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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Bhattacharya, K. and Datta B.K.Anthesis and pollen release of some plants of West Bengal, IndiaGrana3167-711992
Mandal, S., Datta,B.K. and Bhattacharyya,G.NBiochemical analysis of the allergenic pollen of Madhuca indica Gmel. And Spathodea campanulata Beauv. Aerobiologia9197-2001993
Sanyal,M. N. and Datta, B. K.Studies on Hydrophytes of Bankura, West Bengal. Indian J. of Applied and Pure Biology1011-61995
Datta, B. K. and Mandal, SudhenduA contribution to the Forest Trees of Birbhum District, West Bengal (India).Heigher Plants of Indian Sub continentVIII35-521998
Datta, B. K. and Debnath, M.Herbaceous flora of Agartala, Tripura. Indian J. of Applied and Pure Biology15297-1072000
Saha,R. and Datta, B.K.Studies on in vitro Pollen Germination of two Leguminoceae Taxa: Sesbania grandiflora Pers. and Cassia siamea Lamk. Indian J. of Palynology4167-692005
Majumdar,K., Saha,R., Datta.B.K. and Bhakta,T. Medicinal Plants Prescribe by Different Tribal and Non-tribal Medicine Men of Tripura State.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge54559-5622006
Saha, R.,Datta, B.K. and Bera, SPollen Analysis and Physico-chemical characteristic of some unifloral Honeys in Tripura, India.Vegetos20138-522007
Datta, B. K., Majumdar,K. and Saha, R.Notes on some vanishing taxa of Tripura, India.Pleione1213 - 172007
Saha ,R., Bera,S. and Datta, B.K. Major Pollen Plant species in Relation to Honey Bees Activity in Tripura, India. Advance in Plant Science.20II581-5832007
Datta,B.K., Saha,R. and Choudhury,D.Aerobiology and Biochemistry of Two Allergenic Pollen Species: Trema Orientalis Bl. And Peltophorum inerme Llanos. Advances in Pollen Spore ResearchXXV85 -912007
Majumdar,K. and Datta.B.K. A study on ethno-medicinal usage of plants among the folklore herbalists and Tripuri medical practitionersPart-II. Natural Product Radiance666-732007
Saha,R. and Datta, B. K.Floristic composition and Aerobilogy of Udaipur Town, India.Environment and Ecology2553677-6792007
Saha,R., Bera, S., and Datta, B.K.Melittopalynological Investigation of Apis cerena indica Tabr. Honey from West Tripura, India.Advance in Plant Science20II569-5762007
Bhowmik, S., Saha, S. and Datta, B.K.Aquatic and marshland plants in West Tripura,India.Pleione213 - 112008
Bhowmik, S., Chaudhuri( Sil),D. and Datta, B.K.Epidermal morphology of two species of Alternanthera ForskalPleione22229 -2322008
Datta, B.K., Saha, R., Roy, M., and Majumder, K.Grasses of West Tripura District, Tripura, India.Pleione2198 - 1052008
Majumdar,K., Saikia, B. and Datta, B.K.Dioscorea hispida Dennstedt (Dioscoreaceae)- a new recorded for Tripura, India. Pleione32224 - 2262009
Majumdar, K. and Datta, B.K.Traditional wild edible fruits for the forest dwellers of Tripura, India. Pleione32167 - 1782009
Das, H. B., Majumdar ,K., Datta,B.K. and Roy, D.Ethnobotanical uses of some plants by Tripuri and Reang tribes of Tripura.Natural Product Radiance82172- 1802009
Bhowmik ,S.,Chakma, B. and Datta, B.K.Occurrence of Limnocharis flava (L.) Buch.-Ham. (Alismataceae) in Tripura with notes on its karyotype and epidermal morphology.Pleione23196 - 1002009
Roy,M., Chakama,B. and Datta,B.K. and A.K.Gupta.Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants used by Chakma tribal community of Tripura, India. Pleione41105-1122010
Lodh, D., Sarakar, A., Majumdar , K., Datta, B.K.and Gupta, A.K. Bamboo diversity in Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura, India.Pleione41113-1172010
Majumdar K and Datta B KLeucas biflora (Vahl) R. Br. (Lamiaceae): A new distributional record and its less known ethnomedicinal usage from Tripura.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge103575-5772011
Majumdar K, Uma Shankar and Datta B K.Community structure and regeneration status of Drosera burmanii Vahl. , with new distributional record in Tripura, India. Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment313410-4142011
Majumdar K, Datta B K and Uma ShankarTen new additions of tree species to the Tripura state, North East India: Distribution of extension and geographic map. NeBio3117-242012
Majumdar K, Das P and Datta B K.Seed germination and growth of Bambusa tulda Roxb. in tree cavity : an accidental phenomenon.NeBio3253-582012
Bhowmik, S. and Datta, B.K.Extended Distribution of Utriculria bifida Linn. ( Lentibulariaceae ) From India.Researcher4358-612012
Bhowmik, S. and Datta, B.K.Utriculria caerulea L. (Lentibulariaceae) - A New Record from Tripura, North East India.NeBio3135-382012


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Changing Trends in Pollen Spore Research Vol. XXII : 171-176Ecofloristic survey of Agartala, Tripura with reference to Aerobiology.2004Saha,R. Today & Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers, New Delhi
Advances in Pollen Spore Research XXV: 101-113Pollen Analysis and Physico -Chemical Characteristic of some Honeys from Tripura, India.2007 Saha,R., Bera,S.
Bioresources Conservation and Management pp 29-40Bee foraging plant resources on North District, Tripura .2008Saha, R., Bera, S.Today's Tomorrow Printers and Publishers
Ethno-medicinal Plants of India pp. 136-161Ethno-botanical observation on the traditional usage of medicinal plants among the tribes of Tripura.2008Majumdar, K.Aavishkar Publishers. Jaipur
Advances in Pollen Spore Research Vol XXVI. 32-39Biochemical Analysis of different Unifloral Honey Samples Collected from North District of Tripura, India.2008Saha, R.Today's Tomorrow Printers and Publishers
Advances in Pollen Spore Research Vol .XXVI:73- 80Flowering Calender of Trees with refernce to pollen incidence and density in Agratala, Tripura.2008Chaudhuri( Sil), D.Today's Tomorrow Printers and Publishers
Advances in Pollen Spore ResearchAirborne pollen sampling in Tripura University Campus, Tripura.2008Chaudhuri( Sil), D., Saha, R.Today's Tomorrow Printers and Publishers
Indian Medicinal Plants pp.93-123Inventory and Status of Medicinal Trees of Tripura.Majumdar , K.,and Roy, D.Aavishkar Publishers, Jaipur
Advances in Pollen Spore Research 29:61-68Species Diversity in Albizia in Tripura, India.2011Saha, R.
Advances in Pollen Spore Research 29:109-117Pollen Germination of Three Aquatic Plant Species2011Bhowmik, S.
Recent Studies in Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in India 75-79Micromorphometric and Cuticular Morphology of two Species of Phyllanthus Linnaeus (Euphorbiaceae).2011Bhowmik, S., Saha, M.
Recent Studies in Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in India 117-130Diversity of Aquatic and Marshland Plants of Tripura, India.2011Bhowmik, S.
Recent Studies in Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in India 173-180Floristic Diversity of Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura, India.2011Sarkar, A. and Gupta, A.K.


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