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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Chandra AK, Ray I and Ray PStudies on the current state of iodine nutrition of the school-age children in West Tripura, North-East India.Indian J Physiol Allied Sci51291-1011997
Chandra AK, Ray I and Ray PIodine nutritional status of the school-age children in South Tripura, North-East India.Indian J Physiol Pharmacol413263-2681997
Chandra AK, Ray I and Ray PIodine content in water of Tripura, North-East India. J Food Sci Tech366558-601999
Chandra AK, Ray I and Ray PIodine intake, iodine excretion and goiter prevalence in North Tripura, North-East India.Indian J Nutr Diet367339-3451999
Chandra AK and Ray IDietary supplies of iodine and thiocyanate on the etiology of endemic goiter in Tripura.Indian J Pediatr685399- 4042001
Chandra AK and Ray IInfluences of age, sex and caste on goiter prevalence of the people in Tripura, North-East India.J Hum Ecol124313- 3172001
Chandra AK and Ray IEvaluation of the effectiveness of salt iodization status in Tripura, North-East India.Indian J Med Res11522- 272002
Chandra AK, Ray I and Das TKThyroid hormones and TSH profiles of goitrous school children in Tripura North-East India.Indian J Nutr Diet398362-3662002
Ray I and Chandra AKGoitrogen content of certain selective plant foods of Tripura, North-east India.Indian J Physiol Allied Sci63366-722009
Ray I and Chandra AK An anthropometric study on the children of Tripura: Nutritional and health coverage and redefining WHO percentile cut-off points.Int J Sci Res Pub351-82013
Chandra AK and Ray IAuthor’s reply to ‘Indicators for Assessment of IDD'Indian J Pediatr681168-11692001


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Micronutrient Profile of Indian Population. pages 430-431 2004Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
A UNICEF sponsored Newsletter of ICCIDD-South Asia Region Alteration of iodine requirement in relation to thiocyanate consumption for elimination of IDD.2004Chandra AKAll India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi


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