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Borah, R. C.; Choudhury, B.H.; Deka, S.C.; Ahmed, S.A. and Sarmah T.C.Varietal differences in root oxidative enzymes and electrophoretic profile of grain protein in rice under wetland field condition.J. of Assam Science Society401&21-101999
Sarmah, T.C.; Changkakoty, A.; Kandoli, R. and Deka, S.C.Variation in chemical compositions of green beans of Coffea canephora Pierre ex. Frochner during ripening and basis of coffee quality.Annals of Agri Bio- Research.519-132000
Barman, N.; Sarmah, T.C.; Kondali, R. and Deka, S.C.Nutritional and antinutritional factors in winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L. DC) as affected by different processing and cooking methods. Annals of Agri BioResearch511-72000
Deka, S.C.; Sood, D.R. and Gupta, S.K.Effect of storage on fatty acid profiles of basmati rice (Oryza sativa L) genotypes.J. Food Sci. Technol. 373217-2212000
Deka, S.C.; Sood, D.R. and Gupta, K.R. Nutritional evaluation of basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes.J. Food Sci. Technol.373272-2762000
Deka, S.C.; Sood, D.R. and Gupta, K.R.Studies on phytic acid, aroma and leachates of basmati rice during storage.The Ind. J. Nutr. Dietet.37398-4032000
Deka, S.C. and Sood, D.R.Effect of storage, cooking and chemical treatment on protein and starch digestibilities of basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes. J.Food Sci. Technol.386565-5702001
Deka, S.C. and Sood, D.R.Effect of chemical treatment on cooking quality of fresh and stored basmati rice.J. agric. Sci. Soc. NE India 152196-2022002
Duara, B.; Baruah, A.A.L.H.; Deka, S.C. and Barman, NResidue of synthetic pyrethroids and endosulfan in brinjal shoots and fruits.Pesticide Research Journal 15143-462003
Deka, S.C. and Sood, D.R.Studies on cooking behaviour of basmati rice genotypes during storage.J. Dairying. Foods & H.S.2211-92003
Deka, S.C., Baruah A.A.L.H. and Barman, NMonitoring of pesticide residues in honey samples of Jorhat district, Assam (India),Pesticide Research Journal 16183-852004
Deka, S.C., Barman, N and Baruah A.A.L.H.Monitoring of pesticide residues in unpolished, polished and parboiled rice of Assam.Pesticide Research Journal 16271-74.2004
Deka, S.C.; Talukdar, D.; Barman, N and Borah, R.C Biochemical studies of few medicinal plants of northeast IndiaJournal of Assam Science Society44105-1102004
Deka, S.C., Barman, N and Baruah A.A.L.H.Pesticidal contamination status in farmgate vegetables in Assam, India, Pesticide Research Journal.17290-932005
Deka, S.C, Barman, N.;., and Baruah A.A.L.H.Pesticide residue monitoring in total diet of market basket approach and food safetyJournal Science Society (FINNAL Master)46149-562005
Deka, S.C., Barman, N and Baruah A.A.L.H.Monitoring of pesticide residues in feed, fodder and butter in Assam. Pesticide Research Journal.16186-892004
Deka, S.C., Barman, N, Baruah A.A.L.H., Baruah, U.K. and Chetia Borah, B.Status of organochlorine pesticide residues in fish in Jorhat district, Assam (India).Pesticide Research Journal.17282-862005
Deka, S.C., Baruah A.A.L.H. and BarmanPesticide residues in different drinking water sources of Jorhat district, IndiaPesticide Research Journal.182221-2242006
Sharma, K.K.; Dubey, J.K.; Deka, S.C.; Chandrasekaran, S; Kalpana; Pratigya Gupta; Anoop Kumar; Vandana; M Jaya Devi; B Singh; A A L H Baruah, J S Kennedy, I D Sharma; S K Patyal and A Nath Dissipation kinetics of spiromesifen on tea (Camellia sinensis) under tropical conditions. Chemosphere (Elsevier)684790-7962007
S. Saikia and S. C. DekaQuality parameters of ten different ginger cultivars grown in north-eastern region of India and its potential for commercial exploitationAppl. Biosci. Biotech.5137-412009
Kotoki, D. and Deka S. C.Baking loss of bread with special emphasis on increasing the water holding capacityJ. Food Sci. Technol (Springer)471128-1312010
Kakati, P., Deka, S. C., Kotoki, D. and Saikia, S.Effect of traditional methods of processing on the nutrient contents and some antinutritional factors in newly developed cultivars of green gram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilezek] and black gram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper] of Assam,India International Food Research Journal 172377-3842010
Saikia, D. and Deka S.CCereals: from staple food to neutraceuticals. International Food Research Journal18121-302011
Sit, N., Umashankar, A. and Deka, S. C.Effect of cellulase treatment on extraction of starch from potatoInternational Food Research Journal181337-3462011
Kapoor, R; Badwaik, L. S; Sit, N and Deka, S. C. Utilization of whey for preparations of alcoholic beverages.Beverages & Food World38634-352011
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Badwaik, L.S., Prasad, K and Deka, S. C.Optimization of extraction conditions by response surface methodology for preparing partially defatted peanut. International Food Research Journal 191341-3462012
Das, A. J. and Deka, S. C.Mini Review Fermented foods and beverages of the North-East India.International Food Research Journal192377-3922012
Sit, N., Agrawal, U.S. and Deka, S. C.Effect of enzyme concentration, addition of water and incubation time on increase in yield of starch from potato.J. Food Sci. Technol5151011-10152014
Dash, K. K., Goswami, T. K., and Deka, S. C.Modeling for the modified atmosphere packaging of Sapota fruitAgricultural Engineering International.142182012
Laxmikant S. Badwaik1, Sumita Choudhury, Pallab Kumar Borah And Sankar C. Deka Optimization of osmotic dehydration process of bamboo shoots in mixtures of sucrose and sodium chloride solutions.Journal of Food Processing and Preservation3761068-10772013
Dash, K. K., Das, S. K. and Deka, S. C. Process modeling for the shelf life of the microwave puffed rice.International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology 33191-1942012
Sit, N., Gayan, H., Badwaik, L. S. and Deka, S. C. Development of protein rich RTS beverage by incorporating whey in carambola juice.International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology (Special Issue)33199-2012012
Badwaik, L. S., Borah, P. K., Borah, K., Sit, N. and Deka, S. C. Antimicrobial activity of indigenous medicinal plant extract on spoilage microbes present in bamboo shoots.International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology (Special Issue) 33234-2372012
Badwaik, L. S., Choudhury, S., Borah, P. K., Sit, N. and Deka, S. C. Comparison of kinetics and other related properties of bamboo shoot drying pretreated with osmotic dehydration.Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 2013
Sit, N., Misra, S. and Deka, S. C. Physicochemical, functional, textural and colour characteristics of starches isolated from four taro cultivars of North-East India. Starch-Starke6511-121011-10212013
Sit, N., Misra, S., Baruah, D. Badwaik, L. S. and Deka, S. C. Physicochemical properties of taro and maize starch and their effect on texture, colour and sensory quality of tomato ketchup.Starch/Starke66294-3022014
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Badwaik, L. S., Choudhury, M., Dash, K. K., Borah, P. K. and Deka, S. C. Osmotic dehydration of bamboo shoots enhanced by centrifugal force and pulsed vacuum using salt as osmotic agentJournal of Food Processing and Preservation2013
Sit, N., Misra, S. and Deka, S. C.Characterization of physicochemical, functional, textural and color properties of starches from two different varieties of taro and their comparison to potato and rice starchesFood Science and Technology Research202357-3652014
Badwaik, L. S., Borah, P. K. and Deka, S. C.Antimicrobial and enzymatic antibrowning film used as coating for bamboo shoot quality improvement.Carbohydrate Polymers103213-2202014
Badwaik, L. S., Borah, P. K. , Das, A. J., Deka, S. C. and Sharma, H. K.Influence of fermentation on nutritional compositions, antioxidant activity, total phenolic and microbial load of bamboo shoot.Food Science and Technology Research202255-2622014
Barman,S., Sit, N., Badwaik, L. S.  and Deka, S. C. Pectinase production by Aspergillus niger using banana (Musa balbisiana) peel as substrate and its effect on clarification of banana juice.Journal of Food Science and Technology2014
Khawas, P., Das, A. J., Dash, K. K. and Deka, S. C. Thin-layer drying characteristics of kachkal banana peel (Musa ABB) of Assam, India. International Food Research Journal 2131011-10182014
Khawas,P., Das, A. J., Sit, N., Badwaik, L. S., and Deka, S. C.Nutritional Composition of Culinary Musa ABB at Different Stages of Development.American Journal of Food Science and Technology2380-872014
Das, A. J., Khawas, P., Miyaji, T. and Deka, S. C. HPLC and GC-MS analyses of organic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids and volatile aromatic compounds in some varieties of rice beer from Northeast India.Journal of the Institute of Brewing2014
Sit, N., Deka, S. C. and Misra, S.Optimization of starch isolation from taro using combination of enzymes and comparison of properties of starches isolated by enzymatic and conventional methods.J Food Sci Technol2014


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9781439887837Indigenous Fermented Foods of South AsiaRice beer preparation of North-East India: A myriad of starter cultures used. 2014Das, A. J.CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group
Indigenous Fermented Foods of South AsiaFermented bamboo shoot2014Badwaik, L. S., Borah, P.CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group


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