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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
M. K. Tamuli, N. R. Kulkarni and F. A. AhmedInduction of oestrus in heifers using exogenous hormone.Indian J. Anim. Reprod.21105-1062000
H. K. Bhattcharya, F. A. Ahmed, P. M. Barua and K. C. Nath. Effect of Sajani, a herbal medicine on post Partum anoestrus in crossbred cattle of  Assam.Indian Veterinary Journal781160-11612001
H. K. Bhattcharya, B. K. Goswami, P. M. Barua, H. Choudhary and F. A. Ahmed. Comparative hematology in pregnant and non-pregnant crossbred goats of Assam.Indian Veterinary Journal79404-4052002
A. Kalita, J. Devi, K. Sarma and F. A. AhmedBiometry and follicular status of ovary adult Bakarwali goats (Capra hircus). Indian Veterinary Journal80324 – 3272003
F.A. Ahmed, M.K. Tamuli and F. AkhtarEffect of Placentrex and Janova in  induction oestrus in anoestrus crossbred cattle.Indian Veterinary Journal801078-10792003
F.A. Ahmed, J. Devi, K. Sarma and A. Kalita.Biometrical studies on female genitalia of local pig of Jammu region.Indian Veterinary Journal801296-12972003
F. A. Ahmed, B.K. Bhattacharya and F. AkhtarIncidence of oestrus in crossbred cattle.Indian Vet. Med. J.283792004
J. Devi, F. A. Ahmed, K Sarma and A. KalitaBiometrical studies on  the genital organs in Bakarwali goats (Capra hircus).Indian Vet. Med. J.28149-1512004
S. Kumar, F.A. Ahmed, M. S. Bhadwal and Utsav SharmaBiometry  of female genitalia of Murrah Buffalo.Indian Veterinary Journal811295 – 12962004
N. A. Sudhan and F.A. AhmedEffect of urea molasses mineral block licks on reproductive performance of migratory buffaloes.Journal of Research, SKUAST-J4118 – 1192005
J. Devi, A. Kalita, F.A. Ahmed and K. SarmaBiometrical and follicular studies on the ovaries of local pigs of Jammu region.Indian Veterinary Journal82535 – 5382005
F. A. Ahmed, N. Baishya, K. M. Bujarbaruah, B. C. Deka, B. K. Goswami and B.C. SarmahOestrus behaviour in female Mithun (Bos frontalis).The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences769697- 6992006
H.K. Bhattacharyya, F.A. Ahmed and K.M. BujarbaruahReproductive behaviour and genital organs in non pregnant and pregnant mithun (Bos frontalis).The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences76109072006
F.A. Ahmed, N. Baishya and K. M. BujarbaruahReproductive characteristics in female Mithun (Bos frontalis).Indian Veterinary Journal83121317- 13182006
F. A. Ahmed, S. Kumar and U. SharmaPlacentrex on conception rate in repeat breeding cattle. Indian Veterinary Journal843320-3212007
F.A. Ahmed, N. Baishya, F. Akhtar and K.M. BujarbaruaCharacteristics of genital discharge and vulva during estrus in female mithun (Bos frontalis).Indian Veterinary Journal84639-6402007
F.A. Ahmed, N. Baishya, K.M. Bujarbarua and F. AkhtarProcess of parturition in female mithun (Bos frontalis).Indian J. Anim. Reprod.8186-  882008
F.A. Ahmed, N. Baishya, K. M. Bujarbaruah and F. AkhtarPeripartum physical and behavioural changes in female mithun (Bos frontalis).Indian J. Anim. Reprod.292185-1862008
K. Sarma, B. Konwar, A. Ali, G. Das, F. A. Ahmed, B. Saikia, H. Bayan   and V. NayanHemato- biochemical parameters of Burmese pig of subtropical hill agro ecosystem.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences818819- 8212011
H. Bayan, B. Konwar, B. Saikia, and F.A.  AhmedFetal abnormality in a St. Bernard bitch.Indian Veterinary Journal90299-1002013
B. Saikia, B. Konwar, H. Bayan and F.A. AhmedLaparoscopic ovarioectomy in pigs.Indian Veterinary Journal905123-1242013


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978-3-639-70655-0Certain aspects of reproduction in female Mithun (Bos frontalis). Scholars press publication


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