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Kurosaka S, Leu NA, Pavlov I, Han X, Ribeiro PA, Xu T, Bunte R, Saha S,  Wang J, Cornachione A, Mai W, Yates JR 3rd, Rassier DE, Kashina AArginylation regulates myofibrils to maintain heart function and prevent dilated cardiomyopathyJ Mol Cell Cardiol. 533333-3412012
Zhang F, Saha S, Kashina A.Arginylation-dependent regulation of a proteolytic product of talin is essential for cell-cell adhesion.J Cell Biol. 1976819-8362012
Saha S, Wang J, Buckley B, Wang Q, Lilly B, Chernov M, Kashina ASmall molecule inhibitors of arginyltransferase regulate arginylation-dependent protein degradation, cell motility, and angiogenesis.Biochem Pharmacol. 837866-8732012
Saha S, Wong CC, Xu T, Namgoong S, Zebroski H, Yates JR, 3rd, Kashina AArginylation and methylation double up to regulate nuclear proteins and nuclear architecture in vivo.Chem Biol.18111369-13782011
Wang J, Han X, Saha S, Xu T, Rai R, Zhang F, Wolf YI, Wolfson A, Yates JR 3rd, Kashina AArginyltransferase is an ATP-independent self-regulating enzyme that forms distinct functional complexes in vivo.Chem Biol.181121-1302011
Zhang F, Saha S, Shabalina SA, Kashina ADifferential arginylation of actin isoforms is regulated by coding sequence-dependent degradation. Science32959981534-1537.2010
Kurosaka S, Leu NA, Zhang F, Bunte R, Saha S, Wang J, Guo C, He W, Kashina A. Arginylation-dependent neural crest cell migration is essential for mouse development. PLoS Genet632010
Saha S, Mundia MM, Zhang F, Demers RW, Korobova F, Svitkina T, Perieteanu AA, Dawson JF, Kashina AArginylation Regulates Intracellular Actin Polymer Level by Modulating Actin Properties and Binding of Capping and Severing Proteins.Mol Biol Cell.2181350-13612010
Saha S, Datta K, Rangarajan P. Characterization of mouse neuronal Ca2+/calmodulin kinase II inhibitor alpha. Brain Res.114838-422007
Saha S, Sugumar P, Bhandari P, Rangarajan PNIdentification of Japanese encephalitis virus-inducible genes in mouse brain and characterization of GARG39/IFIT2 as a microtubule-associated protein. J Gen Virol.873285-32892006
Saha S, Ramanathan A, RangarajanRegulation of Ca2+/calmodulin kinase II inhibitor alpha (CaMKIINalpha) in virus-infected mouse brain.Biochem Biophys Res Commun.3502444-4492006
Saha S, Murthy S, Rangarajan PN.Identification and characterization of a virus-inducible non-coding RNA in mouse brain.J Gen Virol.8771991-19952006
Saha S, Rangarajan PNCommon host genes are activated in mouse brain by Japanese encephalitis and rabies viruses.J Gen Virol.8471729-17352003
Saha S and Kashina A.Posttranslational Arginylation as a global biological regulator. Developmental Biology35811-82011


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