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Anwesha Maity, Dipul Kalita, Nijhuma Kayal, Jiten Ghosh, Tridip Goswami, Omprakash Chakrabarti and Paruchuri Gangadhar RaoMicrostructural and mechanical characterization of biomorphic SiC ceramics synthesized from coir fibreboard performMaterials Science & EngineeringA 56572-792013
A Maity, D Kalita, N Kaya , T Goswami, O P Chakrabarti and P G RaoSynthesis of biomorphic SiC ceramics from coir fibreboard preformCeramics International386873–68812012
A Maity, D Kalita, N Kayal, T Goswami, OP Chakravorty & PG RaoOxidation behaviour of SiC ceramics synthesized from processed cellulosic biopercursores.Ceramics International384701-47062012
Anwesha Maity, Dipul Kalita, Tarun Kumar Kayal, Tridip Goswami, Omprakash Chakrabarti, Himadri Sekhar Maiti, Paruchuri Gangadhar RaoSynthesis of SiC ceramics from processed cellulosic bio-precursorCeramics International361323-3312010
Dipul KalitaHydrocarbon Plant - New source of energy for futureRenewable & Sustainable Energy Review122455-4712008
T Goswami, Dipul Kalita, S K Ghosh, P G RaoUtilization of banana fibre for making certain specialty paper board using eco friendly processIPPTA Journal18239-432006
Kalita, D., Saikia, C.N.Chemical constituents and energy content of some latex bearing plantsBioresource Technology923219-2272004
Dipul KalitaPollution by agricultural chemicals and their managementChemical WeeklyJune 13207-2172006
T Goswami, Dipul Kalita, P G RaoGreaseproof paper from Banana (Musa paradasica) plant. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology15457-4612008


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