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Das, B. K., Boruah, P. and Kar, DStudy of Seasonal Variation of Water Quality of River Siang in Arunachal Pradesh, India..IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology82111-202014
Puinyabati, H., Shomorendra, M. and Kar, D. Comparative study of helminth infection in Anabas testudineus (Bl) collected from Chatla Haor of Assam and Awangsoi Lake of Manipur.Science and Culture192
Kar, D.; Nagarathna, A.V.; Ramachandra, T.V.; and, Dey, S.C.Fish Diversity and Conservation aspects in an aquatic ecosystem in North-East India. ZOOS’Print Journal 2172308-23152005
Das, B.K., Dutta, B., Singh, N.R., and Kar D. Length-Weight Relationship of Labeo calbasu(Hamilton-Buchanan) from Sone Beel, the biggest Wetland of Assam,India,Paripex–Indian Journal of research21011-132013
Binky, K., Shomorendra, M. and Kar, D.Incidence and Intensity of Trematode Metacercariae Infection in Channa punctata of Karbhala Wetland, Cachar District, Assam.Research Frontiers in Wetlands, Fishery & Aquaculture201-2062014
Ranibala, Th., Shomorendra, M., Kar, D.Prevalence and Intensity of Nematode Parasite among siluroid fishes of Loktak lake in Manipur.Life Science Bulletin82241-2422010


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