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Tiwari, O.N., Dhar, Dolly Wattal, Prasanna, Radha, Shukla, H.M., Singh, P.K. and Tiwari, G.L. Growth and nitrogen fixation by non-heterocystous filamentous cyanobacteria of rice fields of Uttar Pradesh, India Philippine Journal of Science1292101-1072000
Tiwari, O.N., Prasanna Radha, Yadav, Ashok, Dhar, Dolly Wattal and Singh, P.K. Growth potential and biocide tolerance of non-heterocystous filamentous Cyanobacterial isolates from rice fields of Uttar Pradesh, India. Biol. Fertil. Soils34291-1952001
Prasanna Radha, Dhar, Dolly Wattal, Dominic, T.K., Tiwari, O.N. and Singh, P.K.Isolation and characterisation of phycobiliprotein rich mutant of Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Acta Biologica Hungarica541113-1202003
Tiwari, O.N. and H. Tombi SinghBiodiversity of cyanobacteria in Loktak lake and rice fields of Manipur, India having acidic propertiesPROC. NAT. ACAD. SCI.INDIA75 (B)III209-2132005
Dwivedi, C.P., Tiwari, O.N., Nayak, R, Dwivedi, S, Singh, A. and Sinha, S.K. Effect of green manures of Sesbania rostrata and Vigna radiata and Biofertilizers on soil sustainability and crop productivity in Rice-Wheat cropping system Physiol. Mol. Biol. Plants111141-1472005
Tiwari, O.N., and M. Rohinikumar SinghBiodiversity, occurrence and succession of cyanobacteria J. Ind. Bot. Soc. 841-4107-1102005
Tiwari, O.N., Singh, B.V., Mishra, Upasana, Singh, A. K., Dhar, Dolly Wattal and Singh, P.K. Distribution and physiological characterization of cyanobacteria isolated from arid zones of Rajasthan, India. Tropical Ecology462165-1712005
S., Deepa Devi, Koijam, Laxmipriya, Singh, Avijeet, Tiwari, O.N. and Singh, M.R.K. Cultural studies and partial characterization of acid tolerant cyanobactetia of germplasm of IBSD, Imphal, Manipur. Nat. Jour. of Life Sciences52169-1812008
Koijam, Laxmipriya, S., Deepa Devi, Singh, Avijeet, Tiwari, O.N. and Singh, M.R.K. Modern characteristic features of cyanobacteria with special emphasis on reproduction and thallus structure. J. Plant. Repro. Boil. 1153-572009
Tiwari, O.N., Oinam, Gunapati ,Koijam, Laxmipriya, S.,Deepa Devi, Singh, Avijeet Cyanobacterial biodiversity, conservation and possible commercial exploitation of Indian region falling Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspots. Biosci. Biotech. Res. Comm.215-322009


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