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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Roy VK and Krishna AEvidence of androgen-dependent sperm storage in female reproductive tract of Scotophilus heathi.Gen Comp Endocrinol.165120–1262010
Roy VK and Krishna ARole of leptin in seasonal adiposity associated changes in testicular activity of vespertilionid bat, Scotophilus heathi.Gen Comp Endocrinol.168160-1682010
Roy VK and Krishna ARegulation of leptin synthesis during adipogenesis in males of a vespertilionid bat, Scotophilus heathi.J Exp Biol.2141599-16062011
Roy VK and Krishna ASperm storage in female reproductive tract of Scotophilus heathi: Role of androgen.Mol. Reprod. Dev. 78477–4872011
Roy VK and Krishna AChanges in the expression of HSL and OCTN2 in the female reproductive tract of the bat, Scotophilus heathii in relation to sperm storage.Acta Histochemica114358– 3622012
Roy VK and Krishna AThe expression pattern of the glucose transporter GLUT-5 in the testis during the spermatogenic cycle of the vespertilionid bat Scotophilus heathi.Comp Endocrinol165120–1262013
Roy VK and Krishna AChanges in Glucose and Carnitine Levels and Their Transporters in Utero‐Tubal Junction in Relation to Sperm Storage in the Vespertilionid Bat, Scotophilus heathi.J Exp Zool Part A3199517-5262013
Roy VK, N Senthil Kumar, G GurusubramanianProteins–structure, properties and their separation by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.Science Vision124170-1812012


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ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Reproduction BiologyControl of Fertility and Sterility in Female.2008Krishna ANSDL-NISCAIR
Bats: Biology, Behavior and Conservation Mechanisms of prolonged sperm storage in female bats.2011Krishna ANova Science Publishers Inc USA


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