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Nizamuddin and Khan, B.U.Genetic and non-genetic factors affecting post-weaning body weight gains in Muzaffarnagri sheep and its crosses with Dorset and Suffolk.J. Instt. Agric. Anim. Sci.1477-821993
Nizamuddin and Khan, B. U.Studies on dry matter intake and body weight in post-weaned lambs of Muzaffarnagri sheep and their crosses with Dorset and Suffolk.Vet. Review1025-91995
Nizamuddin and Khan, B. U.Genetic studies on certain live lamb and carcass traits in Muzaffarnagri sheep and its crosses with Dorset and Sufflock breeds under feed-lot condition.Vet. Review11237-411996
Nizamuddin and Khan, B. U.Factors affecting the post weaning monthly body weights in Muzaffarnagri sheep and its exotic crosses.Indian Veterinary Journal7484-861997
V. Nizamuddin and Khan, B. U. Feedlot performance of postweaned lambs of Muzaffarnagri sheep and its crosses with Dorset and Suffolk.Nagaland University Research Journal194-982003
Sharma, A. and NizamuddinFish production in rainfed area of Uttar Pradesh – A regression Approach. J. interacad.83441-4462004
Sharma, P.K.; Sharma, A.; Singh, J.; Nizamuddin and Lavania, M. L.Pattern of human labour utilization in diary enterpriseNagaland University Research Journal5102-1072008
Nizamuddin; Jakhalu, A.; Vidyarthi, V. K. and Sharma, V. B.Economy of broiler chicken production on supplemented diet.Nagaland University Research Com.697-1012010
Vidyarthi, V. K.; Zuyie, R; Nizamuddin, and Sharma, V. B.Effect of Commercial Enzyme Supplementation on the Performance of Broiler chicken production.Indian Journal of poultry science2008


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