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Utsab Singha, Neelam Pandey, Freeman Boro, Sarbani Giri, Anirudha Giri, Somava BiswasSodium arsenite induced changes in survival, growth, metamorphosis and genotoxicity in the Indian cricket frog (Rana limnocharis)Chemosphere112333-33920143.867
Afifa Kausar, Sarbani Giri, Prasenjit Roy, Anirudha GiriChanges in buccal micronucleus cytome parameters associated with smokeless tobacco and pesticide exposure among female tea garden workers of Assam, IndiaInternational Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health217169-17520143.331
Sushama Singh Yadav, Sarbani Giri, Utsab Singha, Freeman Boro, Anirudha GiriToxic and genotoxic effects of Roundup on tadpoles of the Indian skittering frog (Euflictis cyanophlyctis) in the presence and absence of predator stress Aquatic Toxicology132-1331-820133.948
Anirudha Giria, Sushama Singh Yadava, Sarbani Girib, G.D. SharmaEffect of predator stress and malathion on tadpoles of Indian skittering frogAquat Toxicol106-107157-16320123.948
S Giri, A Giri, GD Sharma, SB PrasadInduction of sister chromatid exchanges by cypermethrin and carbosulfan in the bone marrow cells of mice in vivo. Mutagenesis18153-583.798
SB Prasad, A GiriAntitumor effect of cisplatin against murine ascites Dalton's lymphomaIndian Journal of Experimental Biology323155-1620.835
Das Roy L, Giri S & Singh SEffects of radiation and vitamin C treatment on metronidazole genotoxicity in mice.Mutation Research75365–712013
Giri A, Giri S & Sharma GDMalathion and fenvalerate: Induction of micronuclei in the bone marrow cells of mice. Environ Mol Mutag52607-6132011
Mazumdar M & Giri SEffects of quercetin and mitomycin–C induced genotoxicity: analysis of micronucleus and chromosomal aberration in vivo.Mutation Research721147–1522011
Kausar A, Giri S, Mazumdar M, Roy P & Dhar P Micronucleus and other nuclear abnormalities among betel quid chewers with or without sadagura, a unique smokeless tobacco preparation, in a population from North East India.Mutation Research67772–75.2009
Giri S, Prasad SB & Sharma GDGenotoxic effects of malathion, an organophosphorous insecticide, using three mammalian bioassays in vivo. Mutation Research514223–2312002
Giri S, Sharma GD & Prasad SBMutagenic effects of carbosulfan, a carbamate pesticide. Mutation Research51975–822002
Giri S, Sharma GD & Prasad SBFenvalerate induced chromosome aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges in the bone marrow cells of mice in vivo.Mutation Research520125–1322002
Khynriam D & Prasad SBVitamin C mediated protection on cisplatin-induced mutagenicity in mice.Mutation Research421139–1481998
Prasad SBAntitumor activity of cisplatin against murine ascites Dalton’s lymphoma.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology32155–1621994
Prasad SBUse of subtherapeutic dose of cisplatin and vitamin C against murine Dalton’s lymphoma.Pol J Pharmacol Pharm44383–3911992


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