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Prava, M. and Dixit N.K.Effect of age and season on normal serum profile of copper, zinc and manganese in Frieswal cattle.Indian Journal of Animal Physiology118-202006
Prava M. and Dixit N.K.Serum electrolyte level in Frieswal cattle.Indian Journal of Dairy Science59390-3942006
Prava, M. and Dixit, N.K.Seasonal and age related variations in different biochemical constituents of Frieswal Cattle.Indian Journal of Animal Physiology230-542007
PravaM. and Dixit, NK.Effects of season on blood erythrocyte picture of Frieswal cattle.Indian Journal of Dairy Science612162-1642008
Patra G, Ali M. A., Chanu Kh. V., Jonathan, L. Joy L.K., Prava M., Ravindran R., Das G. and Devi L. I. PCR Based Diagnosis of Eimeria tenellaInfection in Broiler Chicken.International Journal of Poultry Science98813-8182010
Devi K.I., Devi Y. G., Chanu Kh. V., Ali M. A., Tewari J.G., Prava M., Malsawmkima D. and Gautam PatraTransmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Study of the Oocyst of Eimeria tenella.International Journal of Poultry Science9111050-10552010
Gautam Patra, W.M. Lyngdoh, M. Ayub Ali, Prava M., Chanu Kh. V., Tolenkhomba T.C., Das G, Prasad H., Devi L. I. and Devi I.K.Comparative Anthelmintic Efficacy of Pineapple and Neem Leaves in Broiler Chickens Experimentally Infected with Ascaridia galli.International Journal of Poultry Science9121120-11242010
Ali M. A., Devi L. I., Lyngdoh W.M., Das G., Prasad H., Chanu Kh. V., Prava M., Tolenkhomba T.C., Singh Y. D. and Lallianchhunga M.C. Comparative Biochemical Profile of Ascaridia galli Infected Broiler Chickens on Administration of Pineapple and Neem Leaves and Piperazine.International Journal of Poultry Science107542-5462011
Prava Mayengbam, T.C. Tolenkhomba, M. Ayub Ali, P. Saikia, N. Shyamsana Singh and L. Hmar Effect of age on blood biochemical profile of Zovawk pigs of Mizoram. CAU Res. Newslett.22272012
Prava M, Dixit N.K. and Tolenkhomba T.C.Leukocyte picture of Frieswal cattle at different age groups and seasons.Indian Veterinary Journal898113-152012
Prava M., Tolenkhomba T.C., Ali M. Ayub, Saikia P., Singh N. S. and Hmar L. Electrolyte (Na, K, Cl, Ca, Pi and Mg) profile of Zovawk pigs of Mizoram, India in different age groups.International Multidisciplinary Research Journal.2249-512012
Tolenkhomba T. C., Konsam D. S., Singh, N. S., Prava M., Singh Y. D., Ali M. A. and Motina E.Factor analysis of body measurements of local cows of Manipur, India.International Multidisciplinary Research Journal2277-822012
Prava M, Dixit NK and Tolenkhomba T.C.Effects of age and season on plasma enzyme activities of Frieswal cattle.Indian Veterinary Journal89666-682012
TolenkhombaT.C, Prava M. and Yadav B.R.Effect of Kappa casein genotypes on milk production.Indian Veterinary Journal891163-652012
M. Ayub Ali, L. Hmar, L. Inaotombi Devi, Prava M., M. C. Lallianchhunga and T. C. TolenkhombaEffect of age on the haematological and biochemical profile of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica).International Multidisciplinary Journal of Research2832-352012
Prava Mayengbam, T.C. Tolenkhomba, M.A. Ali, P. Saikia, N. Shyamsana Singh and L. Hmar. Blood biochemical profile in local pig (Zovawk) of Mizoram. Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika273158-1612012
T.C. Tolenkhomba, P. Saikia, L. Hmar, Lalthazuali, Prava Mayengbam and N. Shyamsana SinghPrincipal component analysis of body measurements in Mizo local pigs.Indian Journal of Veterinary Research22126-312013
M. Ayub Ali, H. Prasad, W.M. Lyngdoh, Gunjan Das, Prava M.,  K.H. Victoria Chanu, T. C. Tolenkhomba, Y. Damodar Singh, Lalsanglura Ralte and L. Inaotombi DeviBiochemical profile of broiler chickens experimentally infected with Ascaridia galli. Indian Journal of Animal Research47117-222013
Tolenkhomba T.C., Prava M and B.R. Yadav.Effect of beta lactoglobulin Genotypes on Milk Production Traits in Sahiwal Cattle. Indian Journal of Animal Research48299-1022014
Prava Mayengbam, T. C. Tolenkhomba and M. Ayub AliHematological profile of Zovawk – an indigenous pig of Mizoram.VeterinaryWorld77505-5082014
Prava Mayengbam, R.C. Upadhyay and T. C. TolenkhombaSeasonal variation in HSP72 of Sahiwal and Karan-Fries cattle. Indian Veterinary Journal92434-362015


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978-3-639-70958-2Haematological And Blood Biochemical Profile Of Frieswal Cattle-Age and Seasonal VariationScholars Press, Deutschland Germany
978-93-5212-227-1Layer Farming


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