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SOLANKI, G.S.Physiological responses of goat under short term exposure of low ambient temperature.Indian Natl. Sci. Acad.B:55575361-3641989
SOLANKI, G.SNomadism and migration of pastoralists and their livestock in Western India.Annals Arid Zone293203-2101990
SOLANKI,G.S. Carrying capacity of marginal semi-arid grazing land at Rajkot.Annals Arid Zone294339-3411990
SOLANKI,G.S.Nitrogen utilisation in goats using Sorghum silage as stall feed.Mgmt.& Agroforestry11153-551990
PANDEYA,S.C. & G.S.SOLANKIPopulation of goats related to climate in western India : An ecological assessment.Int. J.Biometeriology35225-2331991
SOLANKI,G.S.Stall feeding Vs range feeding of goatsThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences621127-331992
SOLANKI,G.S. & G.GOPAKUMARImpact of anthropogenic pressure on Motisari Nature Educational Reserve.Range Mgmt. & Agroforestry13127-331992
SOLANKI,G.S.Feeding habits and grazing behaviour in goats in marginal semi-arid region of Gujarat.Small Ruminant Research1439-431994
SOLANKI,G.S. Time budget and grazing behaviour in goats in semi -arid region of Gujarat.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences64111299-13021994
SOLANKI,G.S.Organic matter decomposition and loss of nutrients in grassland ecosystem. Range land & Agroforestry16259-651995
MARY.P.P.,G.S.SOLANKI,N.K.SINGSON,&BIKASH CHAUDHARY.Observations on sociological and Eco behavioural aspects of Hoolock gibbon (Hylobates hoolock) in Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh.Cheetal533-440-441997
SOLANKI, G.S..NAWAB SINGH,& S.B.N.RAO.Use of saline water in agro forestry systems and evaluation of the fodder. International J.Ecology & Environment24159-631998
SOLANKI, G.S., & R.M.NAIKGrazing interactions between wild and domestic herbivores. Small Ruminant Research27231-2351998
MARY.P.P.,G.S.SOLANKI,D.LIMBOO, & K.UPADHAYAObservations on feeding and territorial behaviour of Indian rhino ( Rhinoceros unicornis) in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. Tigerpaper25425-281998
SOLANKI,G.S, C.P.S. CHAUHAN AND R.B.SINGHPerformance of Acacia nilotica in different agroforestry systems grown in saline water.Indian J. Forestry224295-2981999
SOLANKI,G.S. Grazing behaviour and foraging strategy of goats in semi-arid region in India. Tropical Ecology2121-52000
SOLANKI,G.S.Haematological profile of fresh water turtle, Kachuga tecta.Zoo’s Print Journal 1644702001
SOLANKI,G.S.Haematological profile of fresh water turtle, Kachuga tecta. Zoo’s Print Journal1644702001
SOLANKI,G.S.Diversity - Faunal and Socio-cultural, and prospects of conservation of faunal resources in Arunachal Pradesh. Himalayan J. Environment & Zoology162159-1702001
SOLANKI,G.S. & UMA MELKANIANamdapha Tiger Reserve – Planning for sustainable management as Biosphere Reserve.Tigerpaper29121-262002
SOLANKI,G.S., K. Kitshe & Awadesh KumarForaging behaviour of mithun (Bos frontalis) and its conservation. Arunvet1225-302002
SOLANKI, G.S. & PRITAM BHATTACHARJEEFeeding ecology of elephant in Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary in India. Bulletin of the National Institute of Ecology121-52002
Solanki G.S.Morphomertic Relationship of freshwater turtle, Kachuga tecta (Gray,1831).Indian J. Environ. & Ecoplan63615-6182002
SOLANKI,G.S.Time budget and activity pattern and food preference in Indian gazelle (Gazella gazella benetti) in arid region in Rajasthan, India. Indian J. Forestry26130-342003
Awadhesh Kumar & G.S.SOLANKI Food preference of rhesus monkey Macaca mulatta during pre monsoon and monsoon season, Pakhui wildlife sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh.Zoo’s Print Journal1881172-11742003
SOLANKI,G.S.& PAVITRA CHUTIAEthno zoological and socio cultural aspects of Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh. J. Human Ecology154251-2542004
AWADHESH KUMAR & G.S.SOLANKIA rare feeding observation on water lily (Nymphaea alba) by capped langur. Folia Primatologica753157-1592004
KUMAR, A. & G.S.S.OLANKIEthno sociological Impact on Capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus), and suggestion for conservation: A study of reserve forest in Assam, India.J. Nature Conservation161107-1132004
SOLANKI,G.S. BENGIA CHONGPI,& Awadhesh KumarEthnology of the Nishi tribes and wildlife of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Forest News2074-862004
SOLANKI,G.S., PAVITRA CHUTIA & O.P.SINGHHeadgear - A cultural artifact and its impact on biodiversity in Arunachal Pradesh.Rajiv Gandhi University Research Journal7135-442004
G.S. Solanki, P.Chutia & O.P. SinghEthnozoology of Nyishi tribe and its impacts on Biodiversity.Rajiv Gandhi University Res. J.8189-1002005
KUMAR, A. G.S.S.OLANKI & B.K.SHARMAObservations on parturition and allomothering in wild capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus). Primates463215-2172005
P. Chutia & G.S. SolankiEthos & culture of Nyishi tribe and use pattern of Common Indian monitor (Varanus bengalensis,) in Arunachal Pradesh, India.Indian J. Forestry284421-4242005
SOLANKI, G. S., AWADHESH KUMAR & B. K. SHARMAReproductive strategy of capped langurs (Trachypithecus pileatus) in Arunachal Pradesh.International J. Primatlogy2851075–10832007
SOLANKI, G. S., & AWADHESH KUMARStudy on aggressive behaviour in wild population of capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus) in India. Proc. J. Zool. Soc. India6115-302007
Awadhesh Kumar and G.S.SolankiPopulation status of capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus) in and around Pakhui Wildlife sanctuary. Primate Conservation2397-1052008
SOLANKI, G. S., AWADHESH KUMAR & B. K. SHARMAFeeding ecology of the capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus) in India.International J. Primatlogy291173-1822008
SOLANKI, G. S. and Pavitra ChutiaEntomotherapy in tribal communities in Arunachal Pradesh.National journal of Life science5227-322008
SOLANKI, G. S., AWADHESH KUMAR & B. K. SHARMAWinter Food and diet composition of Capped langur (Trachypithecus pileatus) in Arunachal Pradesh.Tropical Ecology492155-1672008
AWADHESH KUMAR & G.S.SOLANKILivestock-Carnivores conflict: A case study of Pakke tiger reserve in Arunachal Pradesh.Journal of Environmental science & Ecology351121-1272009
SOLANKI, G. S., and Pavitra ChutiaEthno medical aspects and zoo therapy in tribal communities in Arunachal Pradesh, India. International Journal of Environmental science & Ecology35167-762009
SOLANKI, G. S.,and AWADHESH KUMARTime budget and ranging of activities in the wild population of capped langurs (Trachypithecus pileatus) in India. J. Bombay Natural History Society107286-902010
ZOTHANSIAMA and G.S.SOLANKIMale-male sexual behaviour in adult captive stump-tailed macaque,Macaca arctoides11131-392011
G.S.SOLANKISaline water and agroforestry systems on degraded land: an evaluation.International. J. Ecology and Environmental Science 37123-262011
SHARMA, B.K., M.K.CHALISE, and G.S.SOLANKI Large wildlife population in Baghmara Buffer zone Community forestEcoprint1855-622011
SOLANKI, G.S. & ZOTHANSIAMAMale homosexual behaviour among different age groups in captive stump-tailed macaque ( Macaca arctoides): Socio-sexual or sexually motivated? International Multidisciplinary Journal2222-272012
SHARMA, B.K., M.K.CHALISE,and G.S.SOLANKIVegetation types and wildlife occurrence in Baghmara buffer zone community forest.International Multidisciplinary Journal 2252-652012
B. KHANAL, M.K.CHALISE, and G.S.SOLANKI Diversity of butterflies with respect to altitudinal rise at various pockets of the Langtang National Park, central Nepal.International Multidisciplinary Journal2241-482012
SHARMA, B.K., M.K.CHALISE, and G.S.SOLANKI Cost and benefit analysis of community forest after two decades of its conservation from local Community.ECOPRIENT1963-692012
CHUTIA, PAVITRA and G. S. SOLANKIPatterns of bird hunting in Arunachal Pradesh and its implications for biodiversity conservation.Tropical Ecology542263-2672013
B. KHANAL, M. K. CHALISE AND G.S. SOLANKIThreatened Butterflies of Central Nepal.Journal of Threatened Taxa.5102013
B. KHANAL, M. K. CHALISE AND G.S. SOLANKI Study on the Conservation Issues of Phaedyma aspasia kathmandia Fujioka 1970 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae), an endangered and endemic butterfly in Godavari Forest of central Nepal. Journal of Natural History Museum27394-4042013
SOLANKI, G.S. & ZOTHANSIAMAInfanticide in captive stump-tailed macaques ( Macaca arctoides) is in accordance with the sexual selection hypothesis.Current Science10481081-10832013
SOLANKI, G.S. & ZOTHANSIAMABirths in captive stump-tailed macaques ( Macaca arctoides). Folia Primatologica846394-4042013
Lalawmawia Sailo, G.S. Solanki, S.N. Ramanujam and H. LalthanzaraSurvey on distribution of pheasants (Galliformes) in Mizoram, India.Science Vision13290-952013


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