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Details of Research Publications (National + International)

Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Rahman, S and Hazarika,  P.Level of Job Satisfaction of Veterinary Field Assistants (VFA).Indian Journal of Social Research413137-1462001
Rahman, S.,  Hazarika,  P and Ahmed N.Relationship between Socio-Personal Characteristics and the Job Satisfaction of Veterinary Field Assistants (VFA). Indian Journal of Social Research442165-1772003
Rahman, S and Hazarika,  P.Problems Perceived and Suggestions Put Forward by Veterinary Field Assistants of Kamrup District of Assam.Indian Journal of Social Research444323-3262003
Rahman, S., Kalita, G., and Sarma, KTraining Needs of Mizoram Farm Women in Pig Husbandry.Agricultural Extension Review.16211-142004
Kalita, G., Sarma,K., Rahman, S.,Rajkhwoa, T.K. Performance of broiler under agroclimatic condition of Mizoram.Pountry Line1223-262004
Rahman, S., Kalita, G., and Sarma, K.Improved Dairy Practices adopted by Mizo Farmers. Agricultural Extension Review.17315-162005
Rahman, S.Opinion of Students regarding Veterinary Education.Indian Journal of Social Research.46163-692005
Rahman, S., Kalita, G., and Sarma, K. A study on Pig Rearing Practices of Pig farmers of Mizoram.Indian Journal of Social Research.467135-402005
Barthakur, S., Sarma, K., Rajkhowa, T.K., Das, M.R., Rahman, S. Dilofiraliaimmitis in Dogs.Journal of Veterinary Parasitology202167-1692007
S. K. Barthakur, S. Rahman, K. SarmaPrevalence of Gastrointestinal helminthes in pigs of Mizoram.Journal of Veterinary Parasitology212173-1742007
Rahman, S.Adoption of Improved Technologies by the Pig Farmers of Aizawl district of Mizoram, India.Livestock Research for Rural Development1912007
Rahman, S.Sources of information utilized by the pig farmers of Aizawl district of Mizoram, India. Journal of Global Communication4167-722011
Rahman, S. and Gupta, J.Profitability of Dairy Farming: A Comparison between SHG Members and Non-Members.Indian Journal of Dairy Science641254-2592011
Rahman, S. and Gupta, J.Sustainability of Dairy-Based Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Kamrup District of Assam.Indian Journal of Dairy Science65184-892012
Rahman, S. and Gupta, J.Knowledge and adoption level of improved dairy farming practices of SHG members and non-members in Kamrup district of Assam. Indian Journal of Animal Research
Sarma, K, Kalita, G. andRahman, S.Zeolites – Its Effect on Livestock and Poultry ProductionJournal of Interacademia101132-1442006
Rahman, S., S., and Gupta, J.Extension Strategy for Sustainable Dairy Development.Agricultural Extension Review223374-3802010
Gupta, J. and Rahman, S.Self Help Group in India: Impact and Sustainability.International Journal of Extension Education757-602011


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
978-659-51991-8Sustainability of Dairy-based Self Help Groups: An AnalysisLap Lambart Academic Publishing, Germany
978-659-51567-5Pig Farming in Mizoram: An AnalysisLap Lambart Academic Publishing, Germany


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