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Bhau BS, Ghosh S, Puri S, Borah B, Sarmah DK & Khan RGreen synthess of gold nanoparticles from the leaf extract of Nepenthes khasiana and antimicrobial assay.Advance Material Letters6155-582015
Borah B, Ahmed R, Baruah D, Sarmah DK, Wann SB and Bhau BSIn-vitro antioxidant activity of tender shoot of Calamus leptospadix Griff.World J Pharm Sci2121893-19002014
Medhi K, Sarmah DK, Deka M, Bhau BSHigh gene flow and genetic diversity in three economically important Zanthoxylum Spp. of Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of NE India using molecular markersMeta Gene2706-7212014
Singh P, Sharma H, Nag A, Bhau BS, Sharma RKDevelopment and characterization of polymorphic microsatellites markers in endangered Aquilaria malaccensis.endangered Aquilaria malaccensisIn Press2014
Bhau BS, Mech J, Borthakur S, Bhuyan M, and Bhattacharya PRMorphological and genetic diversity studies of Tea Mosquito Bug, Helopeltis theivora from Assam, India.Molecular Biology ReporterAccepted2014
Subbarayudu S, Naik BS, Sunitibala Devi H, Bhau BS, Khan PSSVMicrosporogenesis and pollen formation in Zingiber officinale Roscoe.Plant Syst Evol 300619-6322014
Medhi K, Deka M, Bhau BSThe Genus Zanthoxylum – A Stockpile of Biological and Ethnomedicinal Properties.Omics26972013
Bhau BS Molecular Markers in the Improvement of the Medicinal Plants.Medicinal Aromatic Plants12-32012
Bhau BS, Medhi K, Das AP, Saikia SP, Neog K & Choudhury SNAnalysis of genetic diversity of Persea bombycina “Som” using RAPD based molecular markers.Biochemical Genetics47486-4972009
Saikia SP, Bhau BS, Rabha A, Dutta Sujata P, Choudhury RK, Chutia M, Mishra BP & Kanjilal PBStudy of accession source variation in morpho-physiological parameter and growth performance of Jatropha curcas Linn.Current Science961631-16362009
Bhau BS, Negi MS, Jindal SK, Singh M and Lakshmikumaran M Assessing genetic diversity of Tecomella undulate (Sm.) - an endangered tree species using amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLP) based molecular marker.Current Science9367-722007
Muehlbauer GJ, Bhau BS, Syed NH, Heinen S, C Seungho, M David, P Stephanie, B Nicolas, C Blos and Flavell AJA hAT superfamily transposase recruited by the cereal grass genome.Molecular Genetics & Genomics275553–5632006


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