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Rajat Ghosh*, Abhijit DasSynthesis and biological activities of chalcones and their heterocyclic derivatives: A Review.World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences33578-5952014
Rajat Ghosh*, PK Deb, T Bhakta, TK GhoshTraditional Phyto-therapy With Herbal Compositions Used By Folk-Practitioners of Tripura (North-East) For Treatment of Various Diseases.Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research421221-12332014
Rajat Ghosh*, Panchali DebA Study On Antioxidant Properties Of Different Bioactive Compounds. Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics42105-1152014
Rajat Ghosh*, Katon Darin, PayelNath, Panchali DebAn Overview of Various Piper Species for Their Biological Activities.International Journal of Pharma Research & Review3167-752014
RajatGhosh*, Biplab DeReview on: Synthesis, Chemistry and Therapeutic Approaches of Imidazole Derivatives. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research232237-2462013
Rajat Ghosh,Bimal Debnath, Panchali DebPharmacognostic, phytochemical and biological studies of Synedrellanodiflora- a review.International Research Journal for Inventions in Pharmaceutical Sciences1301-042013
Rajat Ghosh*, PayelNathPhytochemical and Medicinal Properties of Cinnamomumtamala- a reviewThe Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Research231786-17902013
PK Deb, S Das, KN Bhaumik, R Ghosh, TK Ghosh, TBhaktaPharmacognostic & Preliminary Phytochemical Investigations of NeptuniaProstrataL. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry235-112013
B.De, M.Chakraborty, K Dutta, P. R. Bhattacharjee, S.Paul( Datta), S Sen, R Ghosh, K. BhattacharjeeIn vitro study of effect of normal saline, aspirin, atenolol & doxycycline on InsulinJ. Inst. Chemists815141–1492009
B.De, S.Sen, R Ghosh, M.Das, M.DebnathPhysicochemical & biological studies of some new synthesized amino-pyrazole-carboxaldehydesJ. Inst. Chemists79254‐572007


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