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M. K. Das and S.Bordoloi.Length–weight relationship and condition factor of Lepidocephalichthys goalparensis Pillai and Yazdani, 1976 in Assam, IndiaJournal of Applied Ichthyology30246–2472014
Sergey G. Ermilov, Tapas Chatterjee, Mrinal Kumar Das &SabitryBordoloi Three new species of oribatid mites of the genus Pergalumna(Acari: Oribatida: Galumnidae) from IndiaBiologia694489-4972014
Mohini Mohan Borah, Sabitry Bordoloi, Jayaditya Purkayastha, Madhurima Das, Alain Dubois, Annemarie OhlerLimnonectes (Taylorana) medogensis (FeI, Ye &HuaNg, 1997) from arunachal Pradesh (India),and on the identity of some diminutive ranoid frogs(anura: dicroglossidae, occidozygidae)Herpetozoa261/239 – 482013
VLADIMIR PEŠIĆ, TAPAS CHATTERJEE, MRINAL KUMAR DAS& SABITRY BORDOLOIA new species of water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) from Assam, India found in a gut of the fish Botiadario(Botiidae)Zootaxa37463454-4622013
Mrinalkumar Das and SabitryBordoloiLength–weight relationship and condition factor of Lepidocephalichthysgoalparensis Pillai and Yazdani, 1976 in Assam, IndiaJournal of applied Ichthyology2013
Basumatary B., Saikia, R. Das H.C. and Bordoloi, S. Field Note: Phytoremediation of Petroleum Sludge Contaminated Field Using Sedge Species, Cyperus rotundus (Linn.) and Cyperusbrevifolius (Rottb.) Hassk.International Journal of Phytoremediation159877-8882013
Budhadev Basumatary, Rubul Saikia, Sabitry Bordoloi,Hamendra Chandra Das and Hari Prasad SarmaAssessment of potential plant species for phytoremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated areas of upper Assam.Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology871329-13342012
Sabitry Bordoloi, Budhadev Basumatary, Rubul Saikia and Hamendra Chandra Das Axonopus compressus (Sw.) P. Beauv.A native grass species for phytoremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in Assam, India.Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology871335-13412012
Budhadev Basumatary, Sabitry Bordoloiand Hari Prasad SarmaCrude oil contaminated soil phytoremediation by using Cyperusbrevifolius(Rottb.) Hassk.Water Air and Soil Pollution2233373–33832012
Basumatary B., Saikia, R.Bordoloi, S. Phytoremediation of crude oil contaminated soil using nut grass, Cyperus rotundus. Journal of Environmental Biology33891-8962012
ParamitaCHAKRAVARTY, SabitryBORDOLOI, StéphaneGROSJEAN, Annemarie OHLER&AparajeetaBORKOTOKYTadpole morphology and table of developmental stages of Polypedatesteraiensis (Dubois, 1987)Alytes27385-1152011
Vladimir PEŠIĆ, Tapas Chatterjee&SabitryBordoloiA checklist of the water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) of India, with new records and description of one new speciesZootaxa26171–542010
Bortamuli.T., Bordoloi.S., OHLER.A. andGrosjean.S.External morphology, buccopharyngeal anatomy and development rate of the tadpoles of two Asian ranidae (amphibian: Anura), Hylaranahumeralis(Boulenger,1887) and Hylaranaleptoglossa(Cope,1868)Journal of Natural History447421 —4452010
Sabitry Bordoloi, Tutul Bortamuli and Annemarie OhlerSystematics of the genus Rhacophorus(Amphibia,Anura):Identity of the red web forms and description of a new species from Assam.ZOOTAXA16531-202007
AO, Meren, SabitryBordoloi , Annemarie OHLER & Stephan GROSJEANRanakhare (Kiyasetuo and Khare,1986) Present distribution, redescription of holotypeand morphology of adults and tadpoles .ALYTES241-422-392006
L.NzanoHumtsoe, SabitryBordoloi, Annemarie OHLER and Alain DuboisRediscovery of a long known species, IxaluslateralisZOOTAXA192124-342008
M. Ao. Patrick David, SabitryBordoloi and Annemarie OhlerNotes on a collection of snakes from Nagaland, NE India,with 21 new records for the state.Russian Journal of HerpetologyII2155 –1622004
Sabitry Bordoloi, M.M. Borah,Paramita Chakravoty and B. SinhaFirst record of the Ranid frog Paaannandalii( Boulenger 1920) from North Eastern region. (Arunachal Pradesh) of India with a note on larval stages.Current Science8092001
Meren Ao, SabitryBordoloiAnnual breeding cycle and spawning behaviour of HylaannectansJerdon 1870 in Nagaland, India.Current Science797943-9452000
M.K. Khare and Sabitry ChoudhuryEstablishment of the neural differenriation pattern in the prospective prosencephalic ectoderm of the chick embryo( Gallus domesticus ) in Develop.Growth and Differ27183-931983
M.K. Khare, Sabitry ChoudhuryAppearance and localization of the eye potency field in the prospectiveprosencephalic area of the chick embryo, in Proc.Nat. Acad. Sci. India.51b111981
Sabitry Choudhury and M.K. KhareDifferentiation tendencies in eye potency field in prospectiveprocencephalic area in the Chick Embryo(Gallus domesticus)Indian Journal of Experimental Biol.165555-5571978
Sonali Borpatra Gohain and Sabitry Bordoloi A study on surface water and ground water near a garbage disposal site in Guwahati, Assam, India.International Journal of Advanced Biological Research32212-2162013
Chatoan Tesia, Sabitry Bordoloi Report on amphibian fauna of Khonsa circle, Tirap district, Arunachal Pradesh, India.Global Journal of Bio-Science and Biotechnology24493-4952013
L. Nzano Humtsoe, Sabitry Bordoloi Amphibian and ichthyofaunal diversity of 12 torrential streams of Wokha District, Nagaland. International Journal of Advanced Biological Research4113-182014
Anjali Baishya, Aparna Dutta and Sabitry Bordoloi Morphometry and length-weight relationship of AmblypharyngodonmolaIndian J. Fisheries57187-912010
Anjali Baishya, SabitryBordoloiIchthyofaunal diversity, Socio-economic status of fisher community, Gears used and techniques of fish catch in the beels of Hajo, Kamrup District, Assam.International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences35177-902009
Susmita Saha, Sabitry BordoloiIchthyofaunal diversity of two beels of Goalpara District, Assam, India.Journal of threatened Taxa14240-2422009
L. NzanaoHumtsoe and SabitryBordoloiStudy on the torrential catfish Amblycepsapangi Nath, Dey (Teleostei: Amblycipitidae) from Wokha district, Nagaland.Journal of Threatened Taxa. 12109-1132009
Sabitry Bordoloi and SushmitaSaha Record of clupisomamontana (HORA) from Assam and Comparative study with related Species. Journal of Inland Fisheries Society of India39223-312007
Banita Ningombam and Sabitry Bordoloi Amphibian fauna of Loktak,Manipur,India with ten new records for the state.Zoos print Journal2252688-26902007
AO, Meren, SabitryBordoloi , Annemarie OHLER & Stephan GROSJEANRanakhare (Kiyasetuo and Khare,1986) Present distribution, redescription of holotype and morphology of adults and tadpoles.ALYTES241-422-392006
Sabitry Bordoloi and A.BaishyaPuntiusornatus a new record for the Brahmaputra drainage.Zoos’Print.journal2162292-22942006
Anjali Baishya and Sabitry BordoloiNature’s freak.An albino Anabas testudineus.Zoos print Journal2172332-23332006
M.M. Borah and Sabitry Bordoloi Altitudinal distribution pattern of Ambhibian fauna of Arunachal Pradesh with special reference to DehangDebang Biosphere Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh, India.Himalayan Biosphere reserve bulletin51&22004
R.N. Bhuyan, Sabitry Bordoloi and Amlesh DuttaA Comparative study of length weight relationship of Indian Minor Carp L.Gonius (Hamilton Buchanan) at low and mid altitude region.Aquacult512004
M. Ao and Sabitry Bordoloi Amphibian fauna of Nagaland, India.Species and habitat. Froglog.622004
Meren Ao and Sabitry BordoloiAmphibian distribution with respect to water chemistry in the wetlands of Kohimadistrict,Nagaland,India.Aquacult 2273-2762003
J.MerenAo, SabitryBordoloi and Annemarie OhlerAmphibian fauna of Nagaland with nineteen new records from the state including five new records for India.ZOOS’Print Journal.1861117-11252003
R.N.Bhuyan,S.Dey,SabitryBordoloi and A.Duttascanning electron microscopic study of ovary,eggsurface structure and hetchling of labeogoniusHamilton- Buchanan)at mid altitudinal area of Shillong,meghalaya with referto induced breeding.AQUACULT4193-1032003
R.N.Bhuyan,D.Sharma and SabitryBordoloiInduced breeding and larval rearing of Labeogonius(Hamilton Buchanan)in the low temperature of the mid altitudinal region,shillong,meghalayaJ.of Inland fisheries Society.India.34259-652002
Bora,P.D., Sabitry Bordoloi and A.DuttaTaxonomic varition in Schisturavinciguerrae(Hora, 1935) from the Basistha river, a new record from Assam, India.J. of Bombay Natural History Society983459-4612001
B.Shina, P. Cvhacravorty, M.M Borah and Sabitry Bordoloi Qualitative analysis of food spectrum of five species of Anuran tadpoles from Arunachal Pradesh, India. Zoos’ Print Journal166514 –5152001
MerenAo ,SabitryBordoloi&AmaleshduttaFood and feeding behaviour of Hylaannectans (Jerdon) in Nagaland, India.Zoos’ Print Journal 167535-5362001
M.M. Borah and Sabitry BordoloiRediscovery of BufoMacrotisBoulenger (Amphibia: Anura) in Arunachal Pradesh India. ZOOS’ Print Journal.1685742001
Meren Ao & Sabitry BordoloiDevelopment of HylaannectansJerdon 1870 in Nagaland,IndiaBNHS982169-1782001
M.M. Borah &Sabitry BordoloiNine new records of Amphibia from Arunachal PradeshJ.BNHS9812001
Sabitry Bordoloi, M.M. Borah, K.K.Sharma and S.N. KalitaAn overview of Amphibian fauna of Arunachal PradeshJ.Assam Science Society414363-3712000
SabitryBordoloi& M.M. BorahFirst record of H.crassus ( Jerdon 1953 ) from North Eastern ( Assam ,Arunachal Pradesh ) India Journal of Bombay Natural History Society9611998
P. Das and Sabitry BordoloiFish fauna of a torrential river ( Basistha ) in Kamrupdistrict,Assam, India. J. Inland Fish. Soc. India29154-581997
M.K. Khare & Sabitry ChoudhuryAppearance and localization of the eye potency field in the prospective prosencephalic area of the chick embryo, in Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India51b111981
Sabitry Choudhury and M.K. KhareDifferentiation tendencies in eye potency field in prospective procencephalic area in the Chick Embryo(Gallus domesticus)Indian Journal of Experimental Biol.165555-5571978


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Ecology & Ethology of Aquatic BiotaPlanktonic biodiversity in Amphibian habitats of eight districts of Arunachal Pradesh ,India .2001B. Sinha, M.M.BorahDaya Publishing House, New Delhi
fish biodiversity of North East IndiaIcthyofauna and habitat degradation in hill stream Basistha, Assam2001NBFGR.NATP publ.


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