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25. Ranjana Das, K. Das and D.K. JhaFactors affecting sporulation of Pestalotiopsis disseminata causing grey blight, disease of the primary food plant of muga silkworm Crop Protection 2902963 -96820141.0
Raja Ram, Sengupta A.K., Das Ranjana, Devnath M. and Samson M.V.Collection, identification and evaluation of Machilus bombycina King (Lurales: Luraceae) germplasm the muga food plant. Sericologia331109-1241993
Das Ranjana, Das K.Seasonal incidence and intensity of major diseases of eri food plants.Indian Phytopathology563345-3462002
Das Ranjana and Das K. Effect of plant products and containers on seed germination of Castor(Ricinus communis).Sericologia442241-2432004
Ranjana Das, K. Das and Suryanarayana N.A new anthracnose disease in muga food plant,.som (Persea bombycis kost) in Assam.Indian J. Serculture44134-1352005
Ranjana Das, K. Das and R.ChakravortyMode of perpetuation of anthracnose disease of muga food plant, Persea bombycina Kost. Journal of Plant Disease Science12232-2332005
Ranjana Das, K.Das and R. ChakrovortyCurvularia lunata–A new leaf spot pathogen Of Perrsaea bombicina pers. Indian Phytopathology592241-2432005
Ranjana Das, K. Das and R. ChakrovortyReaction of different cultivars of Persea bombycina Kost. Towards Leaf f spot disease caused by Phylosticta perseae Ell.& Mart. Sericologia453345-3472005
Ranjana Das, K. Das,S.A.S.Rahman and R. ChakravortyEvaluation of some plant extracts against Colletotrichum gloesporioides causing brown blight disease in soalu plant.Journal of Assam Science Society233232007
K. Das, Ranjana Das P. Dutta, R. Chakrovorty, P. Devnath, SAS Rahman, N. Neog, I. Sarmah & M.IslamFirst report on some important endo-mycoflora of Antheraea assamensis, Helfer (Lepideptera: Saturnidae) from North-East India .Sericologia472225-2282007
Ranjana Das, K. Das, D.K. Jha and R. ChakravortyEvaluation of some chemicals against Pestalotiopsis disseminata causing grey blight of somSericologia481113-1172008
Das K., Ranjana Das, and R. ChakravortyStudies on cross infectivity of Causal organism of pebrine disease from muga to Eri silkworm.Insect Environmentm134165-1682008
Das K. and Ranjana DasMode of attack and incidence of Apanteles statoni in golden silk producer, muga silkworm in Assam.Insect Environment14264 -662008
Das K., Ranjana Das, P Boruah and K. N. BorahEffect of Environment on occurrence of Phylloplane microfungi in muga food plant som (Persea bombycina) in different muga silkworm crop seasons.Nature and Environment 23165-1682008
Ranjana Das, K. Das, Pranab Dutta and R. ChakravortyEffect of plant extracts on fioliar blight disease of soalu caused by Colletotrichum gleosporides.Environmental Biology and Conservation1323-272009
Ranjana Das and K. DasIncidence of leaf spot disease of som (Persea bombycina) in relation to weather and chemical management Indian Journal of Mycol and Plant Pathol382322-3242009
K.Das and Ranjana DasAspergillosis: A fungal Disease in Muga silk moth Antherea assamensisInsect Environment15272-742009
K.Das, M. Chutia, Ranjana Das, and R. ChakravortyImpact of bio-pesticides on indigenous golden silk producer muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer (Lepideptera: Saturnidae) in different crop season.Journal of Science and Technology Management2963-9682009


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Major Constrains and Verdict of Crop ProductiviPests and Diseases in Muga Silkworm: A Major Constrain in Conservation of Muga Silkworm Crop. 2015K.DasDaya Publishing House


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