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Srivastava S, Lavania UC, Mishra NK, Basu SChromosome behaviour in diploid and its bearing on tetraploid meiosis in Bacopa monnieri (L) Pennell .Nucleus4557-602002
Lavania UC, Basu S, Srivastava S, Mukai Y, Lavania SIn Situ Chromosomal Localization of r-DNA Sites In 'Safed Musli' Chlorophytum Ker Gawl and their Physical Measurement by Fiber FISH.Journal of Heredity96155-1602005
Lavania UC, Misra NK, Lavania S, Basu S, Srivastava SMining de novo diversity in palaeopolyploids. Current Science907938-9412006
Lavania UC, Kushwaha JS, Lavania S, Basu SChromosomal Localization of rDNA and DAPI bands in solanaceous medicinal plant Hyoscyamus niger L. Journal of Genetics894493-4962010
Lavania UC, Srivastava S, Lavania S, Basu S, Misra NK, Mukai Y Autopolyploidy differentially influences body size in plants, but facilitates enhanced accumulation of secondary metabolites, causing increased cytosine methylation.The Plant Journal 714539-5492012


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