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D. Balasubranium, K. Arunachalm, A. Arunachalam and A.K. DasWater hyacinth [Eicchomia crassipes(Mart.) Solms.] engineered soil nutrient availability in a low land rain fed rice farming system of north east India. Ecological Engineering3-122013
Balasubramanium, D., K. Arunachalm, A. Arunachalam and A.K. DasEffect of water hyacinth (Echhornia crassipes) mulch on microbial properties in lowland, rainfed rice-based agricultural system in northeast India.Agricultural Research 23246-2572013
R. K. Chowdhury, R. K. Shrivastava, Arup K. Das and Joongku LeeFloristic Diversity Assessment and Vegetative Analysis of Upper Siang district of Eastern Himalaya in north east India.Korean Journal Plant Taxonomy423222-2462012
Upadhyaya K., A. Arunachalm, K. Arunachalm and A.K. DasDecomposition and nutrient release pattern Pyllostachys bambusoides and Arundinaria racemosa, India.Journal of Forestry Research232245-2522012
Tag, H., Jeri, L., Mingki, T., Tsering, J. and Das, A.K.Higher Plant Diversity in Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve in East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh: Checklist-I.Pleione61149-1622012
Tag, H., Kalita, P., Dwivedi, P., Das, A.K. and Namsa, N.D.Herbal medicines used in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus in Arunachal Himalaya, northeast India. Journal of Ethnopharmacology1413786-7952012
Balasubramaniun, D., Arunchalam, K., Das A. K. and Arunachalam, A.Decomposition and nutrient release of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms. Under different trophic conditions in wetlands of eastern Himalayan foothills. Ecological Engineering44111-1222012
Balasubramaniun, D., A. Arunachalam, A.K. Das, K. ArunachalamNutrient accumulation pattern of Eichhornia crassipes Mart. (Solm.) in natural wetlands with different trophic condition. Water pollution and Management130-562011
Jeri, L., Tag, H., Tsering, J., Kalita, P., Mingki, T. and Das, A.K.Ethnobotanical investigation of edible and medicinal plants in Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary of East Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh, India.Pleione5183-902011
Das, A.K., Khumbongmayum, A.D., Nath, P.C. and Hina, N.K.Phytosociological studies in a subtropical forest on the Rono Hills of the papum Pare district of Arunachal Pradesh.Indian Journal of Forestry33133-402010
Das, A.K., Nath, P.C. and Khumbongmayum, A.D.Distribution and population structure of Amentotaxus assamica Ferguson, a critically endangered and endemic species in Arunachal Pradesh.Indian Forester13691205-12122010
Tag, H., Namsa, N.D., Mandal, M., Kalita, P., Das, A.K. and Mandal S.C.Antipyratic and Antibacterial activity of Chloranthus erectus (Buch.-Ham.) Verdcourt leaf abstract: A popular folk medicine of Arunachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Pharmacology425273-2762010
Saikia, B., Tag, H, and Das, A.K.Dioscorea brandisii Prain et Burkill (Dioscoreaceae) - a new record for India.Pleione41160-1622010
Tag, H., Mingki, T., Dai, O., Kalita, P., Nimachow, G. and Das, A.K.Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, East Kameng (Eastern Himalayas), India.Pleione4176-812010
Chowlu, K. and Das, A.K.Rhynchostylis retusa (Linnaeus) Blume (Orchidaceae) in Arunachal Pradesh.Pleione41102-1042010
Borah, S. Das, A.K., Boruah, A.M. and Borah, J.Ethnomedicinal plants used by Mishing communities for analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in India. Ethnobotany211&266-692010
Borah, S., Das, A.K., Saikia, D. and Borah, J.A note on the use of ethnomedicine in treatment of diabetes by Mishing communities in Assam, India. Ethnobotanical Leaflets131348-13522009
Tag, H., Das, A.K. and Saikia, B. Survey and importance of the flora of Rajiv Gandhi University Campus, Rono Hills, Arunachal Pradesh: Checklist-I.Pleione3128-392009
Tag, H., Namsa, N.D., Das, A.K., Kalita, P. and Mandal, S.C.Evaluation of anti-inflammatory potential of Chloranthus erectus (Buch.-Ham.) Verd. leaf extract in rats.Journal of Ethnopharmacology1262371-3742009
Choudhary, R.K., Srivastava, R.C. and Das, A.K.A new species of Embelia (Myrsinaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh (India). The Journal of Japanese Botany846338-3412009
Namsa, N.D., Tag, H., Mandal, M., Kalita, P. and Das, A.K.An ethnobotinacal study of traditional anti-inflammatory plants used by the Lohit community of Arunachal Pradesh, India.Journal of Ethnopharmacology 1252234-2452009
Borah, S., Baruah, A.M., Das, A.K. and Borah, J.Determination of Mineral Content in Commonly Consumed Leafy Vegetables. Food Analytical Methods23226-2302009
Saikia, B., Tag, H. and Das, A.K.Diversity of edible Dioscorea Plum. ex. L. (Dioscoreaceae) from Arunachal Pradesh, India. Pleione22194-1972008
Tag, H., Das, A.K., Hui., P., Singh, R.K. and Palit, GBotanical resources used in traditional wood carving industry among the Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge71148-1562008
Chowlu, K. and Das, A.K.Studies on some ecological aspects of Rhynchstylis retusa BI. In Arunachal Pradesh.The Journal of the Orchid Society of India211 & 22008
Tag, H., Murtem, G., Das, A.K. and Singh, R.K.Diversity and distribution of ethnomediocnal plants in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Pleione32142-482008
Chowlu, K. and Das, A.K.Distribution of Eria Lindley (Orchidaceae) in Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh.Pleione21118-1222008
Choudhary, R.K., Srivastava, R.C. and Das, A. K.Ranunculus trigonus Han del-Mazetti var. strigosus W. T. Wang- a new record for India from Arunachal Pradesh.Rheedea18137-382008
Chowlu, K. and Das, A.K.Orchids of floricultural importance from Arunachal Pradesh (India). Pleione1221-252007
Das, A.K. and Chowlu, K.Distribution of Dendrobium species in Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh.Pleione1115-182007
Das, D.N., Saikia, S.K. and Das, A.K.Periphyton in rice-fish culture system: A case study from Arunachal Pradesh, India.Renewable Agriculture and Food System224316-3192007
Tag, H., Das, A.K. and Loyi, H.Anti-inflammatory plants used by the Khamti tribe of Lohit district in eastern Arunachal Pradesh, India.Natural Product Radiance64334-3402007
Das, A.K. and Khumbongmayum, A.D. Galeola falconeri Hook. f., an endangered giant saprophytic orchid. Current Science917871-8732006
Das, A.K. and Tag, H. Ethnomedicinal studies of the Khamti tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge53317-3222006
Tag, H., Das, A.K. and Kalita, P.Plants used by the Hill Miri Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in ethnoficheries.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge4157-642005
Tag, H., Kalita, P. and Das, A.K.Ethnoboilogical study on Hill Miri tribe of Arunachal Pradesh emphasized on traditional fishing technology.Arunachal University Research Journal 6243-522005


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ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
Sustainable Development Strategy (Indian Context)Disquieting trend of development in tribal india with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh: Need for a pragmatic approach1996Mittal Publ., New Delhi
Ethnomedicine of northeast IndiaBiodiversity conservation in Arunachal Pradesh1997NISCARE, New Delhi
Ethnomedicines of the tribes of Arunachal PradeshMedicinal plants of East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh2003Himalayan Publ.
Bharatiya Ithash Sankalan Samity (Itanagar Chapter)Ancient Silk Thread Link of A Capital City in Itanagar- a profile2003-
Advances in EthnobotanySignificant plants used by the Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast India2007Hu Tag
Herbal Wealth of North-East India2008NIPER, Punjab
Dynamics of Hogher EducationEducation Scenario of our Country Challenges ahead2008Commonwealth Publication
Environmental degradation and its impact on biodiversityConservation of some important Medicinal Plants from Arunachal Pradesh through in vitroculture strategies2013Purnima DubeyEBH publisher, Guwahati
Ecological EngineeringWater hyacinth [Eicchornia crassipes(Mart.) Solms.] engineered soil nutrient availability in a low land rain fed rice farming system of north east India2013D. Balasubramanium, K. Arunachalm, A. ArunachalamElsevier


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