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Susmita Singh, B K Gogoi and R L BezbaruahOptimization of medium and cultivation conditions for L-amino acid oxidase production by Aspergillus fumigates Canadian J. Microbiology5591096-110220091.235
Susmita Singh, B K Gogoi and R L BezbaruahRacemic Resolution of some DL-Amino Acids using Aspergillus fumigates L-Amino Acid OxidaseCurrent Microbiology6394-9920111.51
Pompi Sharma and R L BezbaruahAntigenic site detection of the spike protein and designing of a vaccine candidate against corona virus using reverse vaccinology : An in silico approachInternational Journal of Pharmacy & technology343555-356820110.74
Salam Pradeep Singh, Bora T.C. and Bezbaruah R.L. Molecular Interaction of Novel Compound 2-Methylheptyl Isonicotinate Produced by Streptomyces sp. 201 with Dihydrodipicolinate Synthase (DHDPS) Enzyme of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for its Antibacterial ActivityIndian Journal of Microbiology523427-43220120.938
Salam Pradeep Singh, Bezbaruah,R.L. and Bora, T.C.In-silico studies of 2-methylheptyl isonicotinate produced by Streptomyces sp. 201 against dihydrodipicolinate Synthase enzyme of Mycobacterium tuberculosisJournal of Biophysical Chemistry33233-23720120.34
Salam Pradeep Singh, Vivek, S., Bezbaruah,R.L. and Barooah, M. Prediction of the three- dimensional structure of serine/threonine protein kinase Pto of Solanum lycopersicum by homology modelingBioinformation85212-21520121.15
Dhrubajyoti Gogoi, R.L Bezbaruah, M Bordoloi, R Sarmah, TC BoraInsights from the docking analysis of biologically active compounds from plant Litsea genus as potential COX-2 inhibitorsBioinformation817812-81520121.15
Susmita Singh, Binod kumar Gogoi and Rajib Lochan BezbaruahCalcium alginate as a support material for immobilization of L-amino acid oxidase isolated from Aspergillus fumigatesIIOAB Journal357-1120120.892
Salam Pradeep Singh, Bolin Kumar Konwar, Rajib Lochan Bezbaruah and Tarun Chandra BoraMolecular Docking and in silico studies on analogues of 2-methylheptyl isonicotinate with DHDPS enzyme of Mycobacterium tuberculosisMedicinal Chemistry Research22104755-476520131.612
Salam Pradeep Singh, Dhrubajyoti Gogoi, Rajib Lochan Bezbaruah, Manab Jyoti Bordoloi and Nabin Chandra BaruaVirtual screening on potential neuraminidase inhibitors of influenza A virus H1N1Drug Invention Today53241-24520131.85


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