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Norazah Basar, Anupam D. Talukdar, Lutfun Nahar, Angela Stafford,Habibjon Kushiev, Asuman Kanf and Satyajit D. Sarker A Simple Semi-preparative Reversed-phase HPLC/PDA Method for Separation and Quantification of Glycyrrhizin in Nine Samples of Glycyrrhiza glabra Root Collected from Different Geographical OriginsPhytochemical AnalysisDOI 10.1002/pca.250720142.50
Sahu J, Sen P, Choudhury MD, Dehury B, Barooah M, Modi MK, Talukdar ADRediscovering medicinal plants’ potential with OMICS: Microsatellite survey in Expressed Sequence Tags of eleven traditional plants with potent antidiabetic property OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology185298-3092014
Sanjoy Singh Ningthoujam, Anupam Das Talukdar,, Kumar Singh Potsanbam, Pankaj Chetia,Norazah Basar Lutfun Nahar, Satyajit D. Sarker, Manabendra Dutta ChoudhuryNoSQL Data Model for Semi-automatic Integration of Ethno-medicinal Plant Data from Multiple SourcesPhytochemical AnalysisDOI: 10.1002/pca.252020142.50
Banani Das, Amitabha Dey, Anupam Das Talukdar, Kh. Nongalleima, Manabendra Dutta Choudhury, Lokesh Deb Antifertility efficacy of Drynaria quercefolia (L.) J. Smith on female Wister albino ratsJournal of Ethnopharmacology 20142.9
Sushmita Nath , Manabendra Dutta Choudhury, Shubhadeep Roychoudhury a, Anupam Das Talukdar , Man Mohan Misro Male contraceptive efficacy of Ricinus communis L. extractJournal of Ethnopharmacology149328-33420132.9


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