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Dutta, H. and Mahanta, C.L. Traditional parboiled rice-based products revisited: Current status and future research challenged. Rice Science.214187-2002014
Mishra, P., Mahanta, C.L.Comparative Analysis of Functional and Nutritive Values of Amla (Emblica officinalis) Fruit, Seed and Seed Coat Powder.American Journal of Food Technology9151-1612014
Das Purkayastha,M., Manhar,A.K., Das,V.K. , Borah,A., Mandal, M., Thakur,A.J. and Mahanta,C.L.Antioxidative, Hemocompatible,Fluorescent Carbon Nanodots from an �End-of-Pipe� Agricultural Waste: Exploring Its New Horizon in the Food-Packaging Domain.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry624509−45202014
Paul, S.K., Dutta,H., Mahanta, C.L. and Prasanna, G.V. Process standardization, characterization and storage study of a sweet.International Food Research Journal2131113-11202014
Dutta, H. and Mahanta, C.L. Laboratory Process Development and Physicochemical Characterization of a Low Amylose and Hydrothermally Treated Ready-to-Eat Rice Product Requiring No Cooking. Food and Bioprocess Technology71212-2232014
Das Purkayastha,M., Das, S., Manhar,A.K., Deka, D., Mandal, M., and Mahanta, C.L. Removing antinutrients from rapeseed press-cake and their benevolent role in waste cooking oil-derived biodiesel: conjoining the valorization of two disparate industrial wastes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry6110746-107562013
Das Purkayastha, M, Nath, A., Deka, B.C. and Mahanta, C.L. Thin layer drying of tomato slices.Journal of Food Science and Technology504642-6532013
Saikia, S and Mahanta, C.L.Effect of steaming, boiling and microwave cooking on the total phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant properties of different vegetables of Assam, India.International Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences247-532013
Hazarika,E.B. Borah,A., and Mahanta C.L. Optimisation of extrusion cooking conditions and characterization of rice (Oryza sativa)- sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and rice-yam (Dioscorea alata) based RTE products.Agricultural Sciences412-222013
Roy, J.K. Borah, A., Mahanta, C.L., Mukherjee, A.K.Cloning and overexpression of raw starch digesting α-amylase gene from Bacillus subtilis strain AS01a in Escherichia coli and application of the purified recombinant α-amylase (AmyBS-I) in raw starch digestion and baking industry.Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic97118-1292013
Balasubramanian,S., Borah, A. and Mahanta, C.L. Rheological and nutritional properties of legumes incorporated corn extrudates.International Food Research Journal193971-9752012
Dutta, H. and Mahanta, C.L.Effect of hydrothermal treatment varying in time and pressure on the properties of the parboiled rices with different amylose content.Food Research International49655-6632012
Das, D. K Dutta, H. and Mahanta, C.L. Development of a rice starch-based coating with antioxidant and microbe-barrier properties and study of its effect on tomatoes stored at room temperature,LWT - Food Science and Technology50272-2782012
Kalita D., Kaushik N. and Mahanta, C.L. Physicochemical, morphological, thermal and IR spectral changes in the properties of waxy rice starch modified with vinyl acetateJournal of Food Science and Technology2012
Das Purakayastha, M., Kalita, D., Mahnot, N.K., Mahanta, C.L., Mandal, M., and Chaudhuri, M.K.Effect of L-ascorbic acid addition on the quality attributes of micro-filtered coconut water stored at 4 oC.Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies1669-792012
Saikia, S., Dutta, H., Saikia, D and Mahanta, C.L.Quality characterisation and estimation of phytochemicals content and antioxidant capacity of aromatic pigmented and non-pigmented rice.Food Research International.46334-3402012
Das Purakayastha, M., Kalita, D., Das,V.K., , Mahanta, C.L., Thakur, A.J., and Chaudhuri, M.K.Effect of L-ascorbic acid addition on micro-filtered coconut water: Preliminary quality prediction study using 1H-NMR, FTIR and GC-MS.Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies13184-1992012
Konwarh. R, Pramanik, S, Kalita, D, Mahanta, C. L., Karak. N. Ultrasonication � A complementary �green chemistry� tool to biocatalysis: A laboratory-scale study of lycopene extraction.Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 19292-2992012
Dutta, H, Paul, S.K., Kalita,D., and Mahanta, C.L.Effect of acid concentration and treatment time on acid�alcohol modified jackfruit seed starch properties.Food Chemistry128284-2912011
Konwarh, R. Kalita, D., Mahanta, C.L., Mandal, M., and Karak, N.Magnetically recyclable, antimicrobial, and catalytically enhanced polymer-assisted green nanosystem-immobilised Aspergillus niger amyloglucosidase. Applied Microbiol Biotechnol871983-19922010
Mahanta, C.L. and Bhattacharya, K.R.Relationship of starch changes to puffing expansion of parboiled rice. Journal of Food Science and Technology47182-1872010
Mahanta, C.L. and Goswami, R.G. Optimization of processing conditions for cottage scale production of Hurum. Journal of Food Science and Technology39187-902002
Mishra, A . Goswami, R.G. and Mahanta, C.L.Identifying the essential steps and process variables to make Hurum.Journal of Food Science and Technology375455-4452000
Mahanta, C.L. and Bhattacharya, K.R.Dry-heat parboiled rice- a rice for the rural poor. Recent Advances in Nutriology3143-145 1991
Mahanta, C.L. Ali, S.Z. Bhattacharya, K.R. and Mukherjee, P.S.Nature of starch crystallinity in parboiled rice.Starke/Starch415171-1761989
Mahanta, C.L. and Bhattacharya, K.R.Thermal degradation of starch in parboiled rice. Starke/Starch41391-941989


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