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Kausar Afifa,Giri Sarbani,Roy Prasenjit, Giri AnirudhaChanges in buccal micronucleus cytome parameters associated with smokeless tobacco and pesticide exposure among female tea garden workers of Assam, IndiaInt J Hyg Environ Health2172-3169-752014
Yadav Sushma Singh,Giri Sarbani, Singha Utsab, Boro Freeman, Giri Anirudha,Toxic and genotoxic effects of Roundup on tadpoles of the Indian skittering frog (Euflictis cyanophlyctis) in the presence and absence of predator stress.Aquat Toxicol.15132-1332013
Das Roy Lopamudra,Giri Sarbani, Singh Supriya,Giri Anirudha.Effects of radiation and vitamin C treatment on metronidazole genotoxicity in mice.Mutation Research753265-712013
Singh Supriya, Das Roy Lopamudra,Giri Sarbani.Curcumin Protects Metronidazole and X-ray Induced Cytotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in Male Germ Cells in MicePrague Medical Report114292–1022013
Mehnaz Mazumdar,Sarbani GiriRole of vitamin E-acetate on cisplatin induced genotoxicity: An in vivo analysis Central European journal of Biology72334-3422012
Anirudha Giri,Sarbani Giri and Gauri D. Sharma Malathion and Fenvalerate Induce Micronuclei in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells.Env. and Mol.Mutagenesis528607-6132011
Stefano Bonassi et al.,Sarbani GiriThe Human MicroNucleus Project on Exfoliated Buccal Cells (HUMN XL) The Role of Life-Style, Host Factors, Occupational Exposures, Health Status,and Assay ProtocolReviews on Mutation Research72888–972011
Sarbani Giri,Kris W. Krausz, Jeffrey R. Idle Frank J. GonzalezThe metabolomics of (±)-arecoline 1-oxide in the mouse and its formation by human flavin-containing monooxygenases,Biochemical Pharmacology73516-5732007
Sarbani Giri,J.R. Idle, C. Chen, T.M. Zabriskie, K.W. Krausz and F.J. GonzalezA Metabolomic Approach to the Metabolism of the Areca Nut Alkaloids Arecoline and Aracaidine in the MouseChemical Research in Toxicology19818-8272006
A. Kausar,Sarbani Giri,Mehnaz Mazumdar, Anirudha Giri, Prasenjit Roy,Prabhati Dhar Micronucleus and other nuclear abnormalities among betel quid chewers with or without Sadagura, a unique smokeless tobacco preparation,in a population from North East India Mutation Research67772-752009
Sarbani Giri,Anirudha Giri, Gauri D. Sharma Malathion and Fenvalerate Induced Micronuclei in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells.Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis52607 6132011
Mehnaz Mazumdar,Sarbani GiriRole of quercetin on mitomycin C induced genotoxicity: Analysis of micronucleus and chromosome aberra tions in vivo.Mutation Research721147–1522011
L. Das Roy, M. Mazumdar and Sarbani Giri Effects of Low Dose Radiation and Vitamin C Treatment on Chloroquine Induced Genotoxicity in Mice. Env. and Mol. Mutagenesis49488-4952008


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