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Elizabeth Thokchom, Mohan Chandra Kalita, and Talukdar, N. C.Isolation, screening, characterization, and selection of superior rhizobacterial strains as bioinoculants for seedling emergence and growth promotion of Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulate Blanco) Can J Microbiology6085-922014
Bengyella Louis, Sayanika Devi Waikhom, Pranab Roy, Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj, Mohendro Wakambam Singh, Sailendra Goyari, Chandradev K Sharma and Talukdar, N. C. Secretome weaponries of Cochliobolus lunatus interacting with potato leaf at different temperature regimes reveal a CL[xxxx]LHM – motifBMC Genomics152132014
Bengyella Louis, Pranab Roy, Tamgue Ousman, Sayanika Waikhom Devi and Narayan Chandra Talukdar Overcoming heat shock protein inhibition at critical temperature vital for survival in Solanum tuberosum L. in vivo condition. African Journal of Biotechnology114710769-107742013
Louis, Bengyella,Waikhom, Sayanika, Singh, Wakambam M., Roy, Pranab, Talukdar, Narayan CDiversity of Ascomycetes at the Potato Interface: New Devastating Fungal Pathogens Posing Threat to Potato FarmingPlant Pathology Journal1318-272014
Thakuria D, Talukdar NC, Goswami C, Hazarika S, Boro RC and Khan MRCharacterization and screening of bacteria from rhizosphere of rice grown in acidic soils of AssamCurrent Science867978-9852004
Thakuria, D. Talukdar N. C., Goswami, C., Hazarika S., Kalita, M.C. and Bending, G.Evaluation of rice–legume–rice cropping system on grain yield, nutrient uptake, nitrogen fixation, and chemical, physical, and biological properties of soilBiol and Fert. of Soil341025-10392009
Jeyaram, K., W. Mohendro Singh, Thingom Premarani, N.C. Talukdar Molecular identification of dominant microflora associated with ‘Hawaijar’ – a traditional fermented soybean (Glycine max) food of Manipur, IndiaInternational Journal of Food Microbiology 122259-2682008
Talukdar, N.C. and Germida, J.J. Growth and yield of lentil and wheat inoculated with three Glomus isolates from Saskatchewan soilsMycorrhiza5145-1521995
Talukdar, N.C. and Germida, J.J. Propagation and storage of vesicular-arbascular mycorrhizae isolated from Saskatchewan Agricultural SoilCan. J. Bot. 45: 1024-1034451024-10341993
Talukdar, N.C. and Germida, J.J. Occurrence and significance of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in cropped field soils of Saskatchewan, CanadaCan. J. Microbiol.39567-5751993
Ann-Kathrin Liliensiek, Dwipendra Thakuria, Nicholas Clipson and Narayan C Talukdar Linking phylotypes to abundant ribotypes of community finger prints :an exercise on the phylotypic responses to plant species, fertilization and Lolium perenne ingression SpringerPlus2522-5272013
Boro R, Goswami C and Thakuria D, Modi, M. and Talukdar NCMolecular and functional characterization of selected parental culture and antibiotic resistant derivatives of azopsirilla and P-solubilizing bacteria of rice rhizosphere.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology42121186-11942004
Khan MR, Talukdar NC and Thakuria DDetection of Azospirillum and PSB in rice rhizosphere soil by protein and antibiotic resistance profile and their effect on grain yield of rice.Indian Journal Biotechnology2246-2502003
Ansari, K.I., Thakuria, D. and Talukdar, N.C.Efficacy of three protocols in extraction of microbial DNA and its comparison with organic and microbial biomass carbon content from soils of Northeast India.Journal of Applied Bioresources and Biotechnology229-162006
Hazarika, P., Singh, Y. P. and Talukdar, N. C.Effect of coal mining on soil microbial biomass and nutritional status in different aged overburden dumps and natural recovery pattern.J. Tropical Forestry1924-342003
P. Hazarika, N.C. Talukdar and Y.P. SingArbuscular mycorrhizal association in naturally invading plant species in overburden dumps and adjacent natural forest sites of Tikak colliery, Margherita, AssamIndia Eco. Env. & Cons.16113-242010
Mazumdar, T., Goswami, C. and Talukdar, N.C.Characterization and screening of beneficial bacteria obtained on King’s-B agar from tea rhizosphere soil.Indian Journal of Biotechnology6490-4942007
BC Deka, NC Talukdar, DK JhaInteraction Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhyzal Fungi, Rhizobium and Meloidogyne incognita on Green Gram. J Mycol Plant Pathol413355-3602011
Singh D. M., Talukdar N. C., Kasoju, N. and Bora, U.Differential effects of Oroxylum indicum bark extracts: antioxidant, antimicrobial, cytotoxic and apoptotic study.Cytotechnology1383-952013
Das, J. Thapa, S, Pradhan, D. Thorat, S. and Talukdar, N. C.Intra-specific genetic diversity, phytochemical analysis and antioxidant activities of a potential Himalayan Swertia (Swertia bimaculata Hook. F. & Thomas.)Industrial crops and products49341-3472013
Ghosh, S., Devi. Sayanika, Sen Mandi, S., Talukdar, N. C. Amplified fragment length polymorphism based study of phylogenetic relationship and genetic variability among some edible bamboo species of North-East India. J Plant Mol Biol Biotechnol228-152011
Waikhom, S.D, Louis, B., Roy, P. , Singh, W.M., Bharwaj, P.K. and Talukdar, N.C.Scanning electron microscopy of pollen structure throws light on resolving Bambusa-Dendrocalamus complex: bamboo flowering evidence. Plant Systematics and Evolution1–82013
Hazarika, P., Talukdar, N. C. and Singh, Y. P.Natural colonization of plant species on coalmine spoils at Tikak Colliery, Assam.J. Tropical Forestry2135-422007
Neeta, S, Thongam, B. and Talukdar N. C.Collection and evaluation of Hedychium species of Manipur, North East India.Genet Resources Crop Evolution6013-212013


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