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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaCultivation and Conservation of Euryale ferox Salisb in Manipur.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge51143-1442006
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaHome gardens of Kakching, Manipur- A diverse and sustainable agroecosystem. Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany312402-4102007
Asha Gupta, L. Usharani., K. Binita and M. Romeo SinghLitter fall and nutrient release from a sub-tropical forest of Manipur.Journal of Tropical forestryiii & iv23-272008
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaWater quality status of Iril River, ManipurJournal of Current Science141173-1802009
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaMedicinal aspects of family Lauraceae in Manipur.Flora and Fauna152203-2102009
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaInventory of wetland plant diversity from Manipur with emphasis on species utilization spectrum.Pollution Research29113-192010
Beeteswari Kh.,M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaStudies on the life form and biological spectrum of macrophytes in Kongba River, Manipur.Indian Journal of Environment and Ecoplanning162-3475-4802009
Beeteswari Kh.,M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaFloristic distribution and growth form analysis of macrophytes in Kongba River, Manipur.Pleione392179-1852009
M. Romeo Singh and Asha GuptaSeasonal variation in certain physico-chemical parameters of Imphal, Iril and Thoubal Rivers from Manipur River systems, India.Ecology, Environment and Conservation153197-2072010
Singh, M.R., Gupta, Asha and Beeteswari, KH.Physico-chemical properties of water samples from Manipur river system, India.Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management, Nigeria14485-892010
Singh, M.R and Gupta, AshaMorphological characteristics of rare and endangered species of Lemanea (Rhodophyta) from the rivers of Manipur, North-East India.The Botanique14247-542010
Asha Gupta and M. Romeo SinghNutrient content in fresh water red algae (Lemaneaceae, Rhodophyta) from rivers of Manipur, north-east India.Electronic Journal of Environment Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Spain. 1052262-22712010


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Advances in Environmental ChemistryFactors affecting the occurrence of Lemanea, Rhodophyta from the Rivers of Manipur, North-East India. 2011Asha GuptaAdvances in Environmental Chemistry
Biodiversity and UtilizationFloristics and Productivity Studies of Macrophytes from Few Water Bodies of Manipur, North-East India.2013Asha GuptaPointer Publishers
Ecoplanning,Biodiversity and Climate ChangeBiomass and Productivity study of red alga from rivers of Manipur, North-east India.2014Asha GuptaPointer Publishers
978-3-8484-2407-8.69 Ecology and Need for Conservation of LemaneaLemanea in Lotic Environment of Manipur, North-East India: distribution2012Asha GuptaAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
978-3-659-16351-7.103 PpAssessment of water and Sediments in Rivers of Manipur, India; Need for Management2012LAMBERT Academic Publishing
978-3-659-23200-8. 63 Pp.Landuse and LandCover Studies in Microwatershed: A remote Sensing and GIS Approach. 2012Rajkumar Chingkhei LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany


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