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U. Hazarika, A. Barah and R. Chakravorty Correlation between physio-chemical parameters of castor leaves and rearing parameters of eri silkworm in relation to different combination of NPK Sericologia463313-3202006
A. Barah, D. Mech, U. Hazarika and R. ChakravortyCrop stabilization in muga cultureSericologia464423-4312007
Urmimala Hazarika, B. N. Sarkar, A. Barah and R. ChakravortyAssociation of fecundity with larval and pupal weight in different eco-races of eri silkworm samia ricini DonovanJ. Adv. Zool.28267-702007
M.C. Sarmah, U. Hazarika and R. ChakravortyResponse of certain agronomical practices in perennial cultivation of castor utilized for eri silkworm rearingSericologia482207-2112008
U. Hazarika, R.K. Dutta and R. ChakravortyMorphology and yield attributing features of ginger and turmeric under natural shade of som (persea bombycina kost) plantsAdvances in Plant Sciences221115-1172009
U. Hazarika, A. Barah, J.D. Phukan and K.V. BenchaminStudies of the effect of different food plants and seasons on the larval development and cocoon characters of eri silkworm Samia Cynthia ricini BoisBulletin of Indian Academy of Sericulture7177-852003


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