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Roy,R.K. and Uppal, R.P. Studies on Neurologic effects of ketamineIndian J. Physiol. Pharmac251061981
Das,P.N.;Lahon,L.C.;Khanikar,H.N. and Roy,R.KPreliminary therapeutic trial of Mesua ferrea linn. (Nahar seed ).Vetcol51-521984
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Roy,R.K. and Uppal, R.PNeurobehavioural effects of ketamine Indian J. Exp. Biol24292-2951986
Roy, R.K. and Uppal, R.PKetamine induced changes in the catecholamines and corticosteron in rats.Indian Vet. J64385-3871987
Uppal, R.P. and Roy, R.K). Disposition kinetics and dosage regimen of furazolidone in domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus ) Indian Vet. Med. J15213-21991
Uppal, R.P.; Garg,S.; Verma, S.P. and Roy, R.KPlasma disposition and biodistribution studies on gentamicin in rabbits. Indian J. Pharmac24166-1681992
Uppal, R.P.; Verma, S.P. ; Garge, S.K. and Roy, R.K). Disposition kinetic and dosage regimen of gentamicin in rabbits following intramuscular administration Indian J. Pharmac2436-371992
Uppal, R.P.; Verma, S.P.; Roy, R.K. and Garg, S.KPharmacokinetics of amikacin sulphate in goatsIndian J. Pharmac24123-1251992
Punia, J.S. and Roy, R.KNeurophysiological alterations following fluvalinate administration in miceIndian J. Exp. Biol304350-3511992
Uppal, R.P. and Roy, R.KDisposition kinetics of metronidazole in goatsIndian Vet.J.734406-4091996
Uppal, R.P.; Verma, S.P. and Roy, R.KDisposition kinetics of amikacin sulphate in sheepIndian Vet. J. 752120-1231998
Roy, R.K.; uppal, R.P.; Yadav, C.L. and Garg, B.DPharmacokinetics and efficacy studies of metronidazole in coccidiosis in sheepINTAS POLIVET 1163-661998
Baruah, H.; Roy, D.C.; Roy, R.K. and Khanikar, H.NPharmacokinetic studies of ofloxacin following single intravenous administration.Souvenir, III Annual Conference of ISVPT662002
Baruah,H.;Roy,D.C.;Roy,R.K.& Khonikor,H.NPharmacokinetics, tissue residue and plasma protein binding of ofloxacin in goatsJ.Vet.Sci5297-1012004
Gogoi, R.; Roy, D. C.; Gogoi, M.; Sarma, S.; Roy, R. K. and Baruah, HDetermination of oxytetracycline residues in swine tissuesJ. vet. pharma. tox1091-922011
Roy,D.C.; Gogoi,R.; Laskar,S.K.; Roy,R.K. and Gogoi,M“Ciprofloxacin residue analysis in pork using High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)”.J.Assam Sc. Soc531-62012
Nath, A.K.; Roy, R.K. ; Roy, D.C. and Gogoi, R“Pharmacokinetics of pefloxacin in E.coli (K88 Strain) endotoxin induced febrile goats.”J.Vet.Pharma.Tox1141-422012
Wani, A.R., Roy, R.K., Ashraf , A. and Roy, D.C“Pharmacokinetic studies of meloxicam after its intravenous administration in local goat (Capra hircus) of Assam .” Vet. World 68516-5202013
Wani,A. R., Nabi,S. U., Bhat,S. A., Shah,O. S., Kutchy, N. A. and Roy, R. K. “Pharmacokinetic parameters of meloxicam after its oral administration in goat .”Veterinary World73141-1452014
Baruah, H., Roy,D.C., Roy,R.K., Sarma,J., Lahon,L.C. and Khargharia, S.“Pharmacokinetic studies of ofloxacin following oral administration in goats.” The Bioscan 101643-6452015


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