. R.Studies on seed biology of Cinnamomum tamala Nees. (Lauraceae): A valuable multipurpose tree. Intl J Ayurvedic Herb25817-8272012
Arenmongla T. and Deb C. R.Studies on in vitro morphogenetic potential of nodal segments of Malaxis acuminata D. Don.Applied Biol Res.142156-1532012
Sangtam T. L., Jamir N. S., Deb C. R. and Jamir S.A Study on the Medicinal Plants Used by the Sangtam Naga Tribe in Kiphire District, Nagaland, IndiaIntl J Ayurved Herb Med2267-752012
Deb C. R. and Pongener AStudies on the in vitro regenerative competence of aerial roots of two horticultural important Cymbidium species.J Pl Biochem Biotech212235–2412012
Deb C. R. and Pongener A.Development of a cost effective in vitro regenerative protocol of Cymbidium aloifolium (L.) Sw. using nodal segments as explants source.Intl J Chem Biochem Sci. 1177-842012
Deb C. R. and Arenmongla T.Morphogenetic induction and organogenic differentiation from foliar explants of Strobilanthes flaccidifolious Nees.:a natural dye yielding plant.J. Exp Sci.21022-282011
Pongener A. and Deb C. R.In vitro regeneration of plantlets of Cymbidium iridioides D. Don. using nodal segments as explants.Intl J Appl Biotech Biochem14389-4002011
Deb C. R. and Imchen T.Orchids of horticultural importance from Nagaland, India. Pleione5144-482011
Deb C. R. and Pongener A. Asymbiotic seed germination and in vitro seedling development of Cymbidium aloifolium (L.) Sw.: a multipurpose orchid. J Pl Biochem Biotech20190-952011
Deb C. R. and Sungkumlong,Regenerative competence of foliar explants of Coelogyne suaveolens and Taenia latifolia: Two threatened orchids of North-East India.Appl Biol Res.1211-92010
Deb C. R. and Imchen T.An efficient in vitro hardening technique of tissue culture raised plants.Biotechnology9179-832010
Deb C. R. and Pongener A.Search of alternative substratum for agar in plant tissue culture.Current Science98199-1022010
Pongener A. and Deb C. R.Asymbiotic Culture of Immature Embryos, Mass Multiplication of Cymbidium iridioides D. Don. And the Role of Different Factors.Intl J Pharma Bio Sci.111-14.2009
Deb C. R., Deb M. S., Jamir N S and Imchen T. Orchids in indigenous system of medicine in Nagaland, India.Pleione32209-2112009
Deb C. R., Sungkumlong and TemjensangbaEulophia geniculata King & Pantl.: A new record for Nagaland, India.Pleione32239-2402009
Deb C. R. and SungkumlongRapid Multiplication and Induction of Early In Vitro Flowering in Dendrobium primulinum Lindl.J Pl Biochem Biotech182241-2442009
Sungkumlong and Deb C. R.Regeneration competence of Taenia latifolia (Lindl.) Benth. Ex. Hook. Pseudobulb segments: A study in vitroIndian J Biotech8121-1262009
Deb C. R. and SungkumlongIn vitro regeneration and mass multiplication of Taenia latifolia (Lindl.) using immature seeds: A threatened terrestrial orchid.J Pl Biol351-62008
Sungkumlong and Deb C. R,Effects of different factors on immature embryo culture,PLBs differentiation and rapid mass multiplication of Coelogyne suaveolens (Lindl.) HookIndian Journal of Experimental Biology46243-2482008
Deb C. R. and Temjensangba.Direct regeneration of shoot-buds in Arachnis labrosa foliar explants. J Orchid Soc India217-92007
Deb C. R., Sungkumlong and TemjensangbaA note on orchid additions to Nagaland flora.J Orchid Soc India2169-702007
Deb C. R. and Temjensangba, Rapid mass multiplication of Cleisostoma racemiferum (Lindl.) Garay: An endangered orchid.J Pl Biol34299-1052007
Deb C. R. and TemjensangbaIn vitro short to medium-term storage of two threatened and endangered orchids through slow growth method. Envir Biol Consv.1277-852007
Deb C. R. and TemjensangbaNew additions to the orchid diversity of Nagaland.J Orchid Soc India201-287-892006
Deb C. R. and TemjensangbaOn the regeneration of Arachnis labrosa (Lindl. ex.Paxt.) Reichb. root segments: A study in vitro.Phytomorphology5679-832006
Deb C. R. and TemjensangbaIn vitro propagation of the threatened terrestrial orchid,Malaxis khasiana Soland ex. Swartz through immature seed culture.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology44762-7662006
Temjensangba and Deb C. R.Effect of different factors on non-symbiotic seed germination, PLBs formation and plantlet morphology of Cleisostoma racemiferum (Lindl.) Garay. Indian J Biotech5223-2282006
Temjensangba and Deb C. R.Factors regulating non-symbiotic seed germination of some rare orchids of Nagaland.Nagaland Univ Res J348-542005
Temjensangba and Deb C. R.Regeneration and mass multiplication of Arachnis labrosa (Lindl ex. Paxt) Reichb: A rare and threatened orchidCurrent Science88121966-19692005
Deb C. R. and TemjensangbaIn vitro regenerative competence of Cleisostoma racemiferum (Orchidaceae) aerial roots..J Pl Biochem Biotech14201-2042005
Temjensangba and Deb C. RRegeneration of plantlets from in vitro raised leaf explants of Cleisostoma racemiferum Lindl.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology43377-3812005
Deb C. R. and P. TandonFactors controlling initiation of embryogenic cultures of Pinus kesiya.Indian J Biotech34589-5932004
Deb C. R. and P. TandonEstablishment of an embryogenic suspension culture of Pinus kesiya from various explantsIndian J Biotech33445-4482004
Deb C. R. and P. TandonIn vitro medium term conservation of Artocarpus heterophyllus by slow growth of cultureNagaland Univ Res J19-132003
Deb C. R. and P. TandonSomatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from mature zygotic embryos of Pinus kesiya (Royle ex. Gord).J Pl Biol.293301-3062002
Deb C. R.Cryopreservation of somatic embryos and alginate encapsulated somatic embryos of Melia azedarach by vitrification.J Pl Biol29171-762002
Deb C. R. and P. Tandon.Induction of somatic embryogenesis of khasi pine (Pinus kesiya) from secondary needles.J Pl Biol291113-1182002
Deb C. R. and P. TandonChanges in peroxidase activity and total protein content during early phase of somatic embryogenesis of Pinus kesiya.J Indian Bot Soc80313-3152001
Deb C. R.,Somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration of Melia azedarach L.(Ghora neem) from cotyledonary segmentsJ Pl Biochem Biotech1063-652001
Deb C. R., N. S. Jamir and TemjensangbaOrchid diversity of Nagaland – A revised status J Orchid Soc India175-152003
Deb C. R.Orchids of Nagaland, Propagation, Conservation and Sustainable Utilization: A Review.Pleione7152-582013


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ISBN: 978-81-903965-0-9Orchid Diversity of NagalandSCICHEM Publishing House, Udaipur


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