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Vipin Kumar Sharma, Prince Prashant Sharma, Bhasker Mazumder, Aseem Bhatnagar and Thakuri SinghMucoadhesivity Characterization of Isabgol Husk Mucilage Microspheres Crosslinked by GlutaraldehydeCurrent drug deliveryDOI: 10.2174/156720181266615021212405420152.248
K. Bera, J. Khanam, and B. MazumderAn Analytical Method Development by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Samples in in-vivo Study of a Controlled Release Formulation, Glipizide-Pectin BeadsJournal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences 53223-2322015
Lalduhsanga Pachuau, Bhaskar Mazumder.In vitro/in vivo evaluation of procera gum-ethylcellulose microspheres for colonic delivery of budesonide J. Excipients and Food Chem. 53161-17220143.4
Bankim Chandra Nandy, Vinod Verma, Sanjay Dey and Bhaskar Mazumder.Three Levels Face Centered Central Composite Design of Colon Targeted Micro-Particulates System of Celecoxib: Screening of Formulations Variables and in Vivo StudiesCurrent drug delivery201411621-63520142.248
Paulami Pal, R. S. Thakur, Subhabrata Rayand Bhaskar MazumderDesign and development of a safer non-invasive transungual drug delivery system for topical treatment of onychomycosisDrug Dev Ind Pharm, Early OnlineDOI:10.3109/03639045.2014.93196620142.006
Khomendra K Sarwa, Pranab J Das & Bhaskar MazumderA nanovesicle topical formulation of Bhut Jolokia (hottest capsicum): a potential anti-arthritic medicineExpert Opinion on Drug Delivery115661-67620144.116
K. Bera, J. Khanam, K. P. Mohanraj and B. MazumderDesign and evaluation of mucoadhesive beads of glipizide as a controlled release drug delivery systemJournal of Microencapsulation313220-22920141.878
Sanjay Dey, Bhaskar Mazumder, Sankha Chattopadhyay, Malay Kanti Das, Samarendu Sinha, Shantanu Ganguly, Kakali De, Mridula MishraPolymers derived from Xanthomonascampesteris and Cyamopsis tetragonolobus used as retardant materials for the formulation of sustained release floating matrix tablet of atenololInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules65346-35620143.096
Vipin K. Sharma and B. MazumderGastrointestinal transition and anti-diabetic effect of Isabgol husk microparticles containing glicazideInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules6615-2520143.096


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