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Jeyaram, K., Singh, W. M., Capece, A., Romano, P.Molecular identification of yeast species associated with ‘Hamei’- a traditional starter used for rice wine production in Manipur, India.International Journal of Food Microbiology124115-1252008
Jeyaram, K., Singh, W. M., Premarani, T., Devi, R. A., Chanu, K. S., Talukdar, N. C., Singh, M. R. Molecular identification of dominant microflora associated with ‘Hawaijar’ – A traditional fermented soybean (Glycine max (L.)) food of Manipur, India. International Journal of Food Microbiology122259-2682008
Jeyaram, K., Romi, W., Singh, T. A., Devi, A. A., Devi, S. S.Bacterial species associated with traditional starter cultures used for fermented bamboo shoot production in Manipur state of India. International Journal of Food Microbiology1431-82010


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