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Yenn R., Bora M., Deka Boruah H.P. *, Sarma Roy A., Baruah R., Saikia N., Sahu O. P., Tamuli A.K.Phytoremediation of abandoned crude oil contaminated drill sites of Assam with the aid of a hydrocarbon-degrading bacterial formulationInt. J. Phyt.169909-9252014
Sarma Roy A, Baruah R, Gogoi D, Borah M, Singh A K, Deka Boruah H PDraft Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain N002, Isolated from Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil of Geleky, Assam, IndiaGenomeAe00104-122013
Duarah I, Deka D. K., Borah D, Deka Boruah H. P., R Baruah,T. Lahan, U Baruah, TS Barma Characterization of soil enzyme activities and physico-chemical characteristics of tea soil under water loggingInt. J. Tea Sci.8335-482012
Gogoi J., Pathak N., Duarah I, Deka Boruah H. P.*, Saikia N., & Handique A. K. Microbial activity in high sulphur reclaimed coalmine overburdenSoil Sediment Contamination2142-502012
Duarah I, Deka M., Saikia N and Deka Boruah HP. Phosphate solubilizers enhance NPK fertilizer use efficiency in rice and legume cultivation3Biotech1227-2382011
Deka Boruah H. P., Chauhan P.S., Yim W., Sa TMComparison of plant growth promoting Methylobacterium sp. and exogenous indole- 3-acetic acid application ofn red pepper and tomato seedling development. Kor. J. of Soil Sci. Fert.43196-1042010
Islam Md R, Madhiyan M, Deka Boruah HP, Yim W, Lee G, Saravanam VS, Fu Q, Hu H, Sa TCharacterization of plant growth-promoting traits of free- living Diazotrophic bacteria and their inoculation effects on growth and nitrogen uptake of crop plants. J Microbial Biotechnol19101213-12222009
Kim K, Yim W, Trivedi P, Madhaiyan M, Deka Boruah HP, Md R Islam, Lee G, Sa TSynergistic effects of inoculating arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Methylobacterium oryzae strains on growth and nutrient uptake of red pepper (Capsicum annuum L.,) Plant Soil327429-4402010
Dowarah J, Deka Boruah HP, Gogoi J, Pathak N, Saikia N, Handique AKEco-restoration of a high-sulphur coal mine overburden dumping site in northeast India: A case studyJ Earth Syst Sci.118597-6082009


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