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DebahutiGoswami, PratapJyotiHandique and Suresh DekaRhamnolipidbiosurfactantagainst Fusariumsacchari– the causal organism of pokkahboeng disease of sugarcane. Journal of Basic Microbiology/Erika Kothe, Germany54548–5572014
RashmiRekhaSaikia.HemenDeka.DebahutiGoswami.JiumoniLahkar. Siddhartha Narayan Borah.KaustuvmaniPatowary.PlabitaBaruah.Suresh DekaAchieving highest glycolipid biosurfactant by selecting proper carbon nitrogen ratio.selecting proper carbon nitrogen ratio17563-5712014
RashmiRekhaSaikia and Suresh DekaRemoval of Hydrocarbon from Refinery Tank Bottom Sludge Employing Microbial Culture.Environ. Res/ Environ SciPollut Res/Philippe Garrigues,USA209026–90332013
JiumoniLahkar, Giyasuddin Ahmed and Suresh DekaIsolation of potent biosurfactant producing bacterial strain from hydrocarbon contaminated soil of Assam.Research Journal of Contemporary concerns/ P.K. Baruah/India863-692013
Plabita B., P. P.Baruah and S. DekaRemoval of Hydrocarbon from Crude oil Contaminated SoilBull. Environ. Pharmacol. Life Sci/India26123-1302013
Deka H, Deka S, Baruah CK, Sarmah P and Das J Vermicomposting of water hyacinth [Eichhorniacrassipies (Solms)] employing native and exotic earthworm species.Journal of Research in Biology/India28716-7252012
Suresh Deka and HemenDekaVermicompost assisted phytoremediation for abatement of crude oil contaminated soilThe Ecoscan/M. P. Sinha, India1131-1362012
R.R. Saikia, S. Deka, Deka, I.M. Banat Isolation of Biosurfactant Producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa RS29 from Oil-Contaminated Soil and Evaluation of Different Nitrogen Sources in Biosurfactant Production.Annals of Microbiology/Claudia Sorlini, Germany62753-7632012
R. Saikia, S. Deka, M. Deka and H. SarmaOptimization of environmental factors for improved production of biosurfactants by Pseudomonas aeruginosaRS29 on glycerol.Journal of Basic Microbiology/ Erika Kothe, Germany52446-4572012
Deka, H., Deka, S., Baruah, C.K., Das, J., Hoque, S., Sarma, H., Sarma, N.S.Vermicomposting potentiality of Perionyxexcavatus for recycling of waste biomass of java citronella – an aromatic oil yielding plantBioresource Technology10211212–112172011
HemenSarma, Suresh Deka, HemenDeka, RashmiRekhaSaikiaAccumulation of heavy metals in selected medicinal plants.Review of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology/George W. Ware, USA21463-862011
H. Deka , S. Deka , C. K. Baruah , J. Das , S. Hoque , N. S. SarmaVermicomposting of distillation waste of citronella plant(Cymbopogonwinterianus) employing Eudriluseugeniae.Bioresource Technology10213
U. J. Medhi, A. K. Talukdar and DekaImpact of paper mill effluent on growth and development of certain agricultural crops.J. Env. Biol./Dr. R.C. Dalela, India32185-1882011
K. Talukdar, S. Deka and AbulHussainEvalution of Water Quality Index at Goalpara Town and its surrounding Areas in Assam, India.Nature Environment and Pollution Technology/P.K. Goel, India93615-6202010
Das K, Saikia R, Deka S, Sarma S, Azad PStudies on Edaphic Factors and RhizosphereMycoflora Associated with Gramineae Family of Dibru-Saikhowa Biosphere Reserve Forest of Assam.Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany344863-8682010
UtpalJyotiMedhi, Anup Kumar Talukdar and Suresh DekaAgro- potentiality of lime sludge waste from paper industryCurrent Science97101416-14182009
H. Deka andS. DekaApplication of vermicompost of native earthworm Perioonyx sp. for cultivation of rice (Oryza sativa).J. Advanced Pl. Sc.41&233-372008
U. J. Medhi, A. K. Talukdar and DekaEffect of pulp and paper mill effluent on germination and seedling growth of mustard, pea and rice.Poll Res./Dr. R. K. Trivedy, India273437-4422008
H. Deka, S. Deka and C. K. BaruahStudy on efficiency of native verms for production of Vermicompost.Environment & Ecology2641509-15122008
P. Sarma; S. Deka and K. G. BhattacharyyaPhytoremediation of hydrocarbons from refinery sludge contaminated soil.J. Appl. Biosci. Biotech/Prof. M. C. Kalita,India2221-252006
Deka, S.; Yasmin, S. Utilization of lime sludge waste of paper mill for fish culture.Current Science9081126-11302006
DekaPseudomonas aeruginosa – a potential hydrocarbon degrading bacterial strain isolated from petroleum-contaminated soil of Assam.Assian Jr. Microbiol. Biotech. Env. Sc8187-902006
Shabeena Yasmin, AnkurBordoloi and DekaImpact of lime sludge waste of Jagiroad paper mill on growth and development of PlanktonsEcol. Env& Cons.11231-362005
U. J. Medhi, A. K. Talukdar and DekaPhysico-chemical characteristics of lime sludge waste of paper mill and its impact on growth and production of rice. J. Indu. Poll. Cont.21151-582005
Deka, P. K. Sarma and K. G. BhattacharyyaDegradation of hydrocarbon of refinery sludge.IJEP/ India25111029-10322005
R. Saikia, K. Das, Deka and P. AzadStatus and prospects of soil microbial diversity of Dibru-Saikhowa biosphere reserve.Himalayan Biosphere Reserves/India61&261-632004
Deka, S.;Devi, A.; Barthakur, H. P. and Kagti, L. C. Impact of oil exploration on Physico-chemical properties of rice field soil at Moran oil field of upper Assam. IJEP244273-2762004
Deka, S.;Devi, A.; Barthakur, H. P. and Kagti, L. C.Impact of oil exploration on the Microflora in the rice filed soil of AssamAsian Jr. Microbiol.Biotech.&Env. Sc.33217-2222001
Deka, S.Bacterial strains isolated from crude oil polluted soil of Assam.Pollution Research204517-5212000
Deka, S.Crude oil utilization by AzotobacterchroococcumAcad. Env. Biol.72189-1921998
Deka, S , Devi , A ; Barthakur , H.  and Kagti, L. C.Studies on the impact of crude oil pollution on physico-chemical properties, nature of micro-organisms and growth of rice plants in soil . J.Env. Biol./Dr. R.C. Dalela,India182167-1711997
Deka,  , Devi,  A., Barthakur H. P.,andKagti L. C.Impact of gas flaring on physico chemical properties and occurrence ofmicroflora  in rice field soil at Rudrasagar oil field of Assam.Environ and  Ecology.123527-5311994
Deka S and Devi A.Impact of flaring of Groups Gathering Station (GGS) on physico-chemical properties of rice field soil at Lakowa oil field of Assam.Pollution Research132101-1051994
Deka, S., Baruah, C. K.Effect of aeration factor on the growth of Rhizobium.Assam. Sc. Soc./Prof. H. K. Baruah, India353180-1831993
Deka, S., Devi, A., Kagti, L. C and Barthakur, H.P. Studies on the impact of oil pollution on the micro flora of rice field soil of Moran (Assam).Environment &Ecology113543-5471993
Deka, S.andBaruah, C.K.Studies on the storage efficiencyof differentcarrier materials for Rhizobium culture.and Ecol./Prof. S. K. Konar,India104857-8601992
Deka, S., Devi, A. and Azad, P.Impact of crude oil on the growth of soil Micro-organism in the rice field soil of Khanapara, Guwahati, AssamIndus .Pollu. Cont. 7111-141992


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Sustainable Developmental Strategy (pp. 111-117)Hydrocarbon degrading micro-organism and its prospective to control problem of Environmental pollution.1996Mittal Publications, New Delhi
Recent Advances in Biofertilizer Technology (pp. 416-418)Screening of carrier materials for the Rhizobium Biofertilizer.1999Baruah, C. K. The Society for promotion and utilization of resources and technology
Biodiversity and Environmental Biotechnology (pp. 337-354)Phytoremediation of heavy metals: A new strategy for environmental decontamination.2007Scientific Publishers (India)Jodhpur.
Environmental Science and Technology in India (pp. 154-160)Effect of pulp and paper mill effluent on seed germination and seedling growth of pea (Pisumsativum), mustard (Brassica niger) and rice (Oryza sativa).2008Medhi, U. J. Talukdar, A. K.Daya Publishing House, New Delhi
Environmental Science and Technology in India (pp. 342-347)Lime sludge waste of paper mill as an alternative source of liming material for fish culture.2008Yasmine, S.Daya Publishing House, New Delhi
Agro-Biotech (pp. 140-156)Biosurfactant as a biopesticides to control redrot of sugarcane.2012Goswami, D., Handique, P.J. Global Publishing House (India)
Agro-Biotech (pp. 363-382)SolanumNigrum L., Harbal Medicine or Invasive Weed.2012Sarma, H., Deka, H. &Saikia, R. R. Global Publishing House (India)


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