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Doje Tana, Purba J Saikia, Hiranmaya Sharma and Hirendra N SarmaTraditional hunting and trapping practices among the Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh and its impact on Biodiversity.Journal of Bioresources1125-322014
Sanjay Talukdar, Neelam Yania and Hirendra N SarmaButterfly diversity and altitudinal preferences in Talle Vally Wildlife Sanctuary, Lower Subansiri District, Arunachal Pradesh, India.Journal of Bioresources1138-442014
Pranjiv Goswami, Ajit Hazarika & Hirendra N SarmaInhibition of Insulin like Growth factor - I expression by chromatographic fraction of Polygonum hydrapiper root reduces implantation preferences in rat.Middle East Fertility Society Journal (Elsevier)1934-412014
Moushumi Das, Anju Jaishi & Hirendra N SarmaTraditional Medicines of herbal origin. Practice by the Adi Tribe of East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India.Global J of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigenous Medicines25292-3042013
Moushumi Das, Purba Jyoti Saikia, Hirendra N SarmaCrude bark extract of dysozyllum alliarium induces alterations in histological structures and VEGF-C expression in uterus during days 4-7 gestation in albino rat.Reproductive Medicine and Biology (Springer)12385-982013
Daniel Mize, Purba Jyoti Saikia, Hirandra N SarmaExpression of Insulin-like Growth factor - I in uterus is ovian steriod dependent: An In-situ immunohistochemical study in rat.Journal of Reproduction and contraception (Elsevier)234222-236 2012
Ajit Hazarika, P.J. Saikia, H. N. SarmaPolygonum hydropiper crude root extract estrogenic affects on uterine DNA content in female albino rat.Indian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Life Sciences14112-1162011
Pranjiv Goswami, Ajit Hazarika & Hirendra N SarmaChromatographic fraction of Polygonum hydropiper root mudalates the expression of Transforming Growth Factor-βI (TGF-βI) in rat uterus during days 2-6 of gestation. Journal of Reproduction and Contraception223153-1672011
Sanjay Talukdar and Hirendra N. SarmaA preliminary survey of Butterfly diversity in selected districts in the Western Part of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The Indian Forester1361353-13602010
V. Padmanabhan, H N Sarma, Savabieasfahani, T.L. Steckler and A. Veiga-Lopez.Developmental reprogramming of reproductive and metabolic disfunction in sheep: native steroids vs. environmental steroid receptor modulator. International Journal of Andrology331-102010
Ajit Hazarika, Utpal Borah, M.M. Borah, Lili Bordoloi and Hirendra N SarmaDocumentation of ecology and food plants of Bos frontalis (Mithun) in Arunachal Pradesh, India.Journal of Environmental Research and development 43687-6942010
Pranjiv Goswami, Ajit Hazarika & Hirendra N SarmaRoot extract of Polygonum hydropiper alter the expression of rat uterine protein profile in presence and absense of ovary insitu during peri implantation period: An evidence on SDS-PAGE.Journal; of Reproduction and Contraception204223-2362009
Pranjiv Goswami, Dudam Soki, Anju Jaishi, Moushumi Das and Hirendra N SarmaUse of medicinal plants in traditional health care practices among the Tagin tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge18122-1262009
Pranjiv Goswami, Ajit Hazarika & Hirendra N SarmaThin layer chromatic function of root extract of Polygonum hydropiper induces vaginal epithelial cell maturation in adult ovariectomized albino rat.J. Endocrinol Reprod 12I39-462008
Hazarika A and Sarma HNEffects of crude root extracts of Polygonum hydropiper on estrous cycle and induction of reversible sterility in female albino rat.J. Endrocrinol Reprod.I37-412007
Ajit Hazarika and Hirendra N SarmaThe Estrogenic effects of Polygonum hydropiper root extract induce follicular recruitment and endrometrial Hyperplasia in female albino rat.Contraception74426-4342006
Ajit Hazarika and Hirendra N SarmaPolygonum hydropiper crude root extract mimics estrogenic properties in females: Evidence of uterine protein profiles studied by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrilamide gel electrophoresis. Reproductive Medicine and Biology5155-1602006
Hirendra N Sarma, P Chakravorty, JC. Goswami, HC. MahantaEffects of composite root extracts on implantation and serum level of estradiol-17β and progesterone in albino rat.Rajiv Gandhi University Research Journal2005
Sarma HN, Mahanta HC and Goswami S.Modulation of histoenzymological changes in ovary and uterus by administration of ethanolic crude composite root extract in albino rat.Biochemical and Cellular Archives125-332001
Sarma HN and Mahanta HCEffects of composite root extract on certain biochemical components in uterine tissue of albino rat. Journal of Experimental Zoology4121-1262001
Sarma HN and Mahanta HCModulation of morphological changes of endometrial surface epithelium by administration of composite root extract in albino rat.Contraception62463-4672000
Sarma HN and Mahanta HCEffects of composite root extract on rat granulosa cells: A transmission Electron Microscopic Observations.Journal of Experimental Zoology3217-2212000
Sarma HN and Mahanta HCEffects of composite root extract on histological structures of graffian follicle and endometrial epithelium in albino rat. Contraception61335-3392000
Azad MRH, Sarma HN and Mahanta HCCrude Extract effect of Semecarpus anacardium on glycogen, protein and histology of ovary and uterian tissue of rat.Neo Botanica7261-661999


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Traditional Medicines of Arunachal and Assam : Practice and Prospect2008Supratik Publisher, Guwahati


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