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Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S.Heavy metals toxicity on the colonization of ectomycorrhiae of Pinus kesiya (Royle ex Gord)Journal of Assam University6136-392001
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S.Zn and Cd accumulation in ectomycorrhizae of pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gord)ECOBIOS1141-442001
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar,M.S.Effect of heavy metals on the urease activities of mycorrhizospheric soil of pine seedlingsAsian J. of Microbiol. Biotech. & Environ. Sciences12002
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S.Heavy metals toxicity on phosphatase activity of mycorrhizospheric soil of Pinus kesiya seedlings . Poll. Res.214421-4242002
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar,M.S.Heavy metals toxicity on dehydrogenase activity on rhizospheric soil of ectomycorrhizal pine seedlings in field condition.Journal of Environmental Biology244461-4632003
Ajungla, T. Sharma, G.D.Accumulation of Cu and Ni in ectomycorrhizae of Pinus kesiya (Royle Gordon) .Nagaland University Research Journal114-172003
Bendangmenla, Ajungla, T and Jamir, N.S.Effeciency of ectomycorrhizae on the growth of establishments of pine seedlings in the degraded forest. Nagaland University Research Journal.380-832005
Bendangmenla, Ajungla, T and Jamir, N.S.Effect of Boletus edulis and Suillus bovinus in the growth performance of Schima wallichii seedlings in degraded land sites.Bionature26281-852006
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S.Uptake of phosphorus by ectomycorrhizal pine seedlings in the metal polluted soil.Environmental Biology and Conservation1115-182006
Ajungla, T., Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S. Improvement of growth by mycorrhizal fungi under metal polluted environment.Environmental Biology and Conservation1361-672008
Ajungla, T and Imliyanger TzudirEffects of ectomycorrhizal fungi on the growth performance of Pinus patulaSchiede ex Schlecht & Cham.1529-312010
Imliyanger Tzudir and T. AjunglaStudies on growth response of Pinus patula infected with ectomycorrhizae. Assam Univ. J. of Science & Technology9162-662012
Ajungla, T and Sharma, G.D.Accumulation of Pb and Aluminium in ectomycorrhizal roots of pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon)Assam University J. of Science & Technology. Biol. & Environ. Sciences10116-192012
Bendangmenla and T. Ajungla.Uptake of nutrients (NPK) by ectomycorrhizal Oak seedlings in degraded land sites.Assam J. Of Sc. & Techno1020-232012
Ajungla, T and Sharma, G.D.Neutralization of heavy metals toxicity by Cenococcum graniforme in the establishment and survival of Pinus kesiya (Royle ex Gordon) seedlings.Int.J. LifeSc. Bt & Pharm. Res. 24279-2832013
Bendangmenla and Ajungla, T.Uptake of Phosphorus by ectomycorrhizal seedlings in degraded jhum lands.Int. J. Life Sc. Bt & Pharm. Res.31299-3032014
Arenla and Ajungla,T. Effect of soil moisture and soil pH of ectomycorrhizal colonizationm on Dipterocarpus retusus blume seedlings.Int.J. LifeSc. Bt & Pharm.322014
Arenla. S and Ajungla, T. Influence of soil organic carbon on ectomycorrhizal colonization of Cryptomeria japonica (Thumb. ex L.f.)D. DonInt. J. of Recent Biotechnologyaccepted for publication2014


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ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
ISBN No. 81 7233410 9.21Effect of heavy metals on mycorrhizal formation and growth of Pinus kesiya seedlings. Mycorrhizae.2006Sharma, G.D, Dkhar,M.S. , Kayang,H.Scientific Publishers
817648 5020Compendium of mycorrhizal research. Vol 2 Role of Mycorrhizae in BiotechnologyStructure and functioning of ectomycorrhiza of pine (Pinus kesiya) in heavy metal polluted soil.2008Sharma, G.D.APH Publication Corporation. New Delhi
Ecology and Biotechnology of mycorrhizaeEffect of heavy metal on the role of mycorrhizae in forestry. 2008Sharma, G.D and Dkhar, M.S.
978-93-81450-10-9Microbial Diversity and FunctionsUse of ectomycorrhizal technology in reclamation and reforestation of degraded land.2012Bendangmenla, N.S, Jamir , G.D SharmaNew India Publishing Agency, New Delhi
978-93-81141-05-4Bioremediation of pollutantsResponse of ectomycorrhizal pine seedlings to heavy metal pollution in soil.2012Sharma, G.D.I.K International Ltd. New Delhi.
978 93 80500 40 9Glimpses. Presenting the women research scholars of Ongpangkong. Role of mycorrhizae in forestry2012Heritage Publishing House, Dimapur
81 7019454 7Heavy Metal Pollution and Mycorrhiza2010G.D. SharmaToday & Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers


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