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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Nijara GoswamiHerbal remedies from Dimoria of Kamrup district of Assam in North eastern India.FITOTERAPIAVOL. LXVI41995
Nijara GoswamiSome observations on the foliar epidermal characters of seven species of DioscoreaLinnaeus (Dioscoreaceae) from Assam with emphasis on Taxonomy.Pleione52258-2642011
Nijara GoswamiThe genus Dioscorea Linnaeus (Dioscoreaceae) in Assam, India.Pleione7173-832013
Nijara GoswamiComparative stem anatomy of four species of Dioscorea L. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC AND TAXONOMIC BOTANY372407- 4132013


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
978-81-923225-0-6Quest Pp 54-75Investigation into diosgenin contents of different species of Dioscorea in Assam.Nivedita publications


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