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P.Adhikary, J.Banerji, D.Choudhuri, A.K.Das, C.C.Deb, S.R.Mukharjee, A.Chatterjee. A.Chatterjee.Antifertility effects of Piper betle Linn. Extract on ovary and testis of albino rats.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology27868-8701989
P.Adhikary, J.Banerjee, D.Choudhuri, A.K.Das, S.R.Mukharjee, A.ChatterjeeEffect of Piper betle Linn. (stalk) extract on male rat fertility. Indian J.Pharmac. 22145-1491990
P.Adhikary, J.Banerji, D.Choudhuri, A.K.Das, C.C.Deb, S.R.Mukharjee, A.ChatterjeeEffect of oral administration of stalk of leaves of Piper betle Linn.on oestrous cycle and its antifertility activity in rats.J. Physiol.& Allied Sci.443116-1231990
D.Choudhuri, P.Adhikary, J.Banerjee, S.Jana, A.ChatterjeePregnancy interceptive effects of Piper betle.FitoterapiaLXII5397-4011991
D.Choudhuri, M.Aithal, V.A.KulkarniMaximal expiratory pressure in residential and non residential school children. Indian J.Pediatrics.69229-2322002
D.Choudhuri, S.Choudhuri, V.A.Kulkarni. Physical fitness: A comparative study between students of residential (sainik) and non residential schools (aged12-14 years)Indian.J.Physiol.Pharmacol.463328- 3322002
S.Patil, D.Choudhuri, G.B.Dhanakshirur Role of alpha tocopherol on cardiopulmonary fitness in endurance athletes, cyclist Indian.J.Physiol.Pharmacol.534375- 3792009


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