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S Basak, AM Ramesh, V Kesari, S Mitra, A Parida, L RanganMolecular phylogeny of Hedychiumfrom Northeast India as dissected using PCA analysis and hierarchical clustering.Meta Gene2459–4682014
S Ghosh, L RanganAlpinia: The gold mine 3Biotech33173-1852013
L RanganPongamia- A multipurpose versatile legume.Research Journal of BioTechnology811-32013
A Das, N Kasoju, U Bora, L RanganChemico-biological investigation of rhizome essential oil ofZingiber moran - native to Northeast India.Medicinal Chemistry224308-43152013
A Das, V Kesari, A Nath, A Khare, L RanganAntimicrobial activity and micro-Raman spectroscopy of selected Zingiberaceae species from Northeast India.Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology16175-812013
S Mishra, P. Singh, S. Dutta, L Rangan, S MitraExploration of 'hot-spots' of methane and nitrous oxide emission from the agriculture fields of Assam, India.Agriculture and Food Security Journal1162012
V Kesari, AM Ramesh, L RanganRapid multiplication and assessment of genetic purity by biomolecular techniques in micropropagated plants of Pongamia pinnata, a potential biodiesel plant.Biomass and Bioenergy4423-322012
V Kesari, L RanganElectrophoretic patterns of proteins isolated from immatured and matured stages of 10 candidate plus trees of versatile oleaginous legume, Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre.Agroforestry Systems84157-1612012
A Nath, A Das, L Rangan, A KhareScreening of antimicrobial activity of Copper nanoparticles against pathogenic bacteria.Science of Advanced Materials34234-2372012
V Kesari, L RanganAssessment of genetic diversity by RAPD markers in candidate plus trees of P. pinnata, a promising biodiesel plant.Biomass and Bioenergy353123-31282011
A Jain, S Hallihosur, L RanganDynamics of Nanotechnology patenting- An Indian scenario.Technology in Society33137-1442011
A Das#, V Kesari#, MS Vinod, A Parida, L RanganGenetic relationship of Curcuma species from North East India using PCR based markersMolecular Biotechnology4965-762011
G Dwivedi, S Hallihosur, L RanganEvergreening- A deceptive devise in patent rights. Technology in Society324324-3302010
V Kesari, L RanganDevelopment of Pongamia pinnata as an alternative biofuel crop- current status of plantations in India and scope.Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology133127-1372010
Tushar, S Basak, GC Sarma, L RanganEthnomedical uses of Zingiberaceous plants of Northeast India.Journal of Ethanopharmacology1321286-2962010
V Kesari, L RanganEffect of genotype and auxin treatments on rooting response in stem cuttings of CPTs of Pongamia pinnata.Current Science981234-12372010
A Das, V Kesari, L RanganPlant regeneration in Curcuma species and assessment of genetic stability of regenerated plants.Biologia Plantarum543423-4292010
V Kesari, A Das, L RanganPhysico-chemical characterization and microbial assay from seed oil ofPongamia pinnata, potential biofuel crop.Biomass and Bioenergy34108-1152010
A Das, T Tushar, V Kesari, L RanganAromatic Joha rice of Assam- A review.Agriculture Reviews3111-102010
V Kesari, M Sudarshan, A Das, L RanganPCR amplification of the genomic DNA from the seeds of Ceylon Ironwood, Jatropha, and Pongamia.Biomass and Bioenergy331724-17282009
L Rangan*, A Rout, M SudarshanMolecular cloning, expression and mapping of translational initiation factor eIF1 gene in Oryza sativa.Functional Plant Biology365442-4522009
A Singh, S Hallihosur, L RanganChanging landscape in biotechnology patenting.World Patent Information31219-2252009
V Kesari, K Anitha, L RanganEffect of auxin on adventitious rooting from stem cuttings of candidate plus tree Pongamia pinnata (L.), a potential biodiesel plant.Trees- Structure and Function23597-6042009
V Kesari, K Anitha, L RanganSystematic characterization and oil analysis in candidate plus trees of biodiesel plant P. pinnata.Annals of Applied Biology152397-4042008
L Rangan*, C Vogel, AK SrivastavaAnalysis of context sequence surrounding translation initiation site from complete genome of model plants.Molecular Biotechnology39207-213.2008
M Jaiswal, L RanganContext sequence for transcription factors surrounding start codon in model crops.Current Science93215-218.2007
 L Rangan, Daskalova S M, Leila R, McCormac A C, Scott N W, Elliott M CTools for rice transformation: A flexible series of vectors harbouring phytohormone genes and specific promoters.Journal of Crop Science142-482006
43. Eganathan P, Subramanian H M SR, L Rangan, Srinivasa Rao COil analysis in seeds of S. brachiata.Industrial Crops and Products23177-1792006
L Rangan *, Gh Salekdeh Hosseini, Bennett J, Swaminathan MSMolecular cloning and expression of stress-responsive eIF1 gene in P. coarctata Tateoka.Functional Plant Biology31101035-10422004
L Rangan*, Rubia L, Bennett J, Swaminathan MSAllele mining for stress tolerance genes in Oryzaspecies and related germplasm. Molecular Biotechnology27101-1082004
L Rangan*, Rao CS, Subramaniam HM SR, Eganathan P, Swaminathan MSApproaches to breeding for salinity tolerance- A case study on P. coarctata Tateoka.Annals of Applied Biology144177-1842004
L Rangan*, Suryanarayanan TS, Swaminathan MSGenetic diversity in Acremonium endophytes isolated from warm-season grasses as revealed by RAPD markers.Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology1339-422004
L Rangan*, Subramaniam HM SR, Radha R, Swaminathan MSGenetic relationships of P. coarctatausing molecular markers.Plant Biosystems136339-3482002
Radha R, Latha R and Swaminathan M S Chemical composition and bioactivity of essential oil fromSyzygium travancoricum Gamble'. J. Flavour & Frag1764782002
Radha R, L Rangan, Swaminathan MSChemical composition and bioactivity of essential oil from S. travancoricum.Journal of Flavour & Fragrance17352-3542002
L Rangan*, Swaminathan MS.Protein changes in response to salt stress in Porteresia coarctataTateoka.Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology1149-522002
J Bennett, S Hosseini, A Arif, L Rangan, E LiwanagResources for functional genomics of stress tolerance in rice.Plant and Cell Physiology422001
L Rangan* Constantino S, Khush GS, Swaminathan MS, Bennett JThe feasibility of PCR-based allele mining for stress tolerance genes in rice and related germplasm.Rice Genetics Newsletter1643-481999
L Rangan, Anand AK, Rao CS, Eganathan P, Balakrishna PIn vitro propagation of salt tolerant wild rice relative, Porteresia coarctata Tateoka.Plant Growth Regulation17231-2351998
Anand A, Rao CS, L Rangan, Josekutty PC, Balakrishna P.Micropropagation of U. picta, a medicinal plant through axillary bud culture and callus regeneration.In-Vitro Cell & Developmental Biology - Plan34136-1401998


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Biotechnological applications for environmental protectionA review of P. pinnata; the biodiesel plant biology, tissue culture and genetic enhancement.2013V Kesari, AM RameshSpringer
Crop Improvement Under Adverse ConditionsGreenhouse Gases Emission from Rice Paddy Ecosystem and their Management2013TB Dakua, S MitraSpringer Science+Business Media
A Christian Response to Ecological CrisisClimate Change: Science and Policies2009S MitraCSS publishers
Diversity of Plant- A Molecular ApproachDNAB - A molecular systematic approach for species identification and bioresource protection.2009A Das, S Aggarwal, V Kesari, GC Sharma
81-7132-514-6Biofuel plant cultivation, practices and seed bankIn vitro propagation of potential biodiesel plant, Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre. (eds)2007V Kesari-
Hazards and risk management in critical regions in Asia.Climate Change and Vulnerability in Indian Agriculture: A Major Hurdle towards Food Security2006S Mitra, S Badwal, U kelkar-
Discovery to Delivery: BioVision AlexandriaPlant Biotechnology in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Constraints.2005MC Elliott, L Rubia, M Kaminek, A Krattiger Alexandria: Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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