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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Singh, D.; Kumar, R. and ThiruSelvanInterspecific Hybridization between Plums and Apricots to Develop Plumcots/Cotplums. J. Tree Sci.16296-1001997
Kumar, R.; Lal, R.; Singh, D. and ThiruSelvanCytological investigations on some Salicina and Domestica plums (Prunus sp.). J. Tree Sci. 162123-1241997
ThiruSelvan; Singh, N. B. and Sarswat, C. V. Genetic Improvement of Bamboos in India: Present Status and Future Strategies.Advances in Hort. and Forestry6193-2311999
Tripathi, K. P.; Tripathi, S.; Selvan, T.; Kumar, K.; Mehrotra, S. and Pushpangandan, P.Community structure and species diversity of Saddle Peak forests in Andaman Island.Tropical Ecology452241-2502004
ThiruSelvan and Singh, N. B. Genetic Divergence for Growth and Fodder Characteristics in DendrocalamushamiltoniiNeesetArn. ex Munro. J. of Non-Timber Forest Products114319-3262004
Kumar, K.; Tripathi, S.; ThiruSelvan; Bala, B. S.; Tripathi, K. P.; Jayaraj, R. S. C.; Mehrotra, S. and Pushpangandan, P. Ethnobotanical Studies on Plant Communities of Andaman Forests and their Indinenous Uses.J. of Non-Timber Forest Products 122104-1122005
Ramakantha, V.; ThiruSelvan and Daniels, R. J. R.Birds of Coimbatore Urban Area, India.Tiger Paper3241-52005
Kaushal Kumar; Kumar, B.; ThiruSelvan; Sajibala, B.; Jairaj, R.S.C.; Mehrotra, S.; Pushpangadan, P.Ethnobotanical heritage of Nicobrese tribe.Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany302331-3482006
Kumar, K.; Singh, K. K.; Kumar, B.; ThiruSelvan and Bala, B. S.Use of Medicinal Plants by the Settlers of Great Nicobar Island (India).J. Trop. Med. Plants.22235-2382001
Kumar, K.; Singh, K. K.; Kumar, B.; ThiruSelvan; Jayaraj, R. S. C. and Pushpangandan, P. Use of Medicinal Plants in Katchal IslandJ. Trop. Med. Plants.32223-2252002


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ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Agroforestry in the 21st CenturyIn Vitro Propagation Techniques in Acacia catechuWilld. - An Important Agroforestry Tree2005Chauhan, P. S.; Singh, NAgrotech Books, Udaipur


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