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D. C. Roy and M. S. BalPharmacokinetics study of ampicillin in cow calvesPakistan Veterinary Journal94186-1901989
D. C. Roy and M. S. BalBiodistribution of ampicillin in calvesBangladesh Veterinary Journal 2319-231989
D. C. Roy and M. S. BalStudies on urinary and biliary clearance of Ampicillin in cow calvesIndian Veterinary Journal 67111021-10251990
D. C. Roy and N. AhmedLantana camara poisoningLivestock AdviserXVI11121-231991
D. C. Roy, P. K. Sanyal and J. K. MalikEffects of subclinical nematodosis on the disposition kinetics of fenbendazole in buffalo. Vety. Pharmacology & Toxicology, proceed. 6th international Congress,2561994
D. C. RoyDisposition kinetics of Beta Agonists in relation to growth performing effect in small ruminant species of AssamNational sem. Vet. Drug & Pharmaceutical95-962002
H. Baruah, D.C. Roy, R.K. Roy and H.N. KhanikarPharmacokinetic studies of Ofloxacin following intravenous administration in goatsVeterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology2002
D. C. Roy and N. Ahmed & H.N. KhanikarHair, A matrix for analysis of trace elements, toxins and drugs in animals. I.C.A.R. winter school, Recent advance approaches in risk J industrial toxicants201-2042003
H. Baruah, D. C. Roy, R. K. Roy and H.N. Khanikar , Pharmacokinetics Tissue residue and Plasma protein binding of ofloxacin in goats. Korean J. Vet.Sc97-1012004
D. C. Roy and D. VijayarajPharmacokinetics, a tool in drug research and developmentNational seminar on Recent Trends in Clinical Research.2007
D.C.Roy,Vijayaraj D, Deka D and Khanikor H.NAdvances in calcium channel Blockers in the therapy of ArrhythmiaThe North-East Veterinarian11-132008
Vijayaraj D and Roy D.CMastitis Vs Vitamin E and SeleniumThe North-East Veterinarian18-202008
D.Vijayraj, D.C. Roy and DK Deka Nitric oxide donors …. in goatAnnual Techical Session, 2010 of Assam Science Society2010
D. Vijayaraj, D.C.Roy and D. K. DekaNitric oxide donors inhibit calcium stimulated contraction in detrusor muscle of goatIndian Journal of Animal Sciences 2011
D.C. Roy, R. Gogoi, S. K. Laskar, M. Gogoi and A. Chakraborty Screening of Oxyclozanide residue in pork of AssamJournal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology,101-283-842011
R. Gogoi, D.C. Roy, M. Gogoi, S. Sarma, R.K. Roy and H. Baruah Determination of Oxytetracycline Residues in Swine TissueJournal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology101-291-922011
D.C. Roy, R. Gogoi, S.K. Laskar , R.K. Roy and M. Gogoi Ciprofloxacin residue analysis in pork using High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)Journal of Assam Science Society536-112012
R. Gogoi , D.C.Roy, M.Gogoi, S.Sarma and A. Saleque Status of Oxytetracycline (OTC) and Tetracycline (TC) residues in muscle of pigs guwahati city of AssamIndian Veterinary Journal 898140-1412012
D.C. Roy , R. Gogoi and M. Gogoi Screening of Marketed Pork for Ceftiofur residues by HPLC and UV-Vis SpectrophotometerInternational Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology1129-312012
D.C. Roy Protecting consumers from health related episodesThe North-East VeterinarianXII 34-52012
A. K. Nath, R.K.Roy, D.C.Roy and R. Gogoi Pharmacokinetics of Pefloxacin in E.Coli(K88 strain) endotoxin induced febrile goats Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology111-241-422012
D.C. Roy and R. Gogoi Ceftiofur residue monitoring in slaughtered pigIndian Veterinary Journal2013
D.C. Roy and R. Gogoi HPLC and Spectrophotometric analysis of tetracycline residues in marketed pork of Assam Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
D.C. RoyLiquid chromatographic determination of chlorpyrifos residues in chicken meatIndian Veterinary Journal.91785-862014
Roy D.C. and Gogoi RRecent trends in detection of Drug residues in Food of Animal OriginThe North-East Veterinarian15325-272014
Gogoi R. , Roy D.C. , Sarma S. and Gogoi MLiquid chromatographic determination of Chlorpyrifos residues in chicken meatIndian Veterinary Journal91785-862014
Roy D.C. and Gogoi RHPLC and Spectrophotometric analysis of tetracycline residues in marketed pork of AssamIndian Journal of Veterinary and Animal SciencesResearch43298-1032014
Rita Nath,K.K.Baruah,S.Sarma,R.Bhuyan,D.C.Roy and Mithu DuttaPhytochemical Screening of Different Plants of North-Eastern Region of IndiaBioscience,Bioengineering and Biotechnology29-112015
D.C. Roy, R. Gogoi and S.K. Laskar Monitoring of marketed pork of Assam and Meghalaya for Ciprofloxacin residues Journal of Harmonized Research in Pharmacy 5140-432016
D.C.Roy,R.Gogoi and S.K.Laskar Ciprofloxacin redidue determination in pork of North East states of IndiaBritish Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical research1286-882016
R.Gogoi and D.C.Roy Solid phase extraction and detection of OTC and TC residues in milk using UHPLC-DADInternational Journal of Chemical Studies51142-1442017
RitaNath,K.K.Baruah,S.Sarma,R.Bhuyan,D.C.Roy and Mithu DuttaAntioxidant property of medicinal plants locally available in Assam.International Journal of Chemical Studies51149-1502017
Rita Nath,K.K.Baruah,S.Sarma, D.C.Roy, R.Bhuyan, Mithu Dutta and N.Deka Effect in meat composition and carcass characteristics of goat feeding mixture of different medicinal leaves of north -east India.Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry61211-2132017
R.Gogoi,D.C.Roy,L.C.Lahon,S.Sarma and S.K.Laskar Effect of Microwaving and Some Cooking Methods on Enrofloxacin in Chicken MeatJournal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry3111-142017
A. Kafle, D. C. Roy, J. Sarma, S. Sarma and R. Gogoi Haematobiochemical Alterations of oral Acute Profenofos Toxicity in Broiler BirdsInternational Journal of Livestock Research73123-1282017


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