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G.Bhattacharjee,P.S.Chaudhuri & S.BhattacharjeeReproductive strategies of some tropical earthworm species. Science & Culture 8011-12339-3462014
S.Bhattacharjee, A.Dey & P.S.ChaudhuriGrowth and reproduction of Pontoscolex corethrurus in the mineral soils of different age groups of rubber( Hevea brasiliensis)under laboratory conditions.Annals of Biological Research571-92014
D.Ghosh, M.Sarkar, A.Datta, G.Bhattacharjee & P.S.Chaudhuri Preliminary studies on analysis of coelomic fluid of giant octochaetid earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei.International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research512983-9872014
A. Dey & P.S. ChaudhuriEarthworm community structure of pineapple (Ananus comosus) plantations under monoculture and mixed culture in West Tripura, India. Tropical Ecology5511-1720140.87
A. Dey & P. S. ChaudhuriQuantifying earthworm species richness in the pineapple and mixed fruit plantations of West Tripura, India.European Journal of Soil Biology5931-3520131.95
P. S. Chaudhuri, S. Bhattacharjee, A. Dey, S. Chattopadhyay & D. BhattacharyaImpact of age of rubber (Heavea brasiliensis) plantation on earthworm communities of West Tripura (India).J. Env. Biol. 3459-6520130.64
P. S. Chaudhuri & A. DeyEarthworm communities in the pineapple (Ananus comosus) and mixed fruit plantation of West Tripura, India.Proceedings of the Zoological Society662105-1182013
A. Dey, S. Debnath, B. Debbarma, P.S. Chaudhuri A preliminary study on spider diversity from a house hold garden (artificial mixed plantation) in West Tripura, India. Journal of Research in Biology351009-10172013
A. Dey, D. Deb, S. Das Chaudhuri, P. S. Chaudhuri A preliminary study on avifaunal species diversity of Maharaja Bir Bikram College campus, Tripura, north east India.International Multidisciplinary Research Journal312013
P. S. Chaudhuri, T.K. Pal, S. Nath & S.K. DeyEffects of five earthworm species on some physico-chemical properties of soil.J. Env. Biol 33713-71620120.64
A. Dey & P.S. ChaudhuriCommunity characteristics of earthworms in different age groups of pineapple plantations (Ananus comosus) in West Tripura, India.The Asian and Australasian Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology667-752012
A. Dey, S. Nath & P.S. ChaudhuriImpact of monoculture (rubber and Pineapple) practices on the community characteristics of earthworms in West Tripura (India). NeBIO3153-582012
A. Dey & P. S. Chaudhuri Community analysis of earthworms in two different age groups of pineapple plantation in West Tripura, India.NeBIO3354-602012
S. Nath & P.S. Chaudhuri Effect of rubber leaf litter diet on growth and reproduction of five tropical species of earthworms under laboratory conditions. Journal of Environmental Biology382174-1782012
P.S. Chaudhuri, A. Dey, G. Bhattacharjee & S. NathEarthworm diversity in Tripura – present status.Science & Culture78343-3462012
P.S. Chaudhuri & S. BhattacharjeeReproductive biology of eight tropical earthworm species of rubber plantations in Tripura, IndiaTropical Ecology52149-602011
P.S. Chaudhuri & S. NathCommunity structure of earthworms under rubber plantations and mixed forests in TripuraJ. Env. Biol32537-54120110.64
S. Nath & P.S. ChaudhuriHuman-induced biological invasions in rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations of Tripura (India) - Pontoscolex corethrurus as a case study. Asian J. Exp. Biol. Sci.12360-3692010
P.S. Chaudhuri, S. Nath, T.K. Pal & S.K. DeyEarthworm casting activities under rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations in Tripura (India).World Journal of Agricultural Sciences54515-5212009
P.S. Chaudhuri, S. Nath, S. Bhattacharjee & R. PaliwalBiomass, density and diversity of earthworms under rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) plantations in Tripura, India. The Bioscan43475-4792009
P.S. Chaudhuri, S. Nath, S. Bhattacharjee & P. ChakrabortyBiodiversity of earthworms in the soils under rubber plantations in Tripura (India).Natural rubber Research21119-1242008
P.S. Chaudhuri, S. Nath, & R. PaliwalEarthworm Population of Rubber plantations (Heavea brasiliensis) in Tripura (India)Tropical Ecology492225-2342008
P.S. Chaudhuri & G. BhattacharjeeA report on hatching of a three tailed earthworm (Polypheretima elongata) from India.Natl Acad Sci Lett.293&4131-1322006
M. Debnath, B. De, P.R. Bhattacharjee, R. Chaudhuri & P.S. ChaudhuriEffects of earthworm extract on sperm and intestinal smooth muscle of Cat. Adv. Pharmacol. Toxicol7123-242006
P.S. Chaudhuri & G. BhattacharjeeEarthworms of TripuraEcology, Environment and Conservation112295-3012005
P.S. ChaudhuriVermiculture and Vermicomposting as biotechnology for conversion of organic wastes into organic fertilizer and animal protein (Review).Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences 73359-3702005
P.S. Chaudhuri, T.K. Pal, G. Bhattacharjee & S.K. DeRubber leaf litters (Hevea brasiliensis, var RRIM 600) as vermiculture substrate for epigeic earthworms, Perionyx excavatus, Eudrilus eugeniae and Eisenia fetida.Pedobiologia47796-80020031.53
P.S. Chaudhuri & G. BhattacharjeeCapacity of various experimental diets to support biomass and reproduction of Perionyx excavatus.Bioresource Technology82147-15020024.49
G. Bhattacharjee & P.S. Chaudhuri Cocoon production, morphology, hatching pattern and fecundity in seven tropical earthworm species – a laboratory based investigation.Journal of Bioscience27283-29420021.41
P.S. Chaudhuri & G. BhattacharjeeChanges in the level of nutrients during processing of municipal sewage sludge by earthworms (Polypheretima elongata and Eutyphoeus gammiei).Proc. Zool. Soc. Calcutta54281-832001
P.S. Chaudhuri, T.K. Pal, G. Bhattacharjee & S.K. De Nutrient changes during vermicomposting by Perionyx excavatus of the aquatic weed, Trapa bispinosa (2001) Philippine Journal of Science130127-1332001
G. Bhattacharjee, P.S. Chaudhuri & M. DattaResponse of paddy (var, TRC-87-251) crop on amendment of the field with different levels of vermicompost.Asian Jr. of Microbiol. Biotech. & Env. Sc.3191-1962001
P.S. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda, G. Bhattacharjee & T. NandaOrganic farming through vermicomposting.Proc. Zool. Soc. Calcutta54318-212001
P.S. Chaudhuri, G. Bhattacharjee, T.K. Pal & S.K. DeChanges in the level of nutrients during processing of municipal sewage sludge by earthworms Polypheretima elongata and Eutyphoeus gammiei. Proc. Zool. Soc. Calcutta54269-722001
P.S. Chaudhuri, T.K. Pal, G. Bhattacharjee & S.K. DeChemical changes during vermicomposting (Perionyx excavatus) of kitchen wastes. Tropical Ecology41107-1102000
P.S. Chaudhuri, T.K. Pal, G. Bhattacharjee & S.K. DeChemical characterization of kitchen waste vermicompost processed by Perionyx excavatus.Environment and Ecology18902-9042000
P.S. Chaudhuri & G. BhattacharjeeEarthworm resources of Tripura.Nat Acad. Sci. India69159-1701999
P.S. Chaudhuri, D. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaImpact of posterior tran-section on cerebral neurosecretory elements of Indian earthworm Eutyphoeus gammiei (Beddard).Ind. J. Physiol. & Allied Sci.5263-691998
D. Chaudhuri, P.S. Chaudhuri, T. Nanda & D.K. NandaTemperature effect on the cerebral nuerosecretory cells of earthworms, Eutyphoeus gammiei.Indian Biologist3062-651998
D. Chaudhuri, P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaLight and scanning electron microscopic studies on the cerebral neurosecretory system in Indian octochaetid earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei (Beddard).J. Adv. Zool18102-1061997
P.S. Chaudhuri & S. GonchaudhuriAnatomy of the reproductive system of the Indian Earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei.Nat Acad. Sci. India6731-381997
D. Chaudhuri, P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaA histochemical probe of neurosecretory cells in the supraoesophageal ganglion of giant earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei.Zool. Soc, Calcutta4929-421996
D. Chaudhuri, P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaThe influence of starvation on the neurosecretory cells of giant earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei.Zool Soc.Calcutta4943-501996
P.S. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda & D. Chaudhuri Extraction of octochaetid earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei using an aqueous extract of Polygonum hydropiper Linn, with a comparison of other chemical methods of estimating earthworm populations. Philippine Journal of Science125227-2341996
P.S. Chaudhuri, D. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda, B. Achari Chemical nature of earthworm repellent factor in the plant (Polygonum hydropiper Linn) extract.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology34277-27819961.165
P.S. Chaudhuri, D. Chaudhuri, D.K. NandaCytomorphological alterations in the neurosecretory cells of earthworm Eutyphoeus gammiei treated with the plant (Polygonum hydropiper Linn) extract and the nature of earthworm repellent factors. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad61213-22419950.42
D. Chaudhuri & P.S. ChaudhuriCytomorphic changes in the brain neurosecretory cells of an Indian earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei exposed to dehydration and subsequent hydration.Zool. Sco. Calcutta46106-1111993
P.S. Chaudhuri & D. ChaudhuriEffects of salt stress on the brain neurosecretory cells of the Indian earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei. Ind. J. Physio. & Allied Sci.47159-1641993
P.S. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda & D. Chaudhuri Retrieving of vermes from the soil following application of the aqueous extract of the plant, Polygonum hydropiper Linn.Zool. Soc., Calcutta45(Suppl. A)445-4461992
P.S. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda & D. Chaudhuri Histological studies on the neurosecretory system of the central nervous system of the earthworm, Eutyphoeus gammiei (Beddard).Zool. Soc, Calcutta45(Suppl. A)289-2991992
P. S. Chaudhuri, D. K. Nanda, R. DebnathCytomorphic studies on the neurosecretory cells in the central nervous system of the Indian Hoarse-shoe crab Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (Latrielle).Functional and developmental morphology1113-161991
P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaEffect of aqueous extract of Polygonum hydropiper Linn on the neurosecretory cells of the nerve ring of vermesEutyphoeus sp. Science and Culture56290-2921990
P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaCytochemical studies on the ventral nerve cord neurosecretory cells earthworm, Metaphire peguana (Rosa, 1890).Acta Biologica Cracoveinsia32161-721990
P.S. Chaudhuri, D.K. Nanda & R. DebnathCytomorphic studies on the neurosecretory cells in the central nervous system of the Indian Horshoe crab Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda (Latriella).Functional and Development MorphologyI13-171990
P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaEffects of whole body X-irradiation on the neurosecretory system of ventral nerve chain of the earthworm, Metaphire peguana J. Curr. Biosci.B620-251989
D.K. Nanda & P.S. Chaudhuri Effects of thermal stress on the ventral nerve cord neurosecretory system of tropical earthworm, Metaphire peguana. J. Curr. Biosci.567-711988
D.K. Nanda, P.S. Chaudhuri & A.K. Bej Effects of desiccation on the ventral nerve cord-neurosecretory system of tropical earthworm, Metaphire peguana.Indian Acad. Sci. (Anim. Sci.)9343-471984
D.K. Nanda & P.S. Chaudhuri Regeneration of the neurosecretory system of the nerve ring earthworm Metaphire peguana. Acta Biologica Cracoviensia2563-671983
D.K. Nanda, L.K. Bhaumik & P.S. ChaudhuriHistological study of neurosecretion in the larval brain of Anomis sabulifera.J. Zool. Soc. India36107-1161984
P.S. Chaudhuri & D.K. NandaThe effects of starvation on the ventral nerve cord neurosecretory system of earthworm. Metaphire peguana.Acta Biologica Cracoviensia2651-551982
D.K. Nanda & P.S. ChaudhuriThe effect of cephalic tran-section on the micromorpholigical changes in the ventral nerve cord-neurosecretory system of earthworm, Metaphire peguana during anterior regeneration. Indian Acad Sci. (Anim Sci.) 91381-3891982
D.K. Nanda & P.S. ChaudhuriStudies on the cytomorphology of the ventral nerve cord of the earthworm, Pheretima posthuma with special reference of neurosecretion. J. Zool. Soc. India3436-451982
S.K.S.Jamatia & P.S.ChaudhuriEarthworm community structure under tea plantation (Camellia sinensis) of Tripura(India)Tropical Ecology 581105-11320170.87
Dipanwita Banik & P.S.ChaudhuriNeuroendocrine control of posterior regeneration in Tropical Earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg)Journal of Life Sciences 10289-2972016
S.K.S.Jamatia and P S Chaudhuri Earthworm Population of Tea Plantation(Camellia sinensis)in Tripura (India).The Global Journal of Life Science and Research 21173-1852016
P.S.Chaudhuri, T.K.Paul, Animesh Dey Effect of rubber leaf litter vermicompost on earthworm population and yield of Pineapple(Ananus comosus) in West Tripura, India.Int.J.Recycl.Org.Waste.Agricult(Springer)5293-1032016
Animesh Dey & P. S. ChaudhuriSpecies richness, Community organization, and spatiotemporal distribution of Earthworm in the Pineapple Agroecosystem of Tripura, India.International Journal of Ecology vol 20161-192016
Sourabh Chakraborty & P. S. Chaudhuri Earthworm Communities in the bamboo plantations of West Tripura (India).Proc.Zol.Soc(Springer)DOI.10.1007/S 12595-015-0164-S1-142017
Chaudhuri P S and Dipanwita BanikCytology and histology of the cerebral neurosecretory systems in some tropical earthworm species.Cytology & Histology 61-72015
P.S.ChaudhuriHow an exotic earthworm appeared in the rubber plantation of Tripura? Vermico823-42015
D. Banik and P. S. ChaudhuriRegeneration ability in seventeen top soil and sub soil earthworm speciesJournal of Environmental Biology383393-39920170.64


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978-93-5056-509-4BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF TROPICAL EARTHWORMSSection 1: Earthworms the miracle of nature section 2: Earthworm ecology and biology section 3: Earthworm biotechnology source of sustainable agriculture2014Satyendra M. SinghDISCOVER PUBLISHING HOUSE PVT, LTD., NEW DELHI-11022
81-8266-088-2KECHOR JEEVAN BAICHITRA AND KENCHO PRAJUKTI1. Earthworms Biology and Diversity 2. Vermiculture and Vermicomposting technology 3. Earthworms in environmental monitoring 4. Earthworms as animal food 5. Medicinal importance of earthworms2006JNAN BICHITRA


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