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Joyanti Chutia, K.BaruaSpace Charge limited current in Polymethacrylate filmsThin Solid films553871978
Joyanti Chutia, K. BaruaElectrical Conduction in Polycrylonitrile filmsPhys.Stat. Sol (a)55K131979
Joyanti Chutia, K. BaruaDC Conductor Phenomenon in Polyvinylacetate FilmsJ. Phys. D. Appl. Phys.13L91980
Joyanti Chutia, K. BaruaDC Electrical properties of solution grown PS filmsInd. J. Pure and appl. Phys. 1912201981
B. C. kalita, M. K. kalita and Joyanti ChutiaDrifting effect of electrons on fully non-linear ion acoustic waves in magneto plasmaJ. Physics A (Math) Gen. 1935591986
Y. Nakamura and Joyanti ChutiaReflection of ion acoustic waves from bipolar potential StructureReport of the Inst. of Space & Astro Sci. 6321988
Y. Nakamura and Joyanti ChutiaChaotic phenomena Observed in electron beam plasma PhysicsProc. of the meeting of Japanese Physical society41151988
Y. Nakamura and Joyanti ChutiaReflection of ion acoustic waves from bipolar potential Structure J. Plasma Phys.412431989
Joyanti ChutiaMode-mode coupling leading to period doubling in ion beam plasma systemProc. of 18th IEEE Conf. Williamburg IP961991
Joyanti Chutia, H. Kubo and Y.NakamuraLow frequency instability excited by a mesh grid in a double plasma deviceJ. Plasma Physics. 464631991
A. Buragohain, Joyanti Chutia and Y. NakamuraMode suppression and period doubling cascade in double Plasma devicePhys. Lett.A 1634251992
A. Buragohain, B.K. Sarma and Joyanti ChutiaPeriodic windows and period subtracting in ion beam Plasma systemInt. J. Bifur and Chaos 34551993
A. Buragohain, B.K. Sarma and Joyanti Chutia Influence of negative ions on period bifurcation in ion beam plasma systemProc. of ICPIG XXI Conf. Ruhr UniversityII1351993
A. Buragohain, H. Bailung, B. K.Sarma, Joyanti Chutia and Y. NakamuraChaotic attractors in ion beam plasma systemChaos Soliton and Fractals46771994
A. Buragohain, Joyanti ChutiaSheath induced Instability in ion beam Plasma systemProc. XXII ICPIG Conf.1995
H. Bailung, Joyanti Chutia and Y. NakamuraPropagation of solitary wave packet in multicomponent plasma with negative ionChaos Soliton & Fractals71211996


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