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D. Saikia, N. SitEffect of Using Sourdough and Frozen Dough for Preparation of Breads on Quality, Shelf Life and Staling.American Journal of Food Technology94223-230
P. Khawas, A. J. Das, N. Sit, L. S. Badwaik, S.C. Deka.Nutritional composition of culinary Musa ABB at different stages of development.American Journal of Food Science and Technology2380-87
N. Sit*, S. Misra, S. C. DekaPhysicochemical, functional, textural and colour characteristics of starches isolated from four taro cultivars of North-East IndiaStarch/Starke651011-10212013
N. Sit*, H. Gayan, L. S. Badwaik, S. C. DekaDevelopment of protein rich RTS beverage by incorporating whey in carambola juice.International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology33199-2012012
L. S. Badwaik, P. K. Borah, K. Borah, N. Sit, S. C. DekaAntimicrobial activity of indigenous medicinal plant extract on spoilage microbes present in bamboo shoots. International Journal of Agriculture and Food Science Technology33234-2372012
N. Sit*, U. S. Agrawal, S. C. DekaEffect of cellulase treatment on extraction of starch from potato. International Food Research Journal18337-34618


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